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“Granny” is on the mend…


Okay, I couldn’t resist. 


I’ve learned a lot from so many of you from your concerned emails and comments from the post about Chloe…..thank you!  But instead of responding to each of your questions individually, here’s an update on my little firecracker Chloe.  Which is easy, since her lungs, bronchials, and oxygen levels have consumed my thoughts this week. :)


**Will those oxygen tube lines and tape marks ever go away?!! Haha.



Chloe has been on oxygen while sleeping since we brought her home from the hospital on Sunday.  However, yesterday’s nap was oxygen free.  Night time was a little more hairy but it was about half oxygen free.  Today’s current nap is also oxygen free.  Sweet little thing.  I didn’t even put the tubes on today.  I normally would, just in case her O2 drops while sleeping and I need to sneak in there and turn her tank on.  But nope, no little plastic tubes up her nose today.  So yes, she in now improving, after several days of no progress.  Hooray!!


Chloe is a funny kid.  With a spicy little personality.  I thought she’d be ornery and exhausted, with all the tugging and taping and adjusting and waking her mid-sleep to fix some sort of sensor, etc.  But instead, she’s been such a trooper.  A silly and giggly little thing, mostly willing to help us hold her tubes and take her medicine and treatments.  It makes me smile to watch her though.  Kids really are champions when they’re sick……because I don’t know about you, but I’d rather belly-ache all day on the couch when I’m sick.


But she’s been out and about, mostly trailing around her big brother and sister.  She loves to watch them. 




As she watches them, I’m sure she’s taking mental notes for when she’s older, on how to get into more trouble than they do.  I can just see it in those rascally little eyes. ;)

“granny” is on the mend…
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She tries so hard to keep up with them though.




Wherever they go…….she follows.






And well, I’m glad she’s still too small to follow them some places.  Because if she could get up there somehow, I’m sure she’d happily dive right off of there.  You know, just because Connor and Elli did it.

“granny” is on the mend…
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Oh, those poor half-completed projects that are sitting on my craft table……..they are feeling lonely, I’m sure.  But the good news is, is that things are returning back to normal.  So I can get my hands on them again soon.  Because holy smokes, I can’t stay away for too long.  My fingers start itching. ;)


In the meantime, it’s been extra nice to have triple time with this little bug in my lap.  If I’m ever sitting on the floor, she walks up to me, turns around, takes several itty bitty steps backwards to get into position, and then plops her little fanny right into my lap.  I kinda love it!!!!



And really, thanks for all the tips and advice.  We know we have several episodes similar to this one coming in the next few years…..but we’ll just try and stay ahead of them and she’ll be fine.  But, I’ll be back next week with some fun things that I just didn’t have time to post this week.


It’s the weekend.  Hooray!  Now, go enjoy it!



Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
“granny” is on the mend…
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  1. Marilyn Raphael Mathews says:

    Our daughter has asthma. She had nebulizer treatments with intal 3x a day for years. (she’s now 26, no breathing probs at all). Hang in there, it gets easier. Our MD was really good at trying to keep her OUT of the hospital, and when I’d call the office, we’d get in there pronto when we needed an epi shot, or a new Rx., oxygen. ( Oh, she has gorgeous teeth! We’re pretty sure it’s from the nebulizer. treatments.her twin,who ate ,brushed,etc. about the same, got cavitites!) Yes, she’s a twin, her twin wasn’t hassled w/ asthma..she instead had tonsils the size of elephants! MD’s learn more, meds get better, keep calm and keep crafting!

  2. Stacey says:

    Oh, I just read this, and so glad she’s doing better. I’m married to an asthmatic, and have two kiddos with asthma – it can be so scary to see them struggle. My husband spent loads of time in the hospital as a kid, and it gets better, really. Well, the breathing stuff does, anyway. ;) So glad your little one is doing better.

  3. Carlee Dynes says:

    We have had more than our share of experience with a pulse ox and O2 at home (and in the hospital) and I know how hard it is. My son always called it his “bubbles” which made it sound a little nicer (because of the little water jar). I’m glad to hear that things are getting back to normal again for you.

  4. Teri says:

    I’m so glad she’s doing better!

    Chloe seems to have a similar glint in her eye to my little girl. It’s the, “I’m taking this all in and I will use it one day when you least suspect it” look. I’ve had that keeping me on my toes lately (she’s almost 10 months now!).

    I hope you can make it through the rest of the winter without any more issues!

  5. Tracy says:

    Try a little Aquafor on her cheeks, it works miracles!Glad to see and hear she is doing better!

  6. Anja says:

    I’m glad she is recovering well! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys for her to remain healthy!

    My daughter (11 years) out grew her RAD by the time she was 5 or 6.
    My son (7 years) hasn’t outgrown it yet. I *thought* this was the year and let the inhalers get stuck in the back of the medicine cabinet and the nebulizer get buried in the closet, but he had a full on asthma attack the other night at football practice and the inhalers went right back into the car and the nebulizer got pulled right back out!

  7. Camille says:

    She is so sweet! I’m so happy she is on the mend. I wish her a speedy recovery. My second daughter became extremely ill and was on oxygen for was in real time wasn’t too long, but seemed like forever when she was littler (considering she is only 2 now, I suppose she is still little). I know how hard it is on mom to see your baby like that. I will be thinking about you.

  8. Smitha rao says:

    Hmmm excellent to know little Chloe is doing great now. My two and half year old, who is 4 now was sick with pneumonia and we had to nebulise her 4 times a day. We went through hell as she was very co-operative, as in she had kinda started liking the mask time. I was not sure why she took two mos. To stay on bay. Finally, I took her to an homeopath. Homeopathy is an alternative medical science . It did wonders in my life. My daughter is waaaaayyyyy better now. Ashley, I am not any marketing person for any medicines. I am just a mother, who have gone through enough with my kids’ health. Try homeopathy. You will see the difference. Write to me if you need more info. Take care. Load of love and luck to Chloe.

  9. Baker4Boys says:

    So glad to hear Chloe is doing better! – Your kids are ADORABLE!!!

  10. Mummy lala says:

    We received the diagnosis of reactive airway disease only a month ago
    It is scary! We had a nasty bout of virus’ in both our twin boys which ended
    One in hospital on oxygen also. And the asthma meds disnt work for us either.We had another episode of bronculitis
    Just last week but our little guy came through it ok and just when I thought
    We would be in for another hospital stay he kicked it! We are heading into the
    Warmer months now so hopefully the sickness’ will be fewer and further apart.
    And if there is a next time needing oxygen I will be asking to bring it
    Home as opposed to staying in, poor bubba was so truamatised by the whole
    Stay and poor daddy was single handedly left to round the clock care for his twin brother and 2sisters who were also sick.
    Hopefully hope your precious little girl keeps fighting away those nasty colds and doesn’t have repeats. God bless.

  11. Samm D. says:

    I”m so glad she’s doing well. We brought our girls home on O2 and it was no picnic. I know how you feel! And yes, those silly little tube and sticky lines go away! Its takes some time, but our girls were on 02 for 5 months and they went away pretty quick!!

  12. British American says:

    So glad precious Chloe is doing better. I have an 18 month (and two older kids) too and I can’t imagine my little guy having to use all those breathing tubes and such. :(

    Love the photos of her watching her big brother and sister. My little guy loves his older siblings so much too. He doesn’t talk yet, but I taught him signs for their names and so he’ll point and sign for them. I can relate to the little one wanting to get into more trouble too!

  13. Julie says:

    i have been reading your blog for several months now (from france), and i never posted a comment….
    i’m really glad your little Chloe is feeling better now, she is so adorable, like your other kids are ! thanks for all your creativity and inspiration :) ♥

  14. zue says:

    ashley! hope you little girl gets better soon! you’r site it’s just adorable! this is the first time i write you, but i’ve been following you since like 2 months ago! so im pretty much like your fan!lol you always have this great ideas, i know you have lot of ideas as im not! :( and want to ask you i you don’t have any recycling ideas for a baby shower, i will really apreciatte it if you post something cute, im having a girl and the theme it’s owls, by the way! im from mexico! so i big hug from here! tx :)

  15. Kim H says:

    Glad to hear and see that she is feeling better. Your kids are adorable, such a sweet family! Continue to feel better Chloe! <3

  16. cucicucicoo says:

    thank goodness she’s doing better! you must be feeling very lucky, not only because your little one is doing better, but because all three of them are just so dang sweet! :) lisa

  17. Beatrix Pinkal says:


    It has been a while since i have been following your blog and just wanted to tell you how much i love all your ideas and crafts:) So thank you for sharing them with us:) Oh and your kids are so cute:)


  18. kate says:

    Love the first pic and the hair in the eyes! Glad she’s doing better. And I love the fanny plop too!

  19. Carol says:

    I would like to make the 18″ dolly panties and cannot manage to get the pattern to print at 100% Can you email the measurements across the top and up and down the fold line? My pattern measures 2 7/8 by 6 3/8 so don’t think that will fit. Thanks!

  20. Julie says:

    Great to see her looking so much better. She’s a sweetie!

  21. Mummy to M, C & S says:

    So glad that Chloe is feeling better! I love the wicked look in her eyes (My Chloe has the same look!)…must be the name…lol.

  22. Deborah Miller says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Chloe is feeling better. We have a 20 month old and can’t imagine having to do all of those things with her.

    This week I sewed three of your Fourth of July dresses for my girls. Well actually I made one dress and two tops for my girl. It was sew easy and they wore them to my hometown Sugarcane Festival livestock show. So precious and unique I used bandana fabric and love the way they came out.

    Chloe’s jeans in your post are adorable. Where did you get them.

  23. Debbie says:

    Glad to hear she’s on the mend. I had to stay in hospital with my little Pierre for the same reason when he was 18 months old. Kids… They just worry you so much when they’re unwell… and wear you out when they’re well!
    Hugs to the whole family.

  24. dita says:

    So glad to hear this.. Hope everything’s gonna be better and better. She’s adorable!

  25. Melissa says:

    Ashley-Please take all the time you need to get your next post out. You must have been through so much this week! God bless your baby and the rest of your family.

    1. Kim says:

      I second that, and am so glad she’s doing well. Thank you for the update and the adorable pictures!

  26. Deb c says:

    I’m so glad to hear she’s on the mend! She’s adorable!

  27. Sara Beth says:

    So glad she is feeling better!

  28. Jackie says:

    Glad to hear she’s on the mend!

  29. Lindsay says:

    I’m glad she’s feeling better! I’m a fan of those backwards-scoots- into the lap too!

  30. dannyscotland says:

    I’m so glad she’s doing better. Breathing issues are so scary. My godson has severe asthma and it is very frightening when he has an attack. As a mom, I can’t even imagine what the whole incident must have been like for you. I thank God she is on the mend.

  31. Jen says:

    she is such a Sweetheart!!!!! God bless.

  32. Anshu says:

    Yaay! good to know that little Chloe is making progress.
    Although all your posts always upbeat and positive and they make me smile, I grinned when I read about how she takes position to get into your lap. I have a little monkey who does exactly that. Kids know their spaces well!

  33. palak says:

    so, so glad your little one is doing better! You both are troopers!

  34. katie says:

    So glad your little babe is on the mend! what a scary ordeal…she is so sweet. And my little girl does the back step, plop, into my lap too! i love it!! :)

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