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20 Amazing Ways to use CRAYONS in HOME DECOR!

We have a lot of crayons in this house.  And it’s mostly because both of my girls, Elli, and Chloe, came out of the womb LOVING to draw, color, design, etc!  It’s crazy how much they love it!  Well, lately, Connor has been joining the girls and drawing all sorts of Star Wars battle scenes and characters from video games that I’m clueless about and he only knows about from friends at school…..but he’s been getting really into it and adding lots of detail and colors and labeling them, etc.  Anyway, because of all this, the crayons are taking over my life!!!  Ha!

So, I was about ready to melt the crayons down into molds to create bigger multi-colored crayons the other day, when I thought to look around for other ideas to use their broken crayon pieces.  Oh my goodness…..there are some great ways to use up old crayons but I was most amazed by the ideas to use crayons in home decor!  Yes, like ideas that I’d actually use and display around the house.  Some of them would be so cute in the kids’s room too……I can hardly wait to have them help me create some masterpieces.

Anyway, I can’t be the only one……do you have bins and buckets full of old crayons?  How about turning them into something pretty darn amazing!! :)


Shine Crayons on Canvas via Teal And Lime


Melted Crayon State Silhouette Art via Family Focus Blog


Melted Crayon Canvas via Better Homes and Garden


Color Block Candles from Crayons via Brit & Co


Faith. Dream. Inspire. Canvas Art via (original creator unknown…..but idea would be similar to other ideas here)

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Crayon Dipped Candles via Momtastic


Melted Crayon Ornaments via Meet The Dubiens


Raining Melted Crayon Silhouette via My Idle Little Hands


Melted Crayon In The Rain via Zulily (this isn’t a tutorial…..but use the link above for inspiration)


Skilled Sailor Melted Crayon via Etsy


Crayon Hearts via Martha Stewart


Melted Crayon Flower Garden via Around Beads


Melted Crayon Heart (can’t find the original source)

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Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin via The Swell Designer


Melted Crayon Monogram Art via Artsy Craftsy Mom


Modern Crayon Art on Canvas via Her College


Monogram Crayon Art via Pretty Paper Party



Sculpted Crayon Flowers via Suzy Cucumber


Crayon Peacock via Craftster


Melted Crayon Map via Missy Crafts



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