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The whole “Red Riding Hood” crew!!

You guys are as sweet as can be.  Thanks for all the comments and love for my little babies in their costumes. I wish you guys could have been sitting down in my sewing room to see my excitement when the seams came together and the magic happened.  I’m not kidding, these little things still surprise me when they turn out.  I guess that’s why I get so excited when I see pictures of what you’re making or hear how surprised you are with your own projects and that you never thought you’d be able to make something so “complicated”.  I get it.  And I LOVE it.  So, keep ’em coming! :)


And be sure to upload your homemade costumes to my flickr group by Oct. 3oth.  I need to parade your hard work around here on my site, for everyone to see on Oct. 31st.  Can’t wait! :) More info here.)



And if you missed them (and still have time to whip up some costumes before Halloween…….come on, you totally do! ;) ) here are the tutorials for Little Red, The Wolf, and the Granny.  And show me how it turns out for you.  I’d love to see!!!

The whole “red riding hood” crew!!
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The whole “red riding hood” crew!!
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Okay, I know you’ve already seen enough of these little rascals of mine in their costumes, but I just had to show you the whole crew together.  Mostly because it kills my insides to see them acting out one of their favorite storybooks.  Ahhhhh, my heart!




Once we arrived at the “forest” (aka: a bunch a trees near a bike trail), Elli slipped right into her role and began skipping her sweet little self through the trees, excited to find granny’s house.



But little did she know, that the ornery ol’ wolf was lurking in the trees.



He was watching her every move…..deciding if she looked delicious enough to eat.



And yes indeed, she looked very appetizing!  So he approached Little Red, startling the poor thing.



This is where our story changes.  Instead of tricking Little Red into continuing off to granny’s house so he could eat them both up, this Wolf made different plans.  He was impatient………..and REALLY hungry.    So he held up those big strong paws and released those claws (even though he looked more like a grizzly bear……ha!) and flashed his sharp teeth at her.



Little Red knew better than to stick around.  She got right outta there!



And remember, how our story is different?  Well, Little Red actually hurried off to granny’s house…….and helped her get out of the woods.



And then they paused the story and stopped for a photo op.  They’re always patient with the paparazzi!! ;)




Okay, ahem, back to our revised story…..


That mean ‘ol Wolf tried one more time to intimidate Little Red and Granny.  He was so hungry, after all.




That’s when Granny looked up at the wolf, a little confused and said, “Huh? What?!  That’s all you got?!




We’re not scared of you.  Now go find someone else to bother!”  And they continued on their way.




The End.




Ha.  These kids.  They really are so much fun to play and pretend with.  And that little Chloe was even a good sport.  She walked around and let Elli pull on her arm and show her where to go.  They make the sweetest little crew of storybook characters. :)




And who would have known there’s actually a song on iTunes called “Little Red Riding Hood”.  Crazy.  So, I put together a little slideshow of pictures and video clips, to share to the tune of this song that I found (by The Coasters).  Pretty funny.  So turn up your sound and enjoy.




Now hurry up and get those costumes finished.  And then share!



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