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DIY YARN WIG for Rainbow Brite (…or any other character)

 So excited to have Terra back from Mama Says Sew…….and even more excited that she’s sharing a Halloween costume idea!  I mean, come on, this little Rainbow Brite is beyond adorable……but she wouldn’t be complete without that spunky little wig!  Maybe you need a yarn wig for a costume wig you’re making?  Terra’s got you covered! :)

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Hi everyone, it’s Terra from Mama Says Sew, and I’m here to show you how to make this yarn wig. I made it for a Rainbow Brite costume, but you could easily adapt it to use for another costume.


I also made her a stick horse (just like the stick horses I made here), because Rainbow Brite has a horse friend.


The wig is made using an ombre yarn, because I wanted it to look a little more natural (because Rainbow Brite is totally natural, right?). These wigs are pretty easy to make, with things you may already have on hand, and don’t take a whole lot of time. Mine took maybe an hour or two.


You can play with the hairstyle you want, and by changing where you sew the yarn, can change the look of the yarn. The stitching line makes the part in the “hair”, so if you want the part in a different spot, just change where you sew.


I also added a knit skull cap underneath to help the yarn stay in place. My daughter has black hair, but you can’t see it because the skull cap is orange like the wig, so it blends right in. We tested out how well the wig would stay in place by twirling around, and it worked great! It’s also a cute way to keep warm on chilly Halloween nights!

DIY Rainbow Brite YARN WIG (...or any costume character) | Make It and Love It
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DIY Rainbow Brite YARN WIG (...or any costume character) | Make It and Love It
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You can visit my blog for more details on the rest of the costume, including the dress and the rainbow shirt and pants underneath.


Ready to make a Simple Yarn Wig??


You will need:

  • 1-2 skeins yarn (depending on how thick and long you want the hair to be)
  • Knit fabric with a four way stretch (stretches up and down and side to side) in a coordinating color
  • Thread in a coordinating color
  • Basic sewing supplies (here’s a great list of common sewing supplies, in case you need a few ideas)

***Check out the Sewing 101 post, for more help.


Use your knit fabric to make a headband (…cut a strip of fabric and sew the two ends together). It should fit snugly around the hairline of the person the wig is for. You could also purchase one. Or you can even find them at the dollar store.

Using pins, mark where you want the bangs of the wig to be. Remember the headband will have to stretch to fit on the person’s head, so you may want to have them wear it and measure that way.

Lay out the yarn for the bangs by going back and forth between the pins. The bangs are the shorter end, and the rest of the hair is on the left of the headband in the picture below. Make sure to make it nice and thick. You don’t want real hair showing through!

Using a zig zag stitch (to allow for stretch), sew the yarn to the headband.

To make the rest of the hair, go back and forth with your yarn so that you have it all laid out. It will double up on itself, so you don’t need it to be quite as thick as it was for the bangs.

Lay the headband in the middle of your yarn strands. The yarn under the headband will be sewn to that half of the headband, then the rest of the yarn will be sewn to the other half of the headband. You can do it all at once, but I thought this was the best way to photograph it. Attach the yarn to the headband with a zig zag stitch, close to the bottom edge of the headband (the side the bangs go toward).

When the rest of the hair is sewn on, you can fold the yarn in half along the stitching line, and kind of finger comb it into submission. It should look something like this:

Trim it up and you can use a scrap of yarn to tie it into a ponytail. I tried it on and adjusted it to fit. It can be fiddly, but work with it and you’ll get it. Give the bangs a trim too.

I used a beanie to get a rough pattern for the skull cap. Cut out two pieces like this:

Sew together around the curved edge using a zig-zag stitch (to allow for stretch). Remember, you want the fit to be snug.

Pin the bottom edge of the cap to the inside edge of the headband.

Sew the cap into the headband and tuck it inside.


And there’s your wig! Happy Halloween!

Thanks guys, and good luck!


Find Terra at Mama Says Sew, here Facebook page, or follow along on Instagram.



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