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STILL HERE……just soaking up the end of summer break


Yep.  Still here. 


We have just been enjoying the last bit of summer before Elli starts kindergarten.  We’re not sure how well we’re going to adjust being tied down to something and not be able to flit around anytime we want to.  Weird.  But, until then, we thoroughly enjoyed a little visit from some dear old friends last week, who we haven’t seen in years.  (When are you coming back Joneses?)  So we tried to pack in every little thing we could during their few day visit from Washington.



And of course had to spend an afternoon right outside in the backyard.  Connor was the bully, shooting streams of water at the Fraidy-Cat girls (Elli and Abby)!  He took his water bullying job very seriously!



Then, onto the Slip ‘n Slide.  Connor doesn’t quite get the idea of sliding on his belly the full length of the slide.  Instead, he runs the whole length of the slide and then collapses to his knees, splashing into the puddle at the end.  Ah well.  One day.



Elli and Brooke loved the slip ‘n slide just as much (Abby hated it!)…….but Brooke was the only one who actually braved the belly-sliding technique.  That girl isn’t afraid of a thing. :)



And then, of course, we spent the next day at the zoo. (Yeah, the sun was really bright!)




We can’t help but take our visitors here.  It’s not a huge zoo but it’s so darn charming.  And clean.  And those sweet giraffe’s…….they love slurping up large lettuce leaves from all the rambunctious children all day.  Hey, easy food.





Another favorite?  Those big ol’ hippos.  I was pretty jealous of the way they spent their day.



These sweet little kids.  It was fun to see them play together again (after 2 1/2 years apart).  And laugh and play and climb while at the zoo.






The biggest laugh of the day?  Watching this crazy gorilla wrap a pair of ripped up jeans around his neck, like the perfect scarf.  And if that scarf slipped off, he slung it right back in place…..and wrapped it securely around his neck.  The kids laughed and laughed as they watched him strut around while showing off his little fashion accessory!





We also did a little site seeing, a little face painting, and a little shopping.  But of course, I forgot the darn camera for those things.  Grrr.  I should strap that thing to my back somehow. ;)


After our long days filled with fun, we usually let the kiddos pull all the sleeping bags/blankets together……..and watch a show together.  (While Brittany and I added another hour or two of chatting/gabbing/laughing to our friendship!


Sweet little tired bodies.  We sure know how to wear you all out!



We love you Joneses!  Come back.  Again and again. :)



***I’ll be back to normal this week.  I have a few new things to share! :)




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