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Embroidered (or appliqued) Fabric Coasters

Have you entered my random little GIVEAWAY of sewing/crafting supplies?  I really had a lot of  fun grabbing a few extra things while shopping at Joann’s the other day.  And now, 3 of you will win some loot! (anyone can enter, from any country!) -Ashley

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Remember how I sew a few projects for the Bernina, We All Sew site, now and then?


Oh, wait, you forgot? 


Well……here are some of the projects I have sewn for them.  And YES, I love my Bernina machines.  (And no, I’m not paid to say that……I have adored Bernina machines since I took a basic sewing class in college and sewed on one, over 10 years ago. I’ve been in love ever since.)


(Monster Pillow, Pacifier Pocket, Ruffled Scarf, Autumn Hanger, Owl Pillow, Scrap-Pieced Belt)





For the past while, Bernina has lent me their Bernina 580 (embroidery/sewing) machine to play around with…..and it’s a work horse.  It’s like a crossover machine that does regular sewing, plus embroidery.  It is a rockin’ cool machine.  So, I have been having fun tinkering around with the embroidery function and made this Fabric Mail Organizer a while ago.





And most recently, I added some embroidery designs to some fabric coasters. LOVE how easy it turned out to be.  (Yeah, when you have a machine that does all the work, it turns out easy!)




Simple and pretty.  And these snowflakes make me actually enjoy the snow that’s outside. :)





I know not everyone has an embroidery machine at home, so if you don’t, think of how cute these coasters would be with some appliques on them. 


Here are a few times where I have appliqued fabric onto fabric.  If you haven’t tried it already, applique is a fun technique to play around with. (Click on the links below the images, for more help.)

Ballet Shoe Applique, Knit Receiving Blanket, Baseball Style Tee





Just think……you could have some coasters ready to be used for different seasons of the year. 




Or bundle them up, add some cool mugs, and give them away as a great little handmade gift.




I sort of love how they add a little bit of love to my cocoa mugs.  But when summer comes around, they’ll catch all the moisture from my tall glasses of iced lemonade. (can you feel it? summer is not too far off!)




And because I made these for Bernina, you’ll have to go HERE to view the full (and free) tutorial.



Now, don’t be shy…….whip up several different sets.  And give a few away. 




But be sure to keep some for yourself! :)






Ashley Johnston

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