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Snowman Wrapped Candy Gifts

I know, I know.  All of your gifts are probably complete, wrapped, tied with bows, and most likely delivered by now.  But these turned out way too cute to NOT share.  I just had to.  And besides, who ever really gets tired of Christmas gift ideas?? Maybe you can store the idea away until next year? 


But, well, these ARE little Snowmen…… they could be used as little “winter” gifts for the next few months.  Right? 


Just check these little guys out (that I originally saw on Laurel Furnell)……and couldn’t help but re-create.





Each little snowman has a chocolate gift inside.  Yum.  My smaller ones have a Godiva chocolate bar inside and the bigger ones have a 1 pound box of See’s Candy inside.  Double Yum! 




But really, you could wrap any sort of candy bar, or even a box of twinkies, or a can of pringles, or a container of nuts……….and then turn it into a cutie-pie little snowman.  I know, kinda too cute to even un-wrap, right??? :)




And I guess the face would still be cute if you just used a marker……but check out those cute little buttons.  Perfect for “coal”, right??




And if you’re like me, you have a pile of old knit scraps (or old Tshirts that you can cut up)………that work perfectly for this project.




All these little snowmen were wrapped with love and handed out to school teachers, church teachers, and a few friends/neighbors.  On the back of each one, there’s a little note for each recipient.  And for the kiddos teachers, I let them tell me exactly what to write.  It was pretty cute to hear what they wanted to say. 

**I didn’t think of this until later…..but you may need to explain that there’s a gift inside.  Because maybe they’ll just think this is just a fun winter decoration??



Anyway, I know most of you are pretty busy today.  And you should be!  But in case any of you need a super, SUPER last minute little dose of love to give to someone……..this works great.



Nothing says, merry Christmas like a little bit of homemade……PLUS some chocolate! ;)



Need some help making your own snowman??


First of all, wrap your treat in white paper.  I used printer paper for the smaller candy bars and then white butcher paper for the bigger boxes of candy.  Then wrap a scrap of knit fabric around the top 1/4 of the box.  (Cut up those old Tshirts…..they work great!)  Use hot glue and secure the fabric around the box…….allowing the ends to hang several inches over the end of the wrapped candy.


Then, cinch off the top and tie it with a strip of the fabric.


Then cut the loose fabric ends into strips, just like a little snow hat.


Then wrap a strip of fabric around the middle, creating a “scarf”.  Glue the scarf in place, knot the ends together, then cut the ends to create “fringe”.


Now, add little buttons for the face and buttons down the front and a scrap of orange fabric (I used fleece) for the nose.  I had oodles of cheap little black buttons for the bigger boxes.  But for the itty bitty little ones, I bought some black buttons here.  They were tiny……and worked great!



And that’s it.  Cuter than cute!


And Merry Christmas/Happy Hannakah!!!!! 


Oh, how I love this season….




Ashley Johnston

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