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Why I’ve been a little MIA……

I know, I know……I’ve been hiding.


But not really. 


I’ve been working on something that’s been consuming my brain.  Every little morsel of brain that still exists after the craziness that we’re gonna call ‘The Summer of 2013’.


And I’m thiiiiiiiiiis close to finishing.  In fact, I’ll be all done tomorrow. 



That is, if no one gets sick and has to go to the hospital again.

(All images below are taken from my Instagram account.)




And if I can just let the kitchen remain “almost” finished for a while.






And if we can stay away from the lake for a while….even the dirty ones.




And if I can keep the 6 year old drama to a minimum.  (That’s a funny one, check out that story on Instagram.)




Oh, and as long as we don’t get any more killer hail storms.  Uggh.




Or fires, for that matter…




And if I can just ignore the little unimportant things in life……like Chloe using a rock like a crayon, on my car. Ack!




Or the piles and piles of junk in the garage/basement from this house renovation.  I just need to let it sit and stop worrying about demanding that “Bagster” haul it away.


(((All photos are from Instagram.  Have you joined Instagram??  I’m really falling in love with that place.  Come on over!))




Yeah, no more worrying about any of that stuff.  (Laundry included…….sorry family!!).  Because it has made finishing this “project” a little tricky.  But nothing’s getting in the way this week.  I’ve had to really hunker down and FINISH IT.  And I’m sooooooooo close!


And yeah, I hate being vague but that’s why I haven’t talked about it at all until then.  But I plan on spilling the beans next week.  So stay tuned.  Eeeeeeeh!!



And then all should be well and I can get back to the normal fun around here! :)



Talk to you soon!

(Oh, and if you have a spare fist bump, I wouldn’t mind one of those.  I need all of the fist bumps I can get, to get this done!!! Ha.)




Ashley Johnston

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Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with the craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!

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Hi, I'm Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley—the DIY-enthusiast behind this crazy blog!

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