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The ‘MISTER’ Make It and Love It Series: Decorate Cookies

Did you check out the first Mister Make It and Love It post, found here?
Well, today is part 2.
And yes, I think that the Mister (or Steve), secretly loved doing this little creative series with the munchkins.    Have I mentioned before that my husband has better handwriting than I do?  And can sketch a crazy good cartoon figure?
Me? My stick figures are a little pathetic.  And unproportional.  But I like to keep it that way…….because the kiddos always ask him to draw the same figures and coloring pictures over and over.
He can have that job.  Ha!
But today’s project with the kiddos is nothing new.  And you’ve probably done it a billion times with your kids or other kids.  So maybe consider having the dad/uncle/big brother/grandpa of your children do this with them.  Or use this as a reminder to do it yourself this week.
Just make it fun.  And colorful.
And roll out/cut out/decorate a whole pile of cookies.
And allow those little fingers to use the cookie cutters.
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A little help is sometimes needed though.  And that made the Mister feel useful.
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Then let the little ones help peel away the extra dough…
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……..even if those little hands aren’t as careful with the cookie shape.  Who cares…
Once there are enough salvageable cookie shapes, they can be placed right into the oven.
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If there is a little dough snatching involved…….just go with it. 
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Now, create a rainbow of frosting colors for the little ones to use.  Their little eyes will tell you that it was worth the extra time to make it.
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Then help them slather that sweet goodness over all of the cookies.
And then, add as many sprinkles or toppings as those little kiddos want.  The more clumpy and visually unattractive…..the better.
And kudos to the frosting maker if there is a little taste testing involved.  It means the prep work was fantastic!
Ahhhhh.  Wash it down.
I think he’s about ready for round 2.
Thanks Mister Make It and Love It for sharing your cookie decorating experience with us.  The kids loved it.
And so will yours.
So give the men a little freedom in the kitchen with the little ones.
Or tackle it yourself sometime in the next week.
What little munchkin doesn’t enjoy decorating delicious cookies.  Yum.

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