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Spider Eggs (aka: dressed up deviled eggs)


Are your costumes all ready to go?  Did you end up buying some this year?  Or are you frantically trying to finish them up?  Ack!  I know the feeling!  If you are making yours this year (or an aunt, friend, etc.), be sure to upload a picture of it/them to my flickr group by Oct. 3oth.  I need to parade your hard work around here on my site, for everyone to see on Oct. 31st.  Can’t wait! :) More info here.)


Because, in case you need a reminder, Halloween is in 6 days.  And Connor and Elli ask me just about every day if today is the day.  I get it.  Halloween has always been one of my very favorite holidays…….and having to wait “just a few more days” was always torture for me.  So, I’ve been trying to think of fun Halloween-ish things to do with, and for, my anxious little kiddos. 


For lunch yesterday, we made these:

(Idea found at the Sunset site….but I adapted the egg recipe for my kids.)




Yummy little deviled eggs, topped with creepy little spiders. 

Spider eggs (aka: dressed up deviled eggs)
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And Connor and Elli?  They LOVED it!  They giggled and shrieked and quickly figured out that those tricky little “spiders” were actually olive pieces.




And because they weren’t going to take any bullying from those edible arachnids, they tried to scare those spiders right back.




I wasn’t sure if the disguised deviled eggs would look too strange to eat, but Connor and Elli were equally excited to give them a try.




And they gobbled them right up!





Such a simple way to make my kids a trillion times more excited and hyper for Halloween.  Ha. 


And hey, why not?  It only comes around once a year! :)




 Even though I’m pretty sure most will be able to figure this out quickly by just glancing at the picture, maybe there are a few who have never made a deviled egg??  If so, here’s how I make mine.  Plus, my secret deviled-egg ingredient



First, hard boil some eggs.  I will be giving measurements for hard boiling 6 large eggs.




Then crack and peel your eggs, rinse them off, then slice them open lengthwise.



Dump all the yolk halves into a bowl.




Then smash up all the yolks with a fork.  Now, add about 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1.5 teaspoons of mustard and then salt/pepper to taste. Mix until combined.  (The amounts of mayonnaise and mustard can be adjusted, depending on taste.  I just measured how much I put in this one time so that I could write down some measurements here but I normally never measure when I make deviled eggs.)



Then, my secret ingredient that my sister taught me (thanks Shannon!) and now I use every time I make deviled eggs?  Smoked paprika!!!  I used to always use regular ol’ paprika……but smoked is so much better.  Yum.  Usually (when I’m not making spider eggs), I sprinkle a generous amount on top of the eggs after I have put the filling back into each egg half.  But, I didn’t want to mess with the spider look but I still wanted the smokey flavor, so I add about a 1/4 teaspoon into the egg yolk mixture and mixed it in well.  Yum!




Then I scooped even amounts of the filling into each egg half. 


For each spider, you will need one large pitted black olive.  Slice it in half lengthwise and use one half for the spider body.  Then slice the other half into 8 equal pieces for the legs.  Arrange each piece onto your egg, sticking each leg into the yolk filling just a bit.



 And that’s it.


Your plate of Spider Eggs are now ready to surprise your kids for lunch or will be a fun addition to your upcoming Halloween party!

Spider eggs (aka: dressed up deviled eggs)
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