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BLOG STUFF: issues with my feed, email subscriptions, and a new site developer needed

I extended the Six Sisters’ Stuff Cookbook giveaway and the Children’s Book giveaway for one more day.  Closes tonight (Mar. 25th, 11:59pm MST) Hurry on over! :)

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Okay, today is blog maintenance day.  I have a few things that I need a little advice/help with……and I’m just feeling a little clueless.  And I know there are so many of you out there who know a lot more about this than I do.  So, can I ask you a few questions?  I’d love a little help if you have some time. 


If you do, pull up a chair around the virtual conference table…..

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……and don’t forget to grab a virtual cupcake that I “whipped up” this morning. (because you know my philosophy……treats make anything bearable. ;) )

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Okay, so here’s the deal.  Feedburner is sadly going away.  Oh wait, you’re not sure what feedburner is?  Well, do you get my posts in your inbox??  Or do you read my blog posts from a feed?  Then you’re using feedburner.  What it is, is a free service that gathers all the information from my latest blog posts, and sends it to your email automatically.  Or your feed location.  Which is kinda like opening up the newspaper and reading all the latest headlines……except it’s the most recent posts of your favorite blogs. 


There are more than 50,000 of you who have subscribed through feedburner to read my blog.  I don’t really pay much attention to it and don’t read blogs through a feed myself……but I know some prefer it.  I added it years ago because someone asked, and that was it.  I pretty much left it alone.  However, Feedburner (powered by Google) is saying goodbye.  Well, it said goodbye several months ago and now it’s just trickling out.  I just barely noticed that there have been some issues with my feed and that’s when I went digging…..and realized Feedburner is no longer an option.

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So, I decided it’s probably best to add something different.  I know Feedburner is still “sort of” working…..but it’s going to die any day know.  So I’m trying to decide on some sort of other feed/email service…..but I have no clue what to use. 


Any ideas? 


Do you use a feed reader that you really love?  Does it offer email subscriptions?


If you’re someone who prefers reading blogs in a feed……have you seen people use various feed sources?  What works the best for you as the reader?


Or maybe I should just do away with it?


Hopefully I’ll get that straightened out soon. 

. . . . .



Onto something else……..I’m looking to hire someone to help with blog maintenance and site issues.  I am so not the computer brains behind this operation.  My tool belt includes sewing scissors and thread.  Not a computer book and a coding manual.  (I get hives just saying those words.) 


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I try to work around things and have googled the crud out of certain issues…..but my brain power is limited in this arena.  I have hired out for help with making over the blog and a few other things…..but both of the gals I have used (who are brilliantly smart with this stuff) are both tending to brand new babies.


Soooo, I’m looking for someone who can make design tweaks (I’m on Word Press), figure out hosting issues (ack, that stuff scares me….but I have my own server through HostGator), understands html really well, can help me tweak these cache-ing issues I’ve been having (ack, so sorry to some of you!), and other issues.


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This isn’t some sort of full time position…….but I’m looking for someone I can contact with certain things when they arise.  And of course, I’ll pay for the help.


So, do you do this type of stuff yourself as a profession?  Or maybe your spouse/friend/neighbor??  I’d love to fix a few things around here that are broken…..but also keep a name on file to call on for help when I need bigger renovations.  And then I can stick to adding zippers to dresses and turning old purses into baby shoes. ;)


If you or someone you know (or have hired) would be interested, send me an email: ashley{at}makeit-loveit{dot}com.  Tell me if it’s someone you’ve hired yourself, if you’re the person who is interested, etc…….and a bit about what they (or you) can do.  (Also, I’d prefer to hire someone who has done this professionally, who I can make a payment to, can call on at any time and not feel bad for asking, can keep things more professional, etc……rather than, “hey, I can see if I can help you out with that!”.  I’d love a favor……but I’d rather not mix a friendship with hiring for help.  Just so things don’t get sticky.  Know what I mean??)


Thank you, thank you!! 


And I’m going to ignore the site maintenance for now while I finish the kiddos’ Easter outfits. :)



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