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Computer Advice…..HELP!!


No, my computer hasn’t crashed.


And this advice isn’t urgent.  But if you have a second, let me pick your brain.



I know people feel strongly one way or the other about this………but the question is, are you a MAC or PC user?

And then, of course, why?



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Okay, we have always been PC users.  They have always worked pretty well for us.  And the price?  Well, it’s obvious you can buy a lot more for your money.  But our computers always seem to get sick after a couple of years.  And I don’t know if it’s me, or how I use my computer, what programs I use……..or maybe that’s just normal.  But when I talk to MAC users, they always seem to talk about their computers lasting for years and years.  Is that crazy to believe?  Or are my MAC using friends just lucky?



I know we live in a PC world…..but those MACs are gaining ground.  There must be a reason for that, right?



I guess PCs and MACs are good for different things.  And I hear that for those who are designers, there’s no question that MACs are superior for that type of work.  PCs are better at other things…… maybe it all just comes down to what type of work you are doing on your computer???



I always seem to have 4 or 5 programs running at once on my PC.  Have you ever used Photoshop?  It’s a power sucker!!  But it’s open A LOT on my computer.  I also always have Picasa (photo storage program) open, sometimes Adobe Acrobat, a Word document or two, and then a few browser windows.  It makes my husband crazy…….because the result, is a sluggish computer.  (Hey, at least I put the toilet seat down!!) I know, this is probably just because my computer is older and needs to be updated.  And I need to close my programs when I’m not using them. But my goodness, keep up Little Missy.



Okay, now MAC users………..let me hear it.  Why do you like your MAC?  Do you just like being in the MAC club (haha) or is there really that much of a difference?



And MAC haters………what’s the deal?  What drives you crazy about those MACs??



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Oh, and what’s with you not needing much anti-virus stuff on a MAC?  I’m always on top of that with our PC, always cleaning out old files, always checking to see what’s lurching in the background, etc.  Do you really not install anti-virus on your MACs?




Is it obvious I’m on the fence? I use the computer a lot.  And I love having a desktop to spread out and work on my little hobbies.  So if I can find a computer that keeps things more organized, cuts down on loading time, and will last me longer……..I’m all over it.  So I would love to hear your thoughts.




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Okay, that was a mouthful. Thanks for reading.  And even more for responding.


If I could have you over to talk this through, I would.

We’re having leftovers for dinner?  Anyone want to join us? ;)



  1. Tanya says:

    I’m a full blown Mac person. Have been since they were created. They are the only way to go! I don’t know anyone who has had a Mac who has “gone over to the other side.” You will NOT regret getting a Mac. I am sitting here on my desktop with my laptop nearby with my iPhone charging close. They are the best! Give it a try! I am sure you won’t go back!

  2. Natalie says:

    Here’s my thoughts. I used Macs in college but when I bought my own computer I got a PC because there wasn’t much software out there for Macs at the time. Fast forward 20 years (eek!) and many PC’s later that my husband built very inexpensively and my husband now works on Cyber Security at a national lab and all they really use is macs for the mere fact that there are very few viruses that can cause problems with Mac’s and malware (software someone gets on that your computer from a website you visit that you will not know you got and that your virus protection software will never see and that will then send all sorts of information from your computer to someone else) is even less likely to get on. For this reason we are in the process of getting all our computers to be Macs (after we save the money up). Personally, I don’t think there is much difference over all, if you are doing a lot of photo stuff or graphics Mac’s are built for that but PC’s work pretty well also.

    Good Luck!

  3. Andrea says:

    Well in case you aren’t convinced yet :) I’ll add my two bits… We are totally MAC people too! I grew up on Mac’s in school and at home. Then as an adult we checked out the price comparison between getting a Desktop PC or a desktop MAC. 8 years ago, once we added up the monitor, keyboard, mouse, programs, etc… the MAC desktops were almost the same price, so it was a no brainer for us. Honestly, we’ve never looked back. We sold our desktop to my parents 3 years after we bought it so we could get a laptop and they only just got a new computer (MAC again) this year (8 years old) and not because it wasn’t working but because the software was outdated and they wanted to update (a lot has changed in technology in 8 years). Our laptop that we bought 5 years ago is what I am writing on right now and we LOVE it… In 5 years the only thing that’s gone wrong is the battery but they are not bad price wise. We took this computer all over the world and it has served us well. Mac’s are much more simple to use, the switch from PC is annoying but only because you have to retrain yourself. They are much more user friendly and common sense like. And viruses? I’ve never worried about one.

  4. Kim says:

    We have both in our house. My husband is definitely a Mac user. Several years ago I purchased a used Dell desktop from a neighbor. It worked great for several years. When it died we did buy an HP desktop to replace it. But in my husband’s office is a Mac. And we have a Mac laptop. I love both the Mac and our HP. But I use the HP more just because it is here at my little desk by the kitchen. This is the computer I pass by all the time. So it is the one that I end up using.

    I will say that when we had the Dell, my husband spent a considerable amount of time fixing it. Every time he had to fix something on the Dell, or with this HP, it just makes him love his Mac so much more.

    Also, one of the best things I love about Macs is the built in camera. If you ichat with others who have Macs, the picture is so clear it is amazing. But when I skype with people who have something other than a Mac, the video feed stops and starts and the sound is horrible. And my kids love making movies of themselves in front of the Mac camera. It is great!

  5. Lorenna says:

    I will preface my comment with saying that I studied electrical engineering in college and am a serious nerd. I apologize in advance for my nerdiness.

    I was a PC user until 5 years ago when I bought my first Macbook. Since then, I have had 3 different Apple laptops (1 Macbook, 1 Macbook Pro, and 1 Macbook Air), 1 PC netbook (gave to my husband when I bought my MBAir), and an iPad. I don’t like the iPad, but I do love my MacBooks. I have learned that I really do prefer the software interfaces on a Mac. It is a big transition to get used to, but one that doesn’t make you want to go back. And besides, Macs are really pretty.

    Macs are pricey, but they do run very well. I can run photoshop, illustrator, my internet browser, and a few other things at the same time. But I will also say that my Mac still freezes up on occasion, especially with really really large powerpoint or excel files (we are talking REALLY BIG files though). Just like any other computer, they slow with age and use, so you need to “clean” them up every year or so to keep them running fast.

    I still don’t think you can expect a much different lifespan from a Mac than you can a PC (there is a reason Apple doesn’t offer warranties over 3 years), but with any computer, if you get it with sufficiently high specs and take good care of it, it should last you 4-5 years tops.

    You still need antivirus software on a Mac, but I find it is not as annoying as it is on a PC (I use McAfee). Also, Macs don’t come with all the annoying trial programs that PC manufacturers put on their computers, which I spend hours trying to remove. I also like the convenience of being able to take my computer to the Apple store when I have a question, or when it needs service.

    That being said, my husband is still a PC user, and he has no desire to switch. And I don’t mind because his computers are MUCH cheaper than mine, for very comparable stats. PCs still have the market on all of the cool tablet PCs (check out the Dell Inspiron Duo), since Apple has yet to put a touchscreen on anything with an actual operating system. I still recommend Lenovo as a good PC laptop manufacturer.

    Last, I do use some software that requires a PC, and all new Macs have the ability to Boot up as a PC as long as you install the Windows operating system. This means that you really have 2 computers in one (a Mac and a PC)! So, even if you really hate using Mac stuff, you can still have a pretty computer and run it like a PC if you want to.

    I hope these comments help, and good luck on the computer search.

  6. KATE says:

    Hi! I grew up using PC’s. My mom would mess things up constantly on it. It would get viruses, etc. When I got married, my husband had a Mac. So that’s what I learned to use! I must say it was incredibly easy to learn. I’ve used Macs for 12 years now. We keep them for SEVERAL years (at LEAST 4-5) before we do something else. And even then (4-5 years old) you can still RESALE your old Mac on eBay and make a couple hundred dollars off of it! My mom & dad have ALWAYS used PC’s. My mom is COMPLETELY computer illiterate! I mean, she doesn’t know when to click once or twice on a PC. I’ve tried for years to get my dad to buy her a Mac. I knew it would be so much EASIER for her! It does so many things FOR you! Well, he finally got her one AND THEY LOVE IT!! They say they’ll NEVER go back to PC’s again!


  7. Ann B says:

    I am a business person, and a hobbyist who uses Photoshop, etc. I use a Mac (often 6+ hours a day, during the week). I switched 6 years ago. Unless my employer makes me :) *or* I’m playing tech support for my parents, I don’t touch a PC. In all of that time, I’ve never had a Mac crash. Never lost data. Never had a virus. Never had to do anything other than a monthly maintenance script that runs overnight (plus back-ups, obviously, but I haven’t needed them). The Mac store moved my data to my first Mac, and it took about 5 minutes of work to move the data to my second Mac (I moved to a new machine a year ago, although I still use my old machine as a media server).

    I think Macs just work … better. They take about a minute to boot-up, instead of the 10-15 minutes that’s common on Win-based machines. The hardware and operating software are *made* to work together, so there’s a lot less friction in how things work. Fewer vendors / interface points make for a smoother user experience. Applications install easily and intuitively. Adding new hardwares isn’t much of a process at all. There is a LOT less mucking about with disk clean-up stuff. All of the major programs (including those for business) are on Mac now.

    Now that Macs have Intel processors, too, you can always run a PC-based program, if you must. But I honestly try to avoid that – it just introduces a bigger risk of viruses (in the “PC” side) and more complexity. And part of what I love about the Mac is simplicity. While Kathy’s (above) is right – PCs can work better with maintenance (and this is the function I help my parents with), you just don’t have to do that same level of maintenance on a Mac and you still don’t get things like sluggish performance.

    The only real issue I’ve had in all of this time is money management – Intuit’s Quicken for Mac wasn’t originally designed for Macs, was ported poorly (in my opinion) – they’ve now created a Mac-specific version, but it will be several more releases before the Mac version reaches PC-functionality. So I use MoneyDance instead. It works well.

    If a business person can use a Mac, I’m not sure that there’s anyone for whom it’s NOT a good fit … I say: JUMP. You’ll be glad you did!

    Good luck.

  8. Leslie says:

    Mac users love their Macs. Apple has done a great job of making their clientel buy into a lifestyle. If you’ve got a mac you can only use “this”. They’ve created a consumer culture where you need to have the newest apple gadget because they don’t sell the accessories/programs for your old model. I really don’t like that. I also find the switch from PC to Mac difficult and not intuitive. When you’ve been using a PC for ever it’s really awkward to switch. We’ve had our PC for 6 years and it’s still running strong. We got an external harddrive to dump some old files which helps speed things up. In regards to “macs never crash/ get viruses” it’s total bunk! My sister and sister in law both had issues with their Mac within the first year (literally a dead screen, could not turn on) and they had to send their macs away to get them fixed if they could get fixed. I like that I can trouble shoot my PC. And while people feel that macs are better for more creative things (design, music editing, movies) I have found PC software for alot of Mac only programs eg) pro tools. Oh and the fact that I can buy a PC without changing my entire lifestyle, well that’s kind of nice!

  9. The Whity Whife says:

    oh I have so much to share!!

    I chose mac. I have had a mac since 1989 (and I was one at that time). I grew up with them, and even with to school with them (A STEM school for 1-5, it was awesome). I love the user friendliness of MAC, and the fact that it can do so much more if you do have some knowledge. Life for me has been so simple on a mac. And it’s true, there is less spyware type stuff (I don’t think I did anything with it on my laptop my 4 years of college- I don’t the deal on my new one- Hubby takes care of it all).

    My family would replace the house MAC every 8 to 10 years. The reason being- software was not compatible with such old computers! (think about the changes from 89 to 97, our first upgrade….)

    Hubby and I have talked about switching to PC due to cost. But we won’t. The software on the MAC is awesome, the computer techs that work on it (you don’t just have to go to the apple store, there are specialists) are so great in whatever state we are in, and they last! Hubby has had his laptop for 6 years. It’s seen missionary life in other countries, college dorm life, searching for jobs, and he uses ti for work every day! That computer is on 7 days a week! I had to replace mine after 4 years because I fried the battery. I plugged it into an outlet with faulty wiring and poof- smoke, fire, not good. And after that it still lasted another 2 years, the only problem I had was that it had to be plugged in at all times! (near the end we found out the hard-drive was slightly damaged, but we were able to sell it for a good amount to a restorator!)

    There are some product just about the buzz (iphone is a great example of one that is not needed, a droid can do it all and more). But over all, when selecting a computer to make it through with you every day- go for mac. You can buy used (which are restored and normally have a new harddrive) for much less than at the Apple Store. If it’s just price holding you back (which is a big reason, I get it) you might want to look into the actual specs of what you need and compare it to all ways of purchase.

    Happy hunting!

  10. Amy says:

    There are good things and bad things about both but this is what it comes down to for me. If you are doing artsy stuff (like my husband is a photographer/film director editor) then I’d recommend the mac – the money is worth it. If you are just surfing the internet, word processing, and stuff like that…you’re probably fine withe the other – but make sure you get a really good protection/maintenance plan for it.

  11. Keriann says:

    My brother is a computer nerd for the Air Force. He recently told me that the thing that separated the two the most was the Intel processor…Mac/Apple is switching to use the same thing. And you can purchase mac programing for a PC. To sum it up…they can pretty much be the same internally now.

  12. Allison Gardner says:

    +1 for Mac. Just for the record- the cheapest Mac is their Mac Mini which will run you about 600. The cheapest Laptop is 1000, and they are both great computers.

    I use a Mac (we have 3) and we will never go back. They just work- and if they don’t Apple has AMAZING customer service. They just fix it. You can never get customer service like that through Dell, HP, or Microsoft.

    The anti-virus stuff is true. Apple releases updates to your computer that takes care of all that stuff. Because Macs are getting more popular, people are starting to start making them more for Macs, but Apple is on top of that stuff so you don’t really need to worry about it.

    If you think about all the stuff that a Mac comes with- it’s really NOT that much more expensive. It comes with your iLife stuff so you need to add the cost of those programs as well.

    I LOVE the hot corners/spaces for multiple work spaces. It sounds like this would work great for you. You can have your work stuff going on in one “space” and blog stuff in another “space”

    I understand why some people, computer programs, would love Microsoft and not love Macs, because Macs you can’t really get into the nitty gritty stuff of your computer and mess with it, but most of us consumers don’t need to do that and will probably screw something up like a lot of people do with Macs.

  13. Whitney says:

    To keep a PC clean and running smoothly for a decent length of time you need to be pretty tech-savy and on top of things. To do the same for a Mac you don’t really need to do anything. Honestly, the only downsides to Macs are the price and the lack of customization (at least for a decent price). There isn’t really anything special about Mac hardware. The magic is in the operating system. Right now I have a MacBook Pro which is 3 years old. I love it. However, once I decide to get a new computer, I’m going to make a Hackintosh because I don’t want to spend the money for a new Mac (basically a Hackintosh is a PC that you install Mac OS on instead of Windows, you aren’t technically supposed to do it, Apple hates it, but it can be done if you know a little about computers or have a friend who will do it for you).

    Basically, to solve the problems you mentioned about your PCs, get a Mac. Expensive but amazing.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    We are Mac addicts at our house! At different points in our lives, we’ve owned either type and we both definitely prefer Mac! SO I would definitely recommend it! It does take some getting used to, as the interface is slightly different, but it’s still VERY user friendly. My mom recently switched over to Mac and it didn’t take her very long to learn the differences. My brother is adamantly opposed to Macs, and honestly the only real reason I get from him is that he doesn’t understand Macs nor sees how they are superior. I guess it’s a preference thing? But I have found that Macs are just more user friendly- I’ve never had to “install hardware” for a new camera or anything annoying like that! (we’ve had a number of new cameras during our time with this mac…I wish Apple would make a camera ;) Plus Apple just released a new operating system- it’s awesome, but I’m still learning all the new things you can do with it! Since you often have so many programs open at once, you can have each program open in a different “workspace” so when you change over to that program, the only thing on your desktop will be that helps keep your screen less cluttered and more neat!
    As far as viruses- it’s a completely different language writing for a Mac than a PC (which is why some programs are released for Macs at a later date than their PC release date) So therefore the viruses that will kill your PC won’t affect your Mac because your Mac won’t be able to read it. I guess the hackers don’t think it’s worth their time to learn to write for a Mac, but people say that it’s just a matter of time. Still the fact remains- the threat of viruses is far lower for Macs than PCs.
    I have a MacBook and I use it in a common way for a stay at home mom- sometimes I have Photoshop open, my internet program (Firefox) is always open, sometimes I have Mail or iTunes, or iPhoto open, often many at a time. For what you usually have open, I would recommend a MacBook Pro though- it’s what my husband uses for his work and he often has far more programs open than I have and no problems with it acting slow. Of course, it always works faster if you have fewer open programs and if you empty your trash often.
    Also, my MacBook was bought in December 2008- we did add a little bit of memory to it because it’s where we store ALL of our family photos (well, here and our back up hard drive) but it’s still going strong! Of course, as with anything, it’s depends on how often you use it and how well you care for it.
    My final selling point for Mac is their service- my husband has AppleCare on his computer and he recently had some sort of hardware issue (those are all beyond my comprehension) anyway- they replaced his hard drive and some other hardware, moved over EVERY last bit of his files, settings, etc, and it was all covered for FREE under AppleCare. It would have cost $300-$400 without it. So if you get a mac- make sure you get apple care! It’s definitely worth it!

    Sorry for the novel! But I hope it helps you understand Macs a little better :)

  15. Kimbwely says:

    I used to be more of a PC person, but I made the switch to Mac about 3 years ago, and for me, it has been a wonderful decision. I have not had any virus issues on my Mac. We now have a MacBook and an I-mac and are in love with both.

    I do agree that if you know how to fix PC’s and love it, then why not go for the PC? But Apple sold me with Apple care on their computers. It is so simple to be able to get your computer or anything with Apple care on it fixed. We have not been charged at all for any of it and sometimes it was our fault it was broken, but they fixed it for free anyway!

    I don’t hate PC’s, I just find that Mac’s make my life easier and I love the organization and simplicity of the Mac. I am a teacher and am able to do a lot of the Mac for it.

    Hope that helps!

  16. jenni says:

    i have always been a pc user. only thing we ever had growing up. then, i started teaching and my school district had macs. it took me about 3.5 seconds to figure out, and it was love. even so, the hubs and i had a pc built custom for us. it crashed within a year. my husband had been trying to convince me to get a mac, even before we had the pc built, and after the crash, i was sold! we invested in the mac desktop and it is a beautiful piece of computer! best investment we have ever made! since, we have also bought a laptop, so i can do a lot of my photography work on the go! we have had the desktop for a little under 5 years and no issues, same with the laptop, about 2 years, no issues!!! the only thing that i will say against a mac, with the laptop, is that i have had to replace the battery. they don’t last that long. other than that, love! i would never buy a pc again. ever.

  17. carmel says:

    It’s funny…My whole family (with the exception of me) is MAC Based and whenever I used to visit them I would have to use my mom’s MAC and would inevitably get frustrated and be offline for the rest of my visit (not necessarily a bad thing) I have always been a PC/Blackberry Smart Phone. Mom and Brothers MAC/iPhone. However it appears that I am slowing making a transition from all that. I think for the pattern writing, photo editing and creative process that I use my pc for a MAC will do better, but it is the cost that is a major deterrent. I am partially transitioning like I said, at Christmas I received an iPad (amazing) and last March my husband and I junked our Blackberry’s and went with the iPhone (love so much more)
    I think the bottom line is that MAC/Apple has created a software program that seems seamless and with my PC I’m constantly updating, running anti-virus, sometimes swearing at it and if I just spend some time getting to know a MAC it would definitely be it for me, I would succumb.
    Probably not much help LOL

  18. Holly says:

    Sorry I said macs don’t get viruses…they CAN, but it’s VERY rare. Macs have built in safety nets so for a general user, you don’t need anti virus software.

    1. Vanessa says:

      We use PCs here, and in the last 5 years we have only had 2 viruses and we don’t ever install or use anti-virus software. In my case viruses are also very rare, you just have to be careful and not open questionable links/emails ect. I am not anti Mac, I would love one! Husband is a software engineer and he likes PCs. But as someone stated before it is because he likes to build computers… But viruses can be VERY rare on PCs too, just be smart!

    2. Cindy says:

      Yes, what she says about the viruses. I think I have dealt with only 2 in over 10 years.

  19. Jill Scott says:

    We have two PC laptops in our house and a Mac desktop. The ONLY reason we have the PCs is because one of them is my husband’s employer’s computer, and it has PC driven software on it that he needs for his job. The other PC we bought only so I could run the PC driven scrapbooking software put out by Creative Memories (I used to be a consultant). We have had two Mac desktops in the last eight years and the first one we got used when it was a couple years old and it lasted for about eight years total, with no slowing down issues EVER. When it died it was because the screen burned out, so we were able to get everything off of it.I use Photoshop on my Mac and it handles it just fine. It is true that Macs last for much longer than PCs, and they perform much better during that time. The biggest drawback to having a Mac is that you don’t have as much software available to you, and that is the same reason why they don’t get viruses like PCs. Not only is software written for PCs, the viruses a re too, and that is because more people have them because they are cheaper. I love my Mac, and I look forward to the day more people are using them than PCs.

  20. Clarisajo says:

    I’m a Mac. Here are my top 3 reasons for why I love Macs.

    1- they last… Forever! My desktop is 5 yrs. old and I can’t justify switching it. If you want to know about the workload it takes, let’s just say that the computer is our life. We don’t have a tv so the computer is our tv, we watch all our movies on it, we play wii on it, and we even have a hook up to play our cable through it. It is our radio, pandora is going constantly. I’m a photographer and a digital scrapbooker so between home stuff and my business photoshop is always open.

    2- They can handle an amazing workload. See above posts.

    3- Hot corners – this will speed up your work progress so much. I’m constantly switching between windows, checking the date, calculating things.

  21. phyl says:

    I have a PC, simply because… well, that’s what we started with and so it goes. But when my son went off to college 4 years ago, we splurged for the mac. And just before he graduated in May we bought him a new mac, to take advantage of student discounts and because the original mac was on its last legs. His mac is AMAZING. He always is recording/downloading/mixing and doing stuff with music for his band, plus using using Photoshop extensively and doing lot of stuff with photos, plus everything else you can imagine. There’s no way my PC could handle all of what he does. If I had the money and wasn’t so deep in the PC stuff that I have, I’d buy a mac in an instant. Totally cool.

  22. Holly says:

    We always had pcs growing up, when my husband and I got married we got a pc. We went through 3 pcs in the first 4 years of marriage. Never due to a virus, they just wore out that fast. We kept them conditioned as best we could, doing regular maintenance, updating software, having current anti virus, but they always just crapped out. I had never used a mac, and thought that only nerdy people had them. But I had an iphone and loved it, so we went to the store to see what we thought. We ended up buying an imac. That was almost 4 years ago and OH MY WORD it still seems like a brand new computer. It’s SO different than a pc because everything runs well, fast, and doesn’t crash. You also don’t have to worry about anti virus software, because Macs don’t get viruses. And it auto updates for you so you don’t have to worry about having anything outdated.

    I am a professional photographer and all the programs for photographs work so much better. There’s also all sorts of cool “hot key” shortcuts that actually work (they only sporadically worked on my pcs). You can easily multitask, and it never gets slow or seems bogged down.

    My husband and I have realized that the only people who swear by pcs are programmers, or those who like to rebuild it and go in and “tinker” with it. But the people who do video and photo editing, use it for some aspect of their job, or just want a fast-easy-reliable computer LOVE their macs.

    1. Danielle says:

      Agreed. I’ve never met anyone other than programmers and gamers who claim to love PCs. People who have PCs generally just don’t think it’s worth the extra money to get a mac. But look at this comment thread. People LOVE their macs! People don’t love PCs. They just settle for them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I love my PC.

  23. Heather says:

    I grew up on a MAC – like the really, really old MAC. Then I used PCs for years in college and into my married years. My husband was so tired of being my computer support person for the PC so he agreed to get a MAC. Yay! I LOVE IT. I use photoshop elements and it works way faster with fewer crashes. I can run several programs at once. Plus, we got 1 TB of space on my MAC with an auto-backup 1 TB. It’s pretty much awesome. Plus, I love that I don’t have a big seperate box… just the screen, the keyboard, and mouse.

    Go for the MAC. I do agree that it takes a little while to get used to the differences, but it’s well worth it. I wouldn’t ever want a PC again.

    Good luck!

    1. Anonymous says:

      ive always used pc, but mac sounds better. but i guess they’re more expensive for a reason! my computer sometimes gets viruses and yeap i have to install anti-viruse stuff all the time. but its been running for over 5 years and works just fine!

  24. Kathy S. says:

    PCs are more well known to the general public…those of us that are not “techies”. More software applications are designed for MAC available at most mass marketing venues. Macs are designed to process graphics better and faster. The issue with PCs (IMHO) is that they usually get sluggish after a couple of years…not because of their age…but rather, because they have an insufficient amount of RAM to process with after we have “gunked it up” with so much crap. The issue is the “user” not the computer. Delete old files and old history files, etc…free up space on your drives and install additional RAM Memory if need be. Lot’s cheaper than getting a new laptop. Downside, PCs get more virus hits probably because they are a larger target…since more folks own them. When/if MAC starts getting more popular…the idiots will attack more of them…it’s just the nature of things.

  25. Michele says:

    I grew up using PC and made the switch to Mac about 3 years ago. I was tired of my PC getting slow after a year or two and feeling like it is was always outdated. I also hated spending so much on the anti-virus stuff. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try the Mac because PC will always be there. I won’t be going back. I love the programs it comes with. The iPhoto is really easy to use and organize things. As for the anti-virus thing, from what I understand Mac is a unix base which means it is more difficult to get into and the computer comes with a security feature that is always updated. However, I’m paranoid about viruses and losing all my information, so I use a free anti-virus called Sophos (they used it at the university I went to so figured it was probably pretty good). It does take some getting used to after making the switch because the “hot” keys aren’t exactly the same. If you had some programs that you really like with your PC you can even put a windows platform on your Mac (talk to the Mac people, they’ll tell you about it or the website). Okay, so I’m getting a little technical and wordy. In all I love my Mac (and I’ve never heard of anyone going to PC after using a Mac…just sayin’).

  26. Nana says:

    The engineer in my life who can fix anything computer related thinks the difference is quite simple. You pay a lot more for a MAC, but you walk in the store and they fix it for you. It’s a pretty easy process. If you have easy access to an engineer’s brain, you buy a PC, save yourself a bunch of money and if it breaks, enjoy fixing it yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you Mac’s never break. They do. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with both my PC and my MAC.

    One more thing. In my experience one of the big differences is freedom of choice. With MAC it’s their way or the highway. With PC the options are limitless.

    1. Josh says:

      You are exactly right. It’s not about what one is better or worse its about what you want, pure and simple. This discussion will go on forever and ever about which one is better, thats not the issue both have their pros and cons, its what you want. PC = lower cost, flexibility, you typically do the repair, you learn how it works. MAC = higher cost, their way or the highway (which is the VERY reason of why it is reliable, they don’t have to try to program a bazillion options into it), you typically take it to get repaired, you don’t have to learn how it works. That is what it comes down to, do YOU want to know about your computer or pay SOMEONE to know about your computer. It doesn’t matter which one is better, its what you want.

  27. Amanda says:

    I’ve used both PCs and Macs pretty extensively. If your considering switching, my best advice is to go to an Apple store and physically play with the Macs. There’s a huge difference in feel, and some people just don’t like it.

    A Mac definitely plays to aesthetics. If you tote your computer around, it’s much smaller and goes everywhere very easily. They hold battery like a champ too. I had my first Mac laptop for SIX years (and never had a problem with it “being old” – I upgraded because I, um, dropped it – it still ran the latest software). Everything is compatible from Mac to Mac, so each time a new OS came out, I was able to upgrade without changing things on my computer. I just recently bought a new Mac, and all of my older programs run just fine. There is definitely a wider variety of photo software for Mac products, but other software like games and accounting is far less abundant. It’s not as customizable as a PC either – you get what you get. I’ve never had anti-virus software, and never needed it. Apple tech support and warranty is AMAZING – my cat chewed through my power cord, and they replaced it for free with my warranty. Unfortunately, making the switch is expensive, because you not only have to buy the Mac, but you have to buy the Mac software switch too (word, any photo software, etc).

    There’s a LOT of difference, but overall, Macs can do the same thing that a PC does. It’s a personal preference. Yes, it’s more optimized for photo editing and such, and less for games and Microsoft products (though they are available in Mac form). The switch can be a hefty thing, but it won’t be regretted in the future.

    1. rach says:

      You don’t NEED to buy Word. Seriously. I love the Apple’s version of Word: Pages. It’s awesome. Really. You just have to get used to it, and they you will love it.

      For compatibility, just save documents you need to email people or whatever as a PDF. It’s a simple step and will allow them to open your file if they use a PC and obviously don’t have Pages.

  28. Shady Lady says:

    I was always a PC person and totally anti-Apple. Then I got an iPhone and I was completely impressed, so much so that when my latest PC started going downhill (as they do so quickly, don’t they?) I decided I wanted a Mac. I’ve had my MacBook Pro for almost a year now and it still performs as well as it did on day 1. And NOTHING compares to Apple’s customer service. In fact, I dropped my iPhone on the driveway two days ago, shattering the screen. I went into the Apple store the next day and they gave me a brand new iPhone FOR FREE.

    My husband was totally anti Apple as well…until he saw my MacBook. The way he describes Apple products is this, “it’s like they asked people, actual users, what they wanted…and then they gave it to them.” They continue to give users what they want. It is truly incredible. The latest operating system was just released. Guess how much Apple is charging to upgrade? $29.99 Tell me the last time you could upgrade operating systems on a PC for that cheap. And the new operating system is incredible. I will never go back to a PC again.

  29. Rachael says:

    I am a Total Mac! It’s not just about “The Club” Is about the ease. I don’t have to empty my cookies or run spy ware on a regular basis since purchasing my first Mac in 07. I also do have to worry about accidentally opening the wrong emails anymore.

    The reason there aren’t “many” viruses for Mac is because they are harder to write, and Mac’s are very fast at detecting them. Yes, my Mac tells me before I open, or click on something if that is a virus, or not safe to open.

    I use Photoshop CS5 and usually have many other things open at the same time (Web browsers, iphoto, Bridge, etc.) and they don’t slow down my Mac. Nor have they ever frozen up my system.

    I grew up on PC’s and liked them. But once I got my first Mac I fell in LOVE with it! I have never heard of a person LOVING there PC.

    Oh… The best parts: when you buy a PC you have to right off the bat buy software for everything you want on it right. For a Mac, you have so much already on the computer (they come loaded). You have photo editing software in iphoto. You have home movie editing software in Garageband, and so much more.

  30. Lindsey Wells says:

    We are Mac users! Once my husband got me my iMac, I was a little unsure, but honestly I will never go back. Macs are super user friendly and intuitive. Have you ever been using your PC and tried to find something but its not in a place that you feel is best? Macs are not that way. My husband is a web developer and programmer and I am a photographer so Macs are the best for what we use it for. The other great thing is that I have NEVER gotten a virus. My kids play online computer games and I NEVER have to worry about them getting some sort of weird virus. We have had our one Mac laptop for over 5 years! It works like a champ. We have never had any problems with either laptop or the iMac. And I LOVE my huge screen!

    We love our Macs. But with that being said when it comes to smart phones and tablets we are droid users. In fact you may want to check out the new google chrome notebook. We just got one and it is awesome and they are only $500. I was hesitant to learn a new operating system with my iMac (3years old) but its super easy and I hate it when I have to use a PC now, they are so clunky and just a pain.

  31. Anne says:

    I’ve always been a Mac user. My husband’s always been a PC user. I finally converted him a couple years ago and he thanks me profusely at least once a week.

    To be honest, you sound pretty convinced to go for a Mac just on the basis of what you wrote. I always have lots of programs running (including Photoshop) and it does just fine. Plus the support at the Apple Store is unbeatable.

    Go for it!

  32. adriennew says:

    I grew up using MACs. My dad is a newspaper man and photographer and he has always used MACs for it. As a grown up, we had a MAC for the first 9 years of our marriage… the SAME Mac. Only problem was it wouldn’t die!! It was slow because it was outdated so we couldn’t watch shows on it or anything like that, but we never had a problem with it. We recently got an HP laptop free with a cable contract, so that is what we use now, and I hate it! We never once got a virus on our MAC and it rarely had any problems, but it seems like our HP is always freezing and I just don’t like it. I’ll admit that if you’ve used PC’s it takes a little getting used to to use a MAC, but I don’t know too many people who regret getting one.

  33. Tracey says:

    We have a Mac and love it! Our first mac lasted us four years before the graphics card went crazy, but a fair amount of video gaming occurred on that computer in those four years. I just counted, and I currently have ELEVEN programs running, and switching back and forth is as easy as hitting apple+tab, and tabbing through the open programs until you get to the one you want. We don’t have anti-virus software and have never had a problem. Oh, and all our stuff from our iphones and ipad sync without having to keep contact information and such in 2 different programs. If you need office type software, you can get the microsoft version made for mac, or get mac’s iwork program. The iwork system has equivalents to word, excel, and powerpoint, and even allows you to save the files in microsoft office formats. It’s a win-win.

  34. Carla says:

    I love my iMac! So much so that we bought 2 of them. 27″ display… I use mine for design, blogging, school, research… and to play. I originally purchased the iMac for school and research and I was a blown away by the design and the ease of using it and the programs. Because my school programs have not caught up to the iMac generation, my husband installed Parallels Desktop so I run my iMac as 2 computers and can run Windows applications on it.
    I have had the iMacs for a little over 3 years and have only had problems with 1 of them. IN 3+ YEARS!! Even then, it was a pleasant experience. The people at the Apple store were awesome and since I had extended care the repairs only cost me the fuel to and from the store.
    I still have a few computers that run Windows… I let other family members use them LOL! Go to the Apple iMac website and check out the training videos and the various programs available. Go to the Apple store and just sit and play around with one, but don’t be surprised if it looks confusing at first… that lasts only about a week… Be sure and check out the “Spaces” option. Often during my research and class assignments I will have easily 10 to 20 pdfs, web pages, and documents open and never have I had loss of speed or freezing up… or shortage of memory.
    I’m hungry…. I don’t eat meat… but I will have an Apple!

  35. Lori says:

    I bought my Mac about 6 years ago and I still LOVE it! I bought a laptop PC about 5 years ago and I could have thrown the thing out the window several times now. The programs that come with a Mac (Pages, Numbers, iDVD, and many others) just work so much better than anything Microsoft has ever put out. Macs work faster, better, and are so reliable that you probably won’t have to replace it ever, unlike a PC which only really lasts about 4 years. Plus, my Mac fits on my desk so much easier than a bulky desktop PC!

  36. A says:

    We have both, and I’m not going to lie…I RARELY use my PC. I was pretty anti- Mac for a long long time, until the hubs convinced me to get one. ( He NEEDED the laptop for school…) Anyways I’ve pretty much taken over “his” laptop these days. I will say one thing about Apple products that will keep me going back forever is their EXCELLENT customer service. If something does happen to go wrong with any of their products, you just take it into the apple store and BAM new electronic device, no questions. My sister uses her Mac for all her photoshopping and she LOVES it. It’s true, there are pros and cons to both, so I guess it’s just a matter of opinion…but I will say for me, I like the MAC better.

  37. Ogi says:

    Well, I am a programmer, and I use PC, and would never switch it for mac. I make websites, so usually I have few browsers and Photoshop open. Things about computers is that you need to clear trash and sort your data, to have great antivirus program installed and to keep your browsers updated to latest versions. Also disk defragment is a must if you save and delete lot of data.
    Why I hate mac. It’s user interface is worse then PC’s, also dealing with lot of opened windows is so unlogical and not so smooth as on PC.I have to say frustrating for me. It’s keyboard is strange (come on it doesn’t have delete key, on laptops!). There are only few free softer for it, and bunch of them for PC. And as a programmer I think it is slower then PC, but maybe you wouldn’t see that difference.
    Mac is better in only one thing, and you have notice that in your post. But if you take care of your Win, that thing can be fix.

    So my advice, stay with good old PC and learn a bit more how to be kind to it :)

    1. Ogi says:

      And by the way, My old PC (ten years old) still works like a charm, and my mom use it :)

    2. Anonymous says:

      You plug it in, type your personal info and Go! Even registration is automatic. PC users say they have more software? Why do you need thousands of apps when there is one or 2 superior apps for any and everything you want or need to do for a mac?!?! And do it easier, faster and virus free. When you call Apple for ANY reason, they actually answer the phone, are super friendly, highly trained, answer your questions and resolve any issues you have before you hang up. No questions asked. They also put their products on the market AFTER they have tested them – not before to leave working out the kinks up to the consumer. I have a brand new PC only because I have an old software for my embroidery and I have never even been able to print something without unplugging the printer and replugging to get it to do a simple thing like printing! As they say, once you go mav, you never go back. You get what you pay for.

    3. Kristi says:

      My Mac laptop has a delete key. And I personally love the way you switch programs on a mac. There are numerous ways and once you find they one you prefer it is great.

      I was a programmer before I became a stay at home mom. I had a PC and that was really my only option because of the software that I needed, but the minute I didn’t need to use that software I got a mac.

    4. Nicole says:

      PCs now have the same ways of switching through programs that MAC users love so much.

    5. jaclyn says:

      My mac also has a delete key! =)

    6. Valerie says:

      My MacBook Pro has a “delete” key, which acts as a backspace while typing (removing text to the left of the cursor). No dedicated button to remove text to the right of the cursor. BUT all you have to do is press the “fn” button and then “delete” to perform that function…saves space on the keyboard to not have all of those ugly, cluttery one-task buttons on a notebook.

    7. Dianne says:

      Hey thanks for that little tip about deleting to the right of the cursor. I have a MacBook Pro & didn’t know you could do that :)

    8. Anonymous says:

      My PC has a delete button too….AND a Fn button.

    9. angela says:

      Yeah, my husband is a web developer and switched to mac a few years ago. He was frustrated by dealing with multiple windows for a while, until he figured out that trying to manage windows the same way you do on a PC is murder, and mac has far better ways built in (yay Expose`!)

      For me, I switched to mac about a year ago and love it. I only have a mac mini, but I can still run a lot of heavy software on it, like professional image and sound editing stuff. I rarely have to restart to clear errors or speed things up. My husband has had his mac pro for the last 3 years or so and uses his computer heavily, it’s still running perfectly, and takes the new upgrades just fine, I imagine it will be a few years more before he has to consider replacing it.

    10. Ogi says:

      Well, we have few Macs in firm and they don;t have delete key :) . Also about one month after we got them one of them broke. I use PC for 15 years and I never had any big problems with them. I usually change them every 5 years, cause I upgrade them, not because they don;t work good. And when I’m talking about free softer, I’m talking about tens of free softer for PC.
      But I guess all in all, it comes down to what you like, and if you are able to force yourself on different kind of interface. Mac doesn’t suits me, nor to my friends. Personally, I know/knew only 2 people in my whole life that are/were using Mac.

    11. Julie says:

      Does your PC have an apostrophe?

    12. Ogi says:

      Yes but I can’t type :))))) Just kidding, I’m using different languages so sometimes I press wrong key :)

    13. SarahMR says:

      No one else is typing in a different language, so don’t let them bother you about your errors! You obviously know how to use your PC VERY well. As for me, I use a MAC because I have no idea how to use computers other than turning them on and getting on to the internet. That is all I do, so I love the ease and simplicity of a MAC. I love the tool bar at the bottom too. It is like going to dinner and just pointing to the picture on the menu when you can’t pronounce the name of the food. Idiot proof. That’s me!

    14. Anonymous says:

      My Mac has a delete Key :) but no backspace key which turns out to be fine since it’s easy to get around anyway.

    15. the hatter says:

      You talk a lot about free software for windows… you realise that the vast majority of free software that runs on free OSs (linux, bsd, etc) and other unix-type platforms also runs on OS X ? Most is fairly simply packaged for mac users to install and quite easy for the developer to add OS X support for, but only a small slice of all these applications get windows ports.

    16. Anonymous says:

      Actually, I was talking about lot of free software for win, not linux. And the main softwares that I use on win, you can’t use on mac.

    17. Danielle says:

      So by “learn a bit more how to be kind to it” you mean spend more time and effort maintaining it? You’ve hit the nail on the head right there. You don’t have to be more kind to a mac. They just work.

    18. Ogi says:

      Well I can tell you have never used PC. By being kind to it , it mean to give it half an hour every few months. You don’t need to take it to service, cause you can do everything you need by yourself, so that means you don’t have to depend on other people and there are no limits what PC can do. So i think you nail on your head with your comment :) And by the way Macs get broken too.

  38. Barbara says:

    Love my MAC!!!! and they don’t get viruses like PC’s. Set up is super easy and so is wiping the hard drive. I had to back up after 4 years and wipe out the hard drive as I ran out of space and could do from the conveniene of my home without having to pay for anyone to do it. The setup afterwards was as easy as turning on and you’re ready!


  39. Rachel Craig says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. We have an “old” desktop PC and I would love to get a l;aptop. My PC is so stinking slow it drives me nuts!! Are Macs worth it? I would love to know too.

  40. katie r says:

    LOVE my Mac- the transition is awkward but so worth it- Macs are very intutive and the way you do things makes sense. Easy to search etc. Mac runs faster and stays running faster. Mac has a great service plan- 1 year automatic and then the 2 years you purchase are worth it b/c they fix stuff (other than water damage) with no ?s. The times they took mine to fix an issue it was shipped from vegas to nashville to fix and I still had it back in 72 hours. My laptop is 5 years old and still fast and no issues- and no plans to replace it anytime soon. There is almost no chance of viruses. LOVE IT! Hope that helps :)

  41. Meg says:

    I have used a Mac for about 4 years and I WOULD NEVER GO BACK. I am so surprised when I see people using PCs wondering why they suffer through the slow startups, the anti-virus programs, and the lack of ‘fun’! I bought my laptop 4 years ago and it’s working great (I use it a lot!) I have converted my parents, sister, and friends to get Macs and they all agree they would never go back. yes, it’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for. My work also uses macs and people who have PCs at home found them easy to use (after complaining about it unnecessarily for awhile) and then a lot of them have bought macs for their home computers. I think you’ll find that macs are faster and easier to organize. I hope you get one — you won’t regret it.

    1. Laci says:

      ditto. Mac is sooooo much better, and not because its “trendy” but because it really is BETTER. Its faster, no need for anti-virus, 10X FASTER START UPS (I HATE my hubby’s work PC when starting up.. such a hassle). Anyway.. again ditto to Meg.

  42. Ashley says:

    I will start out by saying that I am not a super computer person. I have used PCs all my life…that is just what we had. Recently, my husband made the jump to a MAC laptop, and I dont think I could ever look back. I use my computer and I just want to curse the dang thing now! The Mac does take some learning, but it just runs better and with less upkeep/worry! I hope my humble and really computer illiterate opinion helps a little!

    1. Valerie says:

      Same here. Used PCs all my life and thought Macs were for lazies. Then my VERY computer literate brother switched to Mac and had his computers (and now just about just about everything Apple makes) work without a hitch for years. In the meantime, I had my Dell laptop for about 5 years and had had to format the hard drive/give the thing a lobotomy about 5 or 6 times during that time period (did it myself). I finally decided I’d had enough and took my brother’s advice and bought a MacBook Pro. I’m COMPLETELY sold on Apple now. I’ve had it for about a year and a half and have NEVER had one of those annoying “error” popup windows that are inherent with a PC. Everything just WORKS. For example, you don’t have to know a bunch of server lingo/crazy computer man talk to set up your email. You type in you email address and password and it sets it up for you. Very intuitive. I have absolutely no antivirus/spyware/etc software installed. Just the stuff that came on the computer (which is only what you WANT and not a bunch of trial software, “toolbars” and crap pre-installed). There is no upkeep either. You don’t have to defrag because it’s smart enough to fill in the holes as you add to the disk…crazy concept, huh? I now have an iPhone (had it for over a year now also) and an AppleTV. And I curse the days when my in-laws ask for help with their PCs and Andriod-based phones. They make me extremely grumpy now that I’m used to the care-free Apple way.

      They are more expensive. But there is much more thought, care, and quality that goes into their products. You get what you pay for. I plan on using my MacBook for as long as it’s still compatible with the rest of the world…and I have no doubt that it’ll last as long as I need it to. As far as I know, they are easily upgraded too…

      I use Gimp (which is a free knock-off version of Photoshop) quite often, along with the Silhouette software and browser windows, Word (which is the only Windows cloud in my happy Apple sky…only because I haven’t had the time to learn Apple’s equivalent), and email simultaneously and it does get a little slow. It handles it though. It slows down but doesn’t lock up. I only have the base model of MacBook Pro though, so it would probably be a good idea to get a more powerful one in your case. If I were you, I’d go to an Apple Store and talk the the guys there. They really know their stuff, and you can play around with all of their computers to see what you think.

      I’m a loyal Apple customer for a reason! Happy hunting!

    2. Flo says:

      I have a very similar experience.
      I had only ever used PCs, and then when the time came to change my old Panasonic, I hesitated for a long, long time, and finally decided to go and try a MacBook Pro.
      The whole system is surprisingly intuitive and it doesn’t take much time to figure out how things work.
      What most surprised me was how smoothly everything goes : no fuss to set up your system, no fuss to install a new program, no endless confirmation windows asking if you’re really sure you want to do something.
      I don’t hate PCs, not at all, but I am definitely starting to see what the Mac hype is all about. I’m really happy with the MacBook Pro.

      Hope you’ll find the right one for you !

  43. Liz says:

    I have a Mac that I got gently used from my brother for Christmas in 2007 and it is still a great computer. I work in marketing and so I use all the Adobe programs and have noticed that the programs run faster and don’t freeze up like they do on my work computer, which is a PC. Apple also comes out with upgrades Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc which help to keep it running faster. And no I haven’t ever put anti virus on it, and never had a virus. Can you tell I’m very pro Mac?

  44. t says:

    We are both, (shhhhh) don’t tell the hubby, but I love my PC so much better.

  45. Heather Dance says:

    I am a Mac! I grew up with Macs and I love them through and through. To me the interface makes more sense and organization is easier. I also love all the key board and corner shortcuts. We (my husband and I) use many programs in the Adobe creative suite. It’s much easier with LOTS of key board shortcuts – perhaps PC’s have them too?? I don’t know. Installing programs and uninstalling programs are much easier on a MAC. Also the look is better hands down! Who doesn’t want a sleek, nice looking computer (no extra box) to display? Just my two cents . . .

  46. Kitty says:

    I just recently had to buy a new laptop after my 5 year old dell started acting funny. I put the same type of post on my blog…and even though EVERYONE told me to get a Mac….I didn’t. (whoops!) First- Mac users are certainly more loyal, so you will probably get more responses from them. But I will admit, I’m pretty loyal to my dells.

    Here is my reasoning- Last month I bought a dell inspirion for under $500. The chepeast Mac is $1000. Point blank, whatever you get…you wont want 5 years from now. There will be cheaper, faster better, computers…and yours will stat to break, no matter what kind you get. I’d MUCH rather take the chance that my dell only lasts 3 years (which I still plan on it lasting 4-5 years) and when it breaks eventually, I can just buy a new one, and come out with a newer computer, and still spend less than I would have for one Mac. I’m a law student, and my undergrad was completely mac, I was ridiculed there for my thinking…but in law school, its about 50/50. The reason I say this, is that Macs are trendier….in my opinion/experience….not necessarily better. I can honestly say I’ve never wished I had one, and there is nothing I’ve found my dell can’t do :)

    1. Heather Dance says:

      We’ve had our MacBook for 5 years and it’s still going strong!

    2. Mariel says:

      I’ve also had my Macbook Pro for 5 years and it still runs great!

    3. theresa says:

      I’m a mac lover.. I’ve got the iphone that is two years old, mac book that is over 5 years old, and a nano that is three years old. I’m a teacher and I have owned many mac items, they are wonderful and the best part you can talk face to face with a person at your local Apple store when you have questions. Just set up a time and head in… AWESOME!

    4. Hailey says:

      Mine too! I have had my MacBook for 5 years and 3 of those were in college where I was carrying it in a backpack everyday. I had to replace the battery ($100) a little less than a year ago. Macs are amazing, last forever, and never have problems. I was sold on my Macs the day my fiance brought home a brand new HP laptop, and my three year old (at the time) Mac was faster than his PC when it was brand new! Needless to say, he returned the HP, got himself a Mac and we have never regretted it. They are fantastic! Would never tell someone to buy anything but Mac.

    5. Whitney says:

      Just a note… Dell as a company doesn’t care at all about the home computers that they make. They are all about business. They computers they make for businesses are very good. The computers they make for home use are terrible. Because they don’t care. That isn’t how they make their money. If you want to go PC, there are MUCH better choices on the market.

    6. Angela says:

      THAT is the truth!!! My friends have had more issues with their home Dell computers!

    7. Stephanie says:

      I too had a Dell for 5 years and had problem after problem. With the amount of money I spent on all of the repairs, I could’ve bought a Mac. I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro…and I LOVE it!!!!

    8. Jason says:

      I got a mac about 5 years ago. I just installed the latest Mac OS on it (Lion). I’d like to see someone try to put the latest version of Windows on a stock 5-year-old PC and make it run well. Macs last forever! The only major problem I have EVER had with my Mac required me to pay $200 at the Apple store to get it fixed. That happened just 2 months ago (again, between 4-5 years of use–both college and professional, being carried around in my book-bag for years, etc), and now that it is fixed, I’m sure I’ll keep this Mac around for another couple years at least.

    9. rach says:

      Absolutely don’t agree. I’ve had both a Dell Inspiron and a MackBook Pro. Hands down: MacBook Pro has less problems, runs faster, runs more efficiently, and will make your life happier. Don’t go for Dell Hell, join Apple Heaven! It’s trendy and popular AND more expensive…FOR A REASON.

      Since you are on your computer all the time, and you need lots of applications up, all the more reason to buy a computer that is JUST BETTER. I can’t stress enough how much more I love my Mac just because it’s a smarter computer.

      (It’s like owning a Bernina. Just BETTER.)

      And don’t be afraid of switching from a PC to a Mac. I was really nervous. I got over it in about 2 days, and now I can’t believe how awesome these computers are.

      AND they are snazzy looking.

    10. HannahBee says:

      My dad’s work gave him a Dell and he never uses it because its too slow. Instead he uses his Mac.

    11. Nicole says:

      Here Here Kitty!!! Well said!

    12. the hatter says:

      When you sell your 3/4/5 year old $1000 mac you’ll probably get $300-600 for it. Sell your 1 year old dell you’ll be lucky to get $100, certainly not going to get more than pocket change once it hits 2 years.

  47. Erin says:

    I’ve been a Mac person forever, and I’ve converted a dozen of my friends or so! They are extremely easy to use, there are FAR fewer viruses for a Mac platform, you don’t have to worry about spyware, and the one I am writing this on I’ve had for 4 years and it’s still working great! Apple pays such attention to detail, and do little convenient things that you wouldn’t think you needed. My boyfriend was a HUGE PC person, and now he has a Mac and will never go back! They seamlessly work with an iphone, apple tv, ipad, ipod, photos, movies etc, if you have any of those either.

  48. hannah says:

    Okay. . .I’m not super techy. But I’ve only ever used Macs, it’s all we had growing up, it’s what I had in college. . .and I love everything about them. I think one reason people don’t like them at first is because they don’t know the operating system or all the sweet, easy little shortcuts. But they’re not hard to learn, and they honestly are so intuitive once you start playing around. I converted my husband, who was solidly anti-Mac, and I almost regret it now because he wants to buy EVERY new Mac product that comes out =) A few years ago we invested in a cheap PC desktop because my hubs needed some Windows software for med school. It’s KILLING me to use anti-virus junk and still get viruses. . .I have never once gotten a virus on a Mac, and no, I’ve never installed anti-virus software. They really are that easy! I know it’s a lot of money, but believe me, it’s worth it.

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