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We’re Home. I dread unpacking…


When we were leaving Idaho to come home to Colorado, my little boy shouted, “Yay, let’s go home!!”  And my little girl grumbled, “I don’t want to go home.”  Our little guy craves his routine but our little girl knows that once we go home, each and every minute won’t be jam packed with visits and scheduled outings and cousins and new faces, etc.

Sorry little Missy.  All vacations come to an end.


We all enjoyed ourselves though.  It was great to get away for a week. 

And Steve (my husband) enjoyed his time away from his grad school books.

. . .



Steve and I both received our undergrad in Rexburg, ID…… BYU-Idaho.  We took a stroll through campus one day and couldn’t believe all of the changes.  It made my heart miss that tiny little campus.  But I love the growth, the huge new buildings, and the new flow and busy-ness of campus.  It was refreshing to stroll around for a few hours.




Another place we decided to visit?  Yellowstone Bear World.  It’s right between Rexburg and Idaho Falls (which is where my husband is from).  While living there, I swore I would never pay the money to visit that silly bear zoo.  Our loss all those years…….because it was definitely worth the money.  And so much fun for our kiddos.  We have been to the real Yellowstone (which is big, grand, and breathtaking) a few times but you never know what animals you’re going to see there, if any at all.  So we decided to skip the 2 hour drive and the risk of hibernating animals……and check out Bear World instead.



At Bear World, you can drive around this large fenced in area, and see all sorts of animals……..right from your car.



And you have to drive slow.  Really slow.



But that’s okay, there’s lots to see.  (We loved it so much…..we drove through twice.)




And after the little driving tour, they have a great little petting zoo (that’s where my little guy watched the pig poo, from this post)…….that my little kiddos loved.




My little girl thought it was especially cool to feed the baby deer.




My little guy gave it a try too……but the deer pawed his stomach with his hoof, begging for more grass.  And, well, if felt like  punch to the gut.  And he was traumatized.




Oh, their other favorite?  Watching the baby bears.  They were such cute little show-offs.





And maybe you thought Bear World was enough animals for the kiddos……nope, it wasn’t.

Steve’s grandpa has horses.… they were so excited to feed them the next day.




And picking the wild flowers out in his big open field, may have been my little girls favorite thing to do.




And in case you were wondering if we left Baby Girl home in Colorado…….no, she was there too.  Usually smiling as she was shuffled from lap to lap.   She truly was as happy as a sweet little clam.  (Are clams really that happy?)



The rest of the trip was filled with lots of beautiful family, dear old friends, swimming, parks, BBQs, and just plain relaxing.  It was all thoroughly enjoyed.  Can we come back to you Idaho?  Thanks for having us and giving us such great weather.  It was perfect.



(And those of you living nearby…….sorry we missed you.  I kept thinking I should plan a little meet-up.  Or lunch.  Or something.  But there just wasn’t time to plan anything before leaving.  Bummer.  But those of you in Colorado…….we should plan something.  Ideas???)

. . .



Now we’re back home.  And holy cow, the laundry pile is huge. 


Isn’t it some unwritten rule that you have to take a vacation after you go on a vacation?


Sit there all you want dirty laundry…….today is resting day. :)



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