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Sew Your Own Pocket Pages…for a variety of uses!

We are thrilled to introduce a fabulous new guest contributor! Don’t you love new faces? Let’s give a warm welcome to Kim, from The Sew Spot! Kim is a wife and mother who loves to sew – especially goodies for her kiddos. We are so happy to have you, Kim! Take it away!

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Most of my photos remain in the digital world.  I’d really like to make those memories more enjoyable by displaying them in a special and interesting way.  I’m not a big scrapbooker, so simple is important.  After seeing a few pre-made products, I thought I could create my own pages with individualized pockets to hold what I need in a specific place. 


I’ll also give you a few more uses for pocket pages, and you’ll see that they don’t just have to be for photos.




With a sheet protector and thread, they are very easy to sew.




Let me show you how —


Start by gathering the material that you want to put in your pocket pages.




Determine the layout.




Next, draw lines around the layout.  I used a ruler and a grey washable marker.  You can dab the washable marker off with a damp cloth after sewing if necessary.    




Next, sew over the lines.  I added a piece of tape on the bottom of my presser foot to prevent the page from sticking.  (See here for more details.)  I used a straight stitch with a different color thread in the bobbin.  Wouldn’t it be fun to add a decorative stitch or two?




When needed, bring the thread to one side first with a needle and then tie the ends together to secure.  You can leave one or 2 thread tails for dimension, or just clip the ends.




Now, draw a line for the pocket opening.  I put this opening on the back, but you can add it wherever you’d like.




Cut along the line.  A seam ripper works great.  Just poke the sharp tip through one layer and slide it across.  (A small pair of scissors can also work, but the page may wrinkle slightly if pinched together for the initial cut.)




Fill your new pocket page and enjoy.




Here are a few other ways to use these Pocket Pages —


This is one of the pocket pages I made to organize my budget.  Here, I used a zigzag stitch, cut the pocket on the front side of the page, and labeled each section.




And, yep, another one.  This one is for my sewing tools, and I added fabric pocket covers.  I really didn’t want to stop making pocket pages.  I kept getting more ideas for all of the little toys and craft supplies that I could organize.




To add the fabric flap, measure the opening of the pocket and add 1″ to determine the width. The length is 2 1/2″.  Press the side edges in 1/2″ and the bottom and top edges toward the center 1/4″.  After it is pressed, tuck the top edge of the fabric under the pocket opening.  Then, fold the bottom edge of the fabric up to sandwich the page protector.




Once folded in half, sew in place.  I sewed with the sheet protector facing up so the tape would glide it under the presser foot.




I’m sure you’ll sew some creativity into your own custom pocket pages!


Also, you are welcome to visit me at The Sew Spot anytime, and l would love to see you around Pinterest or Facebook.





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Why settle for boring when you can make it so much cuter?

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