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A little shopping trip with Pampers and Babies ‘R’ Us…..and a GIVEAWAY!!

I was contacted by Babies R Us and Pampers a little while ago, to see if I’d like to swing by my local store and shop around for a bit.  Ummmm……..of course!!!!


Babies R Us and Pampers have teamed up to celebrate baby’s milestones…….and I figured this would be some awesome “mommy/3rd child” shopping time.  You know, to celebrate my littlest munchkin.


So we pulled into our local ‘Toys R Us/Babies R Us’ store…




And little Chloe buckled right up…




And then we were off!!!




But before anything else, we headed straight to the Pampers…




…because LOOK!  Swaddlers goes up to size 5 now!!  (they used to only go up to size 3…)




Can you believe that?!?!  All I can say is FINALLY!  Pampers Swaddlers is what I always put my newborns in.  And I think it’s because of the super soft texture, the sweet scent, and well…….that’s what the hospital sent me home with when my oldest Elli was a tiny newborn.  Since then, I have tried other teeny tiny newborn diapers……but always go back to those little Swaddlers for my little babies.  It’s like they’re wearing a soft little blanket around their little bums.  And I guess I’m extra excited because this little Chloe of mine is a bundle of allergies and skin irritations.  So I’m excited to switch her over to Swaddlers for a while to see if that helps clear things up and keep flare-ups to a minimum (and then potty training is hopefully soon to come after that!!).

By the way……..there were little SALE tags everywhere, stating that customers will receive a free $10 Babies “R” Us Gift Card with an in-store purchase of any two Pampers value boxes (sale ends October 24th). Hey, I’ll never turn away a gift card! :)







I did what I normally don’t do.

And I let this lady out of the cart.

While at the store, I’m finding more and more that we have to rush to pick up this or that……and Chloe has to be buckled in so I can dash around the store like a crazy person before I have to pick up a kindergartener, rush home to make dinner, etc.



But remember…..this was a mommy/daughter date. 

So I plopped her down on the ground. And let little Chloe flit around the store, free as a bird.

(And quickly realized I really need to let her do this more often.)





It was fun to let her pull things from shelves, push random buttons, laugh at the blinking lights, twist noisy knobs, and make her own little sound effects.  Ahhhhh……..I can’t believe how much she has grown lately.  And of course, Toys R Us/Babies R US has EVERYTHING for every level of development……so there wasn’t a dull moment watching this little chickie!!!





But once she found the dollies…..she was in little-lady HEAVEN!! 





She is right at the age where she impersonates being a mommy……and it’s fun to watch her sweetly take care of babies smaller than she is.





After a while, we wrapped up our little shopping session, purchased a few things, and headed out the door.



Thanks Babies R Us and Pampers!  It was a sweet little shopping trip. 

And a great reminder to stand back and watch my little Chloe’s growth……..and to let her take the lead more often.

. . . . .




Anyone want to take your sweet chickie to Babies R Us (and/or Toys R Us) and shop around a while? 

I promise……you’ll enjoy every minute of your little date. 

Especially with a free $200 to spend.




Even if you don’t have a little one of your own, I’m sure you have a niece/nephew/grandchild/neighbor, who could use a few packages of diapers.  Or toys.  Or a baby monitor.  Or good grief, strollers/bedding/clothing/shoes/etc.  These stores have EVERYTHING!!



 And $200 could take care of a lot of Christmas gifts this upcoming season! :)



Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment, sharing who you would spend this gift card on.  (Be sure you add your email to the comment form, so I can contact you if you win.  Don’t worry, I will be the only one able to see your email address.)


Would you like an extra entry??

  • Post on Facebook or LIKE my entry on Facebook……and then leave ONE additional comment, letting me know that you did so.
  • Tweet or blog post or Re-Tweet mine….and then leave ONE additional comment, letting me know that you did so.


**Giveaway ends October 23rd, at 11:59 p.m. MST.  Must live in the U.S. and Canada to enter.


 Best of luck!



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