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Knitted Monsters from Christmas…

Many of you have asked about the little monsters that my kiddos received from their Aunt Jodi for Christmas.  (From this post…..did you see them?)
Here’s the scoop.  All in one post. 

Because they are that adorable.  And well made.  And perfectly matched to each of my kiddos.
Thanks again Jo!! :)
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Half of the secret? My sister found this knitting pattern over on etsy.  The other half of the secret?  My sister has some mad knitting skills.  I just want to box her up and ship her out here to me to teach me exactly how those fingers of hers work that yarn.  Wow.
But for now, I’ll just happily look at the knitting (and crocheting) talent of others.  It makes me smile.
So if you do know how to knit, hop on over to this little etsy shop…….and get started.
There are so many lovely things to see.
My kids are especially crazy about the fact that the little monster baby’s fit snuggly into the momma and poppa monster.  Oh so cozy.
(I share your pain, monster momma.  I have a baby trying to squeeze out of my belly too!) 

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Such a sweet little combo.
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And to make the green/pink set more girly… sister added little bows to the monster’s heads.
So perfect.
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Don’t you just want to eat them up?
Now you know who made the monsters and how to make your own set (or hire out).
Surely you’d like your own, right?
Enjoy them!

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