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Kindergarten and Preschool graduation…….and hellooooo SUMMER BREAK!!

The winners of the Water Bounce House and the Canon DSLR Camera giveaway were announced and contacted.  Congrats to Jennifer from Oklahoma (bounce house) and to Anne from Las Vegas (camera).  And thanks to all for participating!  That was a fun one. :)

. . . . .



Wow……the past few weeks have been a little craaaaazy.  But, things are finally calming down. 


Anyone in the same boat?  End of the school year activities, field trips, concerts, graduations, etc????


I know, I know…….those of you with teenagers are laughing right now.  This sort of crazy is only beginning for us, since I only have kids in kindergarten/preschool.  But we moved 20 minutes away from our old neighborhood and I have been driving back and forth to Elli’s old school, so that she could stay at her old school until the end of the year.  (And Connor in his little 3-day-a-week preschool.) Have you noticed a difference in this ol’ blog since we moved?  Yeah, it wasn’t just the move/unpacking/renovations that have been making things crazy.  It’s that darn drive.  But Elli’s kindergarten and Connor’s little preschool were both great for them……and that’s why we kept them there and didn’t transfer them.  So it was worth it.  Just busy.



I do have to say though…….I love you summer break!!!!  Thanks for coming around. :)

(I have a little pile of sewing projects that are begging me to finish them.  I can’t wait to show you!)


But yesterday was such a fun day for both Connor and Elli.  They both had a little graduation……and they both felt completely important for the day. 


Connor’s preschool class had a sweet little program…..and some really funny songs and chants that they prepared and shared with all the parents.  And those little grad caps……paper bowls, some card stock, and a yarn tassel.  Possibly the cutest grad hat I’ve ever seen! :)



And this funny ABC song.  I admit, I cried.  Where did this big “almost” kindergartener come from?  My word… boy has grown! :)





At the end, they each received their graduation certificate…….and some magic Kindergarten dust from their teacher, Miss Maydra (whose heart is made of gold!!).




Connor’s officially ready for kindergarten.  In fact, he tells me every day that his feet have grown into “big kindergartener feet”.  Wow…..that must be BIG! ;)



In the evening, we went to Elli’s kindergarten graduation.  I still remember my nervous little bug, worried about beginning kindergarten.  Oh, how she’s grown!


The lighting was terrible and the crowds were fierce.  Let me tell you, don’t mess with another kindergarten graduate parent.  They need their photos and are willing to disregard all social rules in order to get them.  Ha!  (Have you been to a kindergarten graduation lately? Wow…’s insane.)




But this sweet little lady was so excited.  Especially when her baby picture showed up on the screen.




Connor and Chloe enjoyed the songs and baby pictures, right along with Grandma and Grandpa. (thanks for coming Mom and Dad!)



After it was all over, we took one last look at Elli’s classroom,………..while she searched for her last project to take home.



She told us about 17 times, how she couldn’t believe that she graduated kindergarten.  Me either.



Good JOB little Miss!  You sure are a sweet little light in our home. 


And thanks for learning how to read……because seeing you with Chloe on your lap, while reading her a book makes my mommy heart swell. :)


Now excuse me while I smother these little monkeys in kisses.


Oh, and finish up a little something during nap time today. 



I’ll share tomorrow!



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