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a LOVE Shirt and Mini Heart Stamped Pants

Our brains (and days) have been a little consumed lately.  (More on that another day…)  But I’ve been really missing my sewing machine.  And glue gun, paint, and other supplies.  The kiddos and I have been gathering supplies for their Valentine’s that they want to take to school for their friends……so that got me thinking about something that I could whip up really QUICKLY for them to wear on V-day! Because all I needed was an itty bitty excuse to make something. ;)


And let me tell ya…..this first idea was SIMPLE.  But turned out so cute for little Chloe.  (Elli’s is coming another day.  Maybe tomorrow??)


A sweet little LOVE tee.  And some cute little hearts stamped right onto some existing jeggings.  Totally an outfit she can wear all year long…..not just for Valentine’s Day.  Perfect. :)


Sometimes the best DIY projects, are the really fast ones! :)




And you know, even if you only have time for the shirt…….MAKE IT!  It’s so darn cute all on its own! 



But if you have 5 extra minutes……don’t you dare skip the hearts stamped pants.  Ahhhhh, love them!  (The heart stamp is something you can make in 2 minutes and the fabric paint is machine washable.  Don’t worry!)



Chloe saw me working on her outfit first and was SO excited for all the hearts.  So when she finally put the outfit on, she was thrilled!  While we were taking pictures, she kept asking me questions like, “what color is my shirt? and what color are my pants? and what color is my headband?”  Then she asked me, “and what color is this little heart on my shirt?”  So I told her, “I’m pretty sure it’s purple!



She then cupped her little hand around the side of her mouth and whispered, “no mommy, it’s PINK!”  Ohhhhhh, right, pink. Ha.



This little 3 year old (who reminds us all the time that she’s almost 4) is happy as can be in her new “heart” outfit!


You’re welcome Chloe girl!



Want to make one too?


 Of course you do! :)



  • clothing that you want to stamp or add stencils to
  • fabric paint (I bought mine at Michaels)
  • paint brush
  • Freezer Paper (more on freezer paper here)
  • foam sheet
  • LOVE template (found here)


Let’s make the shirt first.


I’ve used freezer paper so many times in the past….and there’s a reason.  It’s cheap and makes an incredible iron-on stencil.  So cool!  I made the stencils for the shirt, just like the Burlap Name Bunting I made a few months ago.  I printed out the letters and heart that on needed from the computer and taped it to the window. Then I taped a piece of freezer paper over the letters and traced it onto the freezer paper.  (Make sure the smooth side is face down and you’re tracing onto the paper side of the freezer paper.)



Then cut out each of your letters and then lightly iron the paper down onto the shirt, making sure it’s centered and lined up just how you want it.



Then place a piece of cardboard (or folded up freezer paper) between the layers of your shirt…



…and then begin painting the letters and shapes of your design.  The more layers of paint you add, the darker it will be.



Once you have enough layers of paint, gently pull the freezer paper off the fabric, while the paint is still wet.



Let the paint dry completely (or use a hairdryer to speed up the process) and then place a thin piece of fabric down over the paint and use a hot iron to heat seal the paint.  And “WA-LA”…..your paint is machine washable!



For the pants, I created my own stamp by cutting a tiny heart from a piece of foam.  I made 2 hearts the exact same size so that I could stack it and make the heart a little thicker.



I glued the hearts together and then glued them to the top of an old chapstick tube so that my stamp would have a base to hold onto.  (But you could use anything…..look around your house!)



Then I began dipping the stamp into the paint and then onto the paints.  It went really fast!  Then I used a hairdryer to dry the front of the pants and then continued stamping on the back of the paints.



And that’s it!!!!

Valentine’s clothing complete!




Ashley Johnston

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