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Pleated Ruffle Pillow…with DENIM!!

Did you know that denim is making a comeback??  Especially in the home decor  and craft arena?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  But I get it.  It’s kinda rugged, has a nice mellow tone, can be used with so many mediums, etc.  And that’s why this month’s Michaels Makers challenge was to use denim any way we wanted.  So, I headed to Michaels and saw that yep, they had a whole display of all things demin.  Denim canvases, denim tape, denim bunting, denim fabric strips, denim bows, denim frames, denim paint, etc.  And believe it or not (especially if you’re not a huge denim fan, like me), the whole vibe was actually kinda cool.  And my mind instantly started thinking of what I could make.


Then, I saw it — PRE-PLEATED strips of denim.  And I couldn’t resist making a really cool pillow for our family room.




You know……the thing with me is that I’m drawn to greys and blues in my decor.  It just calms my little heart.  So, this denim looks is actually right up my alley.  And even better —- it was SIMPLE to make!




The strips were sewn onto a neutral canvas fabric (or duck cloth) as the base.  And the pillow has a nice envelope closure so that you can swap out your old pillows forms and replace it with a new cover.




So from the side, it’s actually 2-toned….and looks pretty hip!



I kinda love the more rugged look of the denim, matched with the frill of those pleats.  They balance each other perfectly!




Want to make one too?





  • Canvas Fabric (or look for duck cloth at the fabric store)
  • Denim Pleated Ribbon (I couldn’t find it online to share…..but found it at my local Michael’s store)
  • Pillow Form (whatever size you want)
  • Thread, sewing machine, scissors, etc.


Before you start cutting, decide what size pillow size you want to make.  If you have an existing pillow form (or an old pillow you want to cover), measure from side seam to side seam.  If it’s rectangular shape like mine, you’ll have 2 different measurements.


Take that measurement and create a front piece that has those exact measurements.  (Sometimes I have added an extra 1/2 inch to each side for a seam allowance but I find that the covers fit a little more snug if you make it with the same dimensions, then sew it together, making it slightly smaller, and then it fits a little better.)  For the back closure, you need two pieces.  So divide the width of your pillow measurement in half and then add 3 inches to the width of each of those pieces.


Okay, so for example — my pillow form measured 14 x 20 inches.  So I cut one piece from the canvas that was 14 x 20 inches.  Then, for the two back pieces, I divided the 20 inches by 2…then added 3 inches to the width of both pieces.  So, I cut 2 pieces that were 14 inches tall by 13 inches wide.  Make sense??



Okay, now that you have your measurements, gather your supplies:



Then, cut your canvas pieces, per the measurements you figured out up above.


Then, begin cutting strips of your pleated denim that fit the dimensions of your canvas height.  (Unless you’d like your strips to orient the other way.  It’s up to you.)



Once you have enough strips, pin them to the piece of canvas.



Then sew each strip down to your canvas, keeping it nice and straight.



Then, place your back pillow pieces down in front of you, side by side as they’ll be sewn to your pillow.  Then finish off the two inner edges by folding them over 1/2 inch, another half inch, then sew in place.



Here’s a closer look.  (Also, if your fabric has a print with a “front” side and a “back” side, be sure that you’re folding towards the “back” side of the fabric.)



Now, place your ruffled piece of fabric down in front of you, ruffled side up.  Then place one of the back pieces on top, “right” side facing down.  Match up the edges and corners along the right side of the ruffled piece, making sure that the finished edge (from the last step) is running down the center of the pillow and is not matched up with an edge.



Then place the other back piece on top (“right” side facing down), matching it up with the left side of the ruffled piece.  Pin in place.



Then sew all the way around the layers of fabric, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Then either zig-zag or serge the raw edges.



Turn right side out and iron flat.



The slide your pillow form in through the closure in the back.




And that’s it!



And enjoy!



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