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Do you want to see what my handwriting looks like?

First of all, glad that Blogger’s back up.  Who pushed the wrong button over at the Blogger office?  Haha.  Did you have problems with your blog today too?  And another thing, where in the world is my post from yesterday?  It’s gone, gone, gone.  Weird.  Maybe it will show up later…
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Okay, onto the whole handwriting thing.
Have you heard of Amanda from the blog, Kevin & Amanda, found here?  I’m sure you have.  She has a rockin’ site full of free fonts that are all adorable and great to use when you need a little spice added to your list of fonts.  But she also makes delicious recipes, takes gorgeous photos, and is like the goddess of all things scrapbooking.
Amanda contacted me a bit ago to submit my handwriting for a project she was working on.  She wanted to gather the handwriting of several different bloggers, and offer them in a free downloadable bundle…….but all for a great cause.   Amanda lives in Alabama (my neighbor state) and has seen a lot of destruction and heartache from the recent tornado destruction.  She created this special round-up of fonts in hopes that if you enjoy them, that you might consider donating to Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa:
Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa has organized an all volunteer state-wide effort to provide food, shelter, clothing to thousands of people around Alabama affected by the April 27th Tornadoes. We will not rest until every person affected by this tornado has access to the assistance they need.
To donate, click here.
And to read more about Amanda’s thoughts about the unfortunate events and her desire to help out, click here.
. . .

Anyway, I agreed to help out and submit my handwriting for the project……but with reservations .
What reservations?
Well, I don’t have the greatest handwriting. In fact, my husband Steve has better handwriting than I do.  But maybe that doesn’t count because he has freaky good handwriting, for a boy.
(And I totally say that with junior high sarcasm!!)
And since I can’t change my font here in my post (or don’t know how to), I’m going to go write a message in my new font in a word document, change it to an image, and then upload it here.
Okay, be right back.

Alright, here’s my message for you.
In my own font/handwriting.
Like I’m passing you a note in grade school.  Ha.

Woo-wee, I totally got a kick out of that. ((squeal))

And believe you me, I would never be offended for one minute if no one ever used my font.

But please check out all 11 handwriting fonts from a collection of bloggers, here.

The other fonts are all fabulous.  I can’t believe some people actually write that way.
Like…….perfect. All the time.  Should I be practicing now?  I have handwriting idols now!

[Next time, I’m going to cheat and have Steve write it out, and then claim it as my own. ;)]

Oh, and aren’t these ‘Our Best Bites’ doodles (by Sara) fantastic?  You get them in the font bundle too.

If you need help using the fonts or need to know how to download them, click here.
And if you want to use your new fonts in your Blogger Post Titles, click here.
Anyway, thanks to Amanda for working so hard to create a great collection of fonts (minus the 5th grader font….heh, heh!!) for such a worthy cause.  You are lovely inside and out.
And again, my thoughts/prayers are with those who are suffering from the aftermath of the tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia.
. . .
Now, go enjoy your weekend!

Ashley Johnston

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