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Elli started Kindergarten…….what a day!

Elli is my night owl and is generally the last one to wake up in the morning.  Her little body just doesn’t like to go to bed at night.  The kids are all in bed by 7:30/8 each night and Connor and Chloe usually nod right off to sleep.  But Elli can either be found reading books, performing in front of her audience of stuffed animals/dolls, or in her closet organizing her shoes/clothes.  (I know, crazy kid.  Leave the messy closet until morning. ;) )


However, last night we told her she could read one book and then it was time for bed.  Even though she strung that one book out for a loooooong time, she only read that one book and then went right to sleep.  And wouldn’t you know, she was the first one up this morning……..all ready for her first day of Kindergarten.  So excited.  Completely ready.  And chomping right at that bit.


So we headed out the door (15 minutes early), while this squirrely little school girl jumped and wiggled around and told me how ready she was to go. But since we were so early, I told her we better take some pictures so she could look back when she’s 16 and see that at one time, she actually wanted nothing more than to go to school. 




I asked her what she was excited for.  She told me, “my new dress, my new shoes, and my new backpack”.  I laughed and then said, “no, what about school are you excited for?”  She told me, “my teacher, and the playground……oh, and my snack.” Ok. 




To kill some time, I told her to give me her best Kindergartener smile.

So she smiled real big……..and put her arms up in the air.  I then asked, “wait, what are you doing with your arms?


Oh. Okay.  (huh?!?!)




Then Elli asked, “Is it time to go?! Is it time to go?!”  And I told her, “well, we’re still like 10 minutes early to get to the school 15 minutes early.  So let’s just wait a few more minutes.” 


This is her “awww….harrumph!!” face.




A few more moments passed and I said, “okay, Elli, let’s go.  Which way is the school?”




It’s a darn good thing you’re not too old to hold my hand.  And yeah, I realize that tomorrow you’ll probably suddenly be too old.  So thanks for giving me one more day with my “little” girl.




We began our walk to school but after a short while, she couldn’t contain herself anymore.  She dropped my hand and started sprinting to school.  And didn’t stop. Once we got there, she became a bit timid.  Not hide-behind-me, bury-her-face, timid.  Just cautiously watching.  And soaking everything in.  She is actually a bit bashful around new people and sometimes won’t even answer someone when they ask her a question.  (Connor sometimes answers for her.  He is her complete opposite, even though he’s younger. :) )  So Steve and I have been reminding her for weeks to look at people when they talk to her and to always answer someone when they ask you a question.  Especially her teacher.  We have even been giving her some tips on how to make friends.  And how to start a conversation with someone.  So after the bell rang and her teacher directed her class to form a line, I could see her eyeing the little girl next to her.  I then overheard as she leaned over to say, “what’s your name?’ and then, “how old are you?’ and finally, “I like your backpack!”  I admit, I cried.  She used all the one-liners we gave her to help her make a friend.  All in a row.  She didn’t act one bit nervous………just happy and excited to meet new people and make new friends.


What a big day.  We’re starting the off-to-school thing and the time-for-me-to-let-go-a-bit thing.  The hardest part for me is to let someone else watch over her and teach her.  Because hey, that’s my job. ;) 


But she’ll be fine.  And this is so good for her.


And since she’s my first, it will just get easier from here, right?  Because surely by the time Chloe (my one-year-old) goes to school, I’ll probably forget to buy her a backpack.  Or to pick her up from her first day of school or something.  Just kidding…….I won’t do that.  Will I? ;)


Anyway, kiddo……off to your solo adventure!



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