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26 Genius Ways To Use Tin Foil!

26 Genius Ways To Use Tin Foil!

I love when I find some genius new way to use an everyday item, and this time…it’s tin foil! You won’t believe some of the “Ah-Ha!” moments I had reading through some of these. Let me just tell you…the first one has been a game changer for me. Whenever I cook bacon or ground beef, I’m always scrambling for some sort of vessel to pour the hot grease into. It is the PERFECT solution!  I’m betting you’re going go to love the genius ways to use tin foil below, as much as I do!

26 GENIUS Ways To Use TIN'll wish you'd have known sooner!! | via
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Mold tin foil to a bowl and pour hot grease into it. Crumple and throw away when cool! via My Life As Mrs. Walker

Create A Simple Funnel via Reynolds Kitchen

Make mini s’more cookers via Lancaster Online

Wrap tin foil around the top of the banana bunch to keep from browning via A Bit of This a Dash of That

Doorknob Cover for Painting via Real Simple

Removing Rust From Chrome via Hearts and Sharts

Use tin foil in place of a wire scrub brush via My American Confessions

Fry an egg on the grill via

Sharpen a Hole Punch With Foil via Craftionary

Keep birds out of your berry bushes with strips of tin foil via Deb’s Garden

Clean your grill without harsh chemicals using tin foil via The Daily Adventure

Decorate your nails with tin foil via Crafty Nail

Handy painting trick: cover the bottom of your paint tray with tin foil via Live Lovedly

Sharpen your scissors and sewing tools by cutting tin foil via So Sew Easy

Use crumpled tin foil instead of a dryer sheet via The Creek Line House

Use tin foil for getting great reflective light in product photos via Handmadeology

Easy tin foil pendant necklace crafts via Make and Takes

Never have to clean your oven! Put tin foil in the bottom via Aunt Peaches

Make yummy DIY bread cones via Wonderful DIY

Make your own custom cookie cutters via Say Not Sweet Anne

Make a cool tin foil card via The SC Design Studio

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Tin foil drawings via Art Club Blog

Tin foil letters via Watcha Workin On?

Refinish a dresser with tin foil via Sugar Bee Crafts

Make tin foil icicles for winter via Bella Dia

Iron your clothes twice as fast by laying tin foil on your ironing board via Sisters with Stuff

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