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A project in the works……and a birthday to celebrate!


First of all, in case you don’t receive these email notifications like I do, Pick Your Plum  has a whole bunch of colored elastic on sale today.  And when they have something on sale that I know many of you may use, I can’t help but share.  And I especially love this stuff when making itty bitty baby headbands (pic on the left and tutorial here).  But it’s also great for the leg elastic on baby bloomers, maybe a tiny skirt waistband, a simple headband for yourself, or some other great craft project.  And I don’t know how they do it, but they are selling 15 yards of this stuff (pic on the right) for $3.95.  Their prices always surprise me!  Anyway, just wanted to share a good deal.  Get your elastic here.

A project in the works……and a birthday to celebrate!
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We are home from a weekend away at the lake!  And I’m not sure what my deal was, but I didn’t even take one picture.  Sometimes I can’t put my camera down but Thursday – Saturday, I didn’t even pull it out of the tent once.  I am a little sad, however, that I didn’t even take one picture of our baby Chloe, sitting in and playing in the sand, happy as a clam.  All day long.  Or any shots of our big girl Elli, collecting ladybugs for hours and hours and hours.  Or our goofy little Connor, riding piggy back on every older cousin who would allow it, any time of the day.  I just couldn’t get myself behind the camera during this trip.  I guess we’ll just have to go again! :)


Anyway, I have a new little project that’s just about done but instead of finishing up the tutorial this morning while the kiddos are snoozing, I hung up a few balloons and streamers instead…….because our rascally, giggly, sweet little Connor turns 4 today!!  And all he wants for his birthday dinner (we let them pick anything they want), is macaroni and cheese.  And vanilla cake for his birthday cake.  Those are his only requests.  Pretty easy.


But wait just one minute!!!  Where did all those 4 years go?  I remember when the nurses put this chubby little guy on my chest, wanting me to warm up his low temp, tired out body.  (And oh so happy to do so!)



And now, 4 years later, we have the happiest and most giggly little kiddo.  Who surprises me with things like “mommy, you look beautiful today!” (maybe he gets tired of seeing me in yoga pants?) and, “no mommy, I don’t want to clean that up……you better do it!” (sorry kid, no can do!) and, “when I’m a big daddy and I have my own phone, I’m going to tell my daddy, no, he can’t play on my phone either”.  (Can you tell he love to play on his daddy’s phone?  But doesn’t like when his daddy tells him no?


He sure loves a good laugh though. (maybe he gets it from his daddy!)





Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow.  With a finished tutorial to share.  But today, this little Connor guy gets a full day with mommy and daddy (who by chance has the day off).  Yahoo. 




Happy birthday little guy!





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