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Cinderella Dress Accessories

Did you see the full Cinderella costume tutorial from last week, found here?
Some of you mentioned you were surprised it wasn’t from a pattern.  Thanks……….but I promise the more and more you experiment with creating your own clothes from scratch, the better you’ll get at it too.  You will surprise yourself at times.  I remember when I first started creating clothes from old clothes, I couldn’t believe it actually worked!  So if this Cinderella costume seems a bit too overwhelming for a first no-pattern-project, start with a pair of knit shorts or a skirt…..something more basic.  And go from there.  
With a little patience, you can do it too.   
Anyway, onto the Cinderella accessories.
Cinderella isn’t Cinderella without all of the extras that she wears.  So while you’re sewing anyway, whip up a few accessories to complete her costume.
Like a matching blue headband…..with a stretchy adjustable back.

And the signature neck choker……that’s adjustable and easily removed if it’s bothersome.

Ooooooh, and how about some long fingerless gloves.
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And glass slippers, you ask?  Of course.
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We have had these clear sandals in the dress up box for quite some time, that work great……but you may check out the stores from some glass slippers of your own.  (Try the toy stores or all of the Halloween costume sections that are out right now.)
And the finale…… do we fluff up the full skirt?  
Well, the secret’s out.  
I just used her full pettiskirt that I made her here.
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If your little Cinderella is spinning at full speed, you may get a slight peek of it.  Otherwise, it’s short enough that it stays hidden underneath the long dress.
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Another option (and if you don’t have any non-fray chiffon on hand) is to create a gathered multi-layer slip out of tulle, or even a long tutu.  (Check out the tutu tutorial here.)  
Or if you prefer the dress without the puff…..skip the idea altogether.  I just loved the fullness off adding the pettiskirt underneath.  Delicious.


Ready to make your accessories?
Let’s start with the headband.  
I first cut out a piece of felt to the exact shape that I wanted the headband to be.  I placed it on my little girl’s head as a guide and trimmed and adjusted until I got this shape.  I wanted it a bit wider in the center (at the top of her head), then more narrow as it wrapped down to the sides of her head.  Then I cut out a piece of double sided fusible web that was the same size.  Next, I cut out 2 pieces of satin that I used for the dress here, but cut them out about a 1/2 inch bigger all the way around.
Then I placed the fusible web down on the wrong side of one of the pieces of satin, then placed the felt on top of that.  I ironed the felt down in place.
Then I placed the 2 pieces of satin together, with right sides together, and sewed all the way around the felt.  I made sure to keep my needle right next to the edge of the felt as I was sewing and only sewed along 3 sides……leaving one of the short ends open.
At the other short end that was sewn closed, I trimmed the corners off.
Then I used a pencil (the eraser side) and shoved that finished end of the headband down into itself and worked the pencil down into the headband, helping it to turn itself right side out.
I kept moving the pencil down inside, turning the headband right side out.
After it was turned, I poked out those two corners on the one finished end and then ironed the whole headband flat.
Then I folded over the open end, sewed it in place, then attached a piece of elastic to both ends…..finishing off the headband.
**Be sure that you don’t make the headband too narrow.  Otherwise you won’t be able to turn it right side out, fitting the felt and satin through the opening of the one end.**
That’s it.
Onto the long fingerless gloves.
I first measured my little girls arm and decided how wide to make each glove.  Then I cut out some fabric on the fold, making a point at one end and squared off at the other end.  I also gradually made the fabric wider as it moved away from the pointed end, because the arm gets bigger as you go up.
After you open up the fabric, it should look something like this.  
(Hint: Cut a bit bigger than you’ll need then go wrap it around her arm and see if it’s the right size.  Make sure you’re taking note of the seam allowance and also making it tight enough around the arm to keep it snugTrim it down smaller if needed.)
Then fold down each side of the point edges and sew them into place.  (Hint: Because this was a stretchy knit, it helped to increase my stitch length a bit while sewing such a tiny edge.)
Then I added a little loop of elastic and sewed it right below the point.
Then I folded down the other end of the fabric about 3/8 of an inch, making a casing, and then slid some narrow elastic into the casing with a safety pin.
Then I sewed one end of the elastic to the fabric.  Then I measured this section around my little girl’s arm and how tight we’d need the elastic, then sewed the other end of elastic into place.
Then I folded the glove in half with right sides together, then sewed along the long side……closing off the glove.
Then turn right side out and create another glove the same way.
Now, onto the neck choker.
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I cut and sewed up a long tube of the satin fabric, to fit around my little girl’s neck.  (Every little girl will be a little different……so measure your Cinderella’s neck and decide on the size you’d like, adding a few inches so that the choker will wrap around and attach with velcro.)  I turned the tube of fabric right side out, ironed it flat, tucked under each end a 1/4 inch, then another 1/4 inch, then sewed them into place.  Then I added velcro to each end, making it easily removable and adjustable.
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I also added a little bit of the trimming scraps that were leftover from the dress.  I just placed one end of a strip of the silver trimming in the center, and began sewing around and around in a circle.  You could also add a metal pendent of some sort……or leave it plain.  I think Cinderella’s choker is actually plain.  It’s up to you.
 **I also realized that I forgot earrings.  And this little lady so kindly reminded me that she needed earrings to be Cinderella.  I think we’ll go and check out the Dollar Store.** 
Butthat’s it for Cinderella’s accessories.
 Nicely accessorized.
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Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with the craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Connie says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I made a Jasmine costume for my granddaughter to wear for Halloween. The weather forecast has changed and I suddenly need a way to cover her arms to keep her warm. I’ll be making these fingerless gloves tonight!

  2. par says:

    Oh my thus is just showing how to make a head band

  3. Gabriella says:

    Congratulations for the dress and the very clear tutorial! I followed your instructions and added some modifications: my daughter really enjoyed to be Cindarella!!!
    I’d like to send you a picture of what I realised but I don’t see any link to upload a file…
    Thanks a lot for sharing!! : )

  4. Caudissou says:

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial on Cinderella accessories; I just used them for my daughter and she is really happy. I wonder if now she doesn’t think she is the real Cinderella :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    thats damn cute i lov it!

  6. Linda says:

    I used your wonderful tutorial to make my daughter’s Cinderella headband. Would love to have you check it out at


  7. aussiekate says:

    I love love love this tutorial!! My daughter wanted to dress up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I have used so much of your tutorial to help me along :) I’m a little stuck on the headband though – I really hate the way satin frays so easily!!
    Thank you for all your tutorials, and your blog. I LOVE THEM x

  8. michèle plet says:

    merci, merci beaucoup!
    bravo pour toutes ces explications qui me seront très précieuses!
    j’espère que ma petite fille avec son déguisement , sera aussi jolie que le modèle et aussi ravie de le porter
    à très bientôt

  9. deb lavalley says:

    Thank you. I was to cheap to buy a pattern so I decided to wing it. I found your site after I started the costume. Its too late for this project, (I need it tomorrow) but I will definitely use it next time. I am not a seamstress,
    but I found your directions very helpful. Your Cinderella was adorable. I am the proud “Meemie” of two beautiful grandaughters and can’t wait to start working on a “real” princess dress.

  10. Kailey says:

    Very interested in making this for my daughter, she is about the same size as your little girl. How many yards of each fabric did you have to buy?

  11. cathy says:

    merveilleux ce que vous faîtes cela prend combien de temps pour faire la robe avec bandeau et menchons

  12. magali says:

    c’est absolument magnifiqe, c’est la plus belle des Cendrillons…it’s wonderful, she’s the most beautiful Cinderella

  13. magali says:

    So wonderful, this dress is THE one,I wanted when I was a child. She looks like a dream!!!
    C’est magnifique, c’est la plus belle des Cendrillons!!

  14. tawnya says:

    followed your dress and accessory tuts for my daughters 5th bday and she loved it! I am an avid sewer but have never tried sewing a dress without a pattern before. I was amazed at how nice it turned out! Your knit tips were so helpful and saved me from certain disaster. I simplified the accessories only because I was running out of time, but she especially loved the fingerless gloves. It was so much fun to see my Cinderella twirl! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.

  15. Meigz says:

    Great ideas! I will have a Cinderella this Halloween as well…thanks for the great idea for the gloves!

  16. Robyn says:

    I finished it! Finally, and not at all too soon—the Halloween school party is today! I had a few problems, mostly because I'm used to following a pattern, but I think the the finished product, if not neat and tidy, is prettier than if I had stuck to the pattern. Thanks for showing such great ideas! I'll post a picture on my blog, as soon as I get back from the Halloween party!

  17. Ashley says:

    Rhian, email me so I can get a better idea of your exact problems with the necklines, armholes and hems…..and I'd love to help if I can. Thanks!


  18. ~linds says:

    This is so helpful! My daughter asked to be Cinderella this year. I made the dress from the Simplicity pattern but will be using your tutorials for the accessories! Good luck solving the earring dilemma. My daughter mentioned earrings too. Not sure how we are going to work that out! Maybe just some stickers?

  19. crissy says:

    This is so cute. My little girl was cinderella last year, this year it's a super hero. I'm having tons of fun making her costume too!

  20. Adi says:

    You are amazing! That is totally cute!

  21. mrs shortcake says:

    What a great tutorial! My daughter is only two months old, but as a huge fan of Disney, I can see princess costumes in her future! :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    hey ther, i'm a mum from Wales uk and i just want to say i check your blog about 4 times a day waiting for your next big creation. i totally love it. i made a dress for my little girl on the weekend. i need some help though, on neck lines and around the arm holes. i can't figure them out. oh and doing a curved hem?? can you help?


  23. elle says:

    This is beautiful!

  24. Melissa says:

    This is perfect! We are headed to Disneyworld with our 2 and 4 year olds. (boy, girl). Any advice? I am hoping for a great time like you had!

  25. Ashley says:

    RIRI –

    If you order a pattern through my shop, it takes 24-48 hours (usually on the faster side) for me to send it to your email. It doesn't go there automatically……i have to send them manually, but you are assured to have them before 48 hours.

    Hope that answers your question.


  26. The Autocrat: Haley says:

    Oh you did a really fabulous job! I like what the other lady said " I will NOT show my daughter!" LOL That made me laugh.

  27. Mrs. Darnell says:

    OMG she is adorable!!

  28. Kebeni says:

    what an awesome costume and accessories, I WILL NOT SHOW MY DAUGHTER!! LOL

  29. Gaylon, Crystal, Chenoa & Tristan says:

    LOVE this! It was priceless to see my little 3 year old girl's eyes light up when I showed her this dress! We're SOLD! Definitely need to make this dress for my little girl! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial!!

  30. Lorajean says:

    this is so pretty great job!!

  31. Jeremy and Heidi says:

    Wow, so cute! I love the gloves, especially. I can't believe how my little girl loves to wear gloves when she plays princess! These would be so cute–thank you!

  32. Makenzie & Jordan says:

    I love your work but I have a tip for you. Maybe you already know it. Instead of using tissue paper or regular paper to trace your patterns, use freezer paper. Trace your pattern then iron it onto your fabric. It then "lightly" sticks to your fabric so there is no pinning. Then peels right off. It saves so much time and trouble!

  33. Christy, says:

    No idea you could make this from zero pattern, I mean unless you're a pro ;) she and the dress are adorable!

  34. RIRI says:

    congratulation for your blog, it;s fantastic, iam so glad i found you.
    Pls tell me, i would like to buy a pattern from your shop. Do I have it immediatelly by mail????
    Thanks for your reply

  35. Karin van D. says:

    She looks so beautiful. I love the choker. And the gloves. And.. oh who am I kidding. I love it all! Would it be weird if I would dress up like that? ;-)

  36. HoneyScrap says:

    SO cute! We just went to Disneyland where my daughter dressed up as Cinderella and got to meeet her too! Now she is also in love:)

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