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A whole lotta ‘this and that’ (plus a fantastic COOKBOOK for charity)


Yeah, a whole lot of housekeeping today on the blog. 

(I kinda wish someone would knock on my real door and shout “housekeping”. 

I would lead them right to my bathrooms.  And then the kitchen sink.)


Okay, so first of all……….thanks for letting me know if you’re seeing the blog or not (read here if you’re confused).  I will keep trying to figure out what’s going on.  And if you are one of the one’s who can’t see any of the updated posts and then all of the sudden can, will you send me an email? (ashley {at} makeit-loveit {dot} com) That would be the best news ever!

And then I’ll know if progress is being made.  Tsk, tsk……technology.


(P.S. I do have a search bar on this blog.  It’s down on my sidebar on one of the tabs in that box where my picture is.  Okay, okay, so now I realize it’s kinda hidden.  I’ll work on that.  Sorry!)


. . . . . . .




Next…….thank you, thank you for all of your love/hate experiences with both PCs and MACs. (Remember this post?)  Both are useful in their own way. Both serve a different audience.  I just wasn’t sure where I fit in.  Your comments helped and some really made me aware of the faults of both the PC and the MAC…..and then, of course, all of the pros.


Anyway, we thought and thought and stewed over it (I know, totally not a life altering decision……) and we decided on this one.




She’s sleek, she’s beautiful, and she’s speedy.   Oh, and simple to learn.  And not as ornery as my old PC.  (But he was old in computer years… give him some slack.)  And I do have to agree with everyone that said Apple’s customer service is awesome.  It was. 

(And nope, not being compensated.  At all.)


Oh, I do have to say that the only thing that frustrates me and slows me down, is iPhoto.  Uggggh.  I was just so used to Picasa……and iPhoto doesn’t have all of the functions I was used to with Picasa.  At least I don’t think it does.  I really liked moving photos around within a folder, tagging them, auto-selecting all of the tagged ones, moving them to the top of the folder, deleting the others, etc.  And then when I do anything in photoshop, it doesn’t seem to make the adjustment in iPhoto.  Am I crazy?  Because I really like the simple edits it does, way better than Picasa.  And I like how much you can do in it, without needing photshop every time.  I just need to play with it for a few hours, I guess.    Hmmmm….


But everything else has been a pretty quick transition.  And really easy to figure out.  And those fast keys/hot keys/speedy keys…..whatever they are.  I like them.  Maybe my PC had them.  But I never used them.


Anyway, she’s a keeper.  And a good little desk top.  She’s staying.  (Don’t ask me why I call it a she.)


. . . . . . .




Another thing……..summer is speeding by.  And I realized today that we need to fit in a bit more of this: 



I’m just happy that even though we had to leave the beaches in GA, we found some new beaches in CO.  They are lake beaches and are almost as fun.  (We miss those waves.)


. . . . . . . 



And finally……..I must tell you about something fantastic


More than 50 bloggers donated one of their favorite recipes to be complied into an incredible cookbook, designed by chickabug (design talent was 100% donated as well).  All proceeds from this great little cookbook are being donated to the American Red Cross to help those affected by recent natural disasters.



And guess what?  The cookbook is only $10.  Yep, $10.


I was contacted right after the disaster in Japan, by some fellow bloggers who really wanted to pool together for a great cause.  I donated a recipe of my own to contribute to the book and am so glad others were willing to do the same.  At first, the cookbook was only going to be an e-book……..



………but there was enough interest in a physical cookbook, that both are now available.  And both are priced at the very lowest price possible, while still being able to donate some money to the Red Cross.



There’s a picture with each recipe and a brief bio of the blogger who submitted the recipe.  And most are just simple and fun recipes………perfect for a fun little collection of some tried and true recipes.  And for $10, it’s a definite must have.  Great price, great recipes, all proceeds go to charity.  Everyone wins.


Go here to see what the cookbook looks like on each page.  Click on the title “Recipes to Help” and then “next page” too see each page.  Gorgeous, huh?


So if you’re a laptop/kindle sort of recipe user……..the e-book is perfect for you.  But if you prefer an actual cookbook (and the quality of this book is fantastic)………the book will serve you well.  Both will make you happy and both will serve a great cause.


Click here to purchase an e-book or an actual copy of your own.


Please note:  Cookbooks are only available August 15th –  August 31st.





I hope you’ll like it.  And I hope we can all feel good contributing to a really great cause.



*The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position. For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1-800-HELP NOW or email


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