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Camera is still broken……and something that made me laugh. Really hard.


My sweet little Canon Rebel camera is still in the shop.  (remember this?)


Yeah, cameras don’t get fixed as fast as cars do.  My husband took our car in to get the transmission fluid flushed this morning and we were all bugged that the car place wouldn’t have it done until tomorrow morning.  Hmmmpphf.  It’s easy to get impatient with these things.  But really, 24 hours isn’t so bad.  (And hey, at least we have a car.  And running water.  And take out. Ha.

I use my camera more often than the car though……and the camera won’t be fixed for like 3-4 weeks.  That’s a long time.  Wow.



Remember how I was borrowing my sister’s camera?  Well, how dare her 3rd born have a birthday this weekend.  (Happy 16th Birthday cute Camille!  Good luck on the driving test!) So I have to wait a couple days to borrow it again before I finish the post I was working on.  And my gosh, my fingers can’t keep up with the ideas I want to share here…… just you wait.  Eeeeeeh!!


Anyway, in the mean time, I took a few pictures the other day of something really random that happened before returning my sisters camera.  And looking back at them cracks me up.  And in the moment, it was hilarious. 


So I have to share.



Let me first explain something about my husband.  He stays up really late at night studying.  He has a bunch of tests coming up and has been extra exhausted studying for them.  So to help him stay awake, his stimulant of choice is Diet Pepsi.  And his favorite way to drink it?  Slightly frozen.  He will stick one in the freezer for about an hour, and then pull it out and drink it…..enjoying all the little bits of frozen pepsi inside.


Well, the other night, he must have been so attuned to his text books that he completely forgot about the Pepsi. 


The next morning, I heard a really hushed, “Oh no!” from the kitchen.  I ask him what was wrong and he didn’t answer.  A moment later he quietly muttered, “Oh man….”  I asked him again what happened.  I was still in the next room as he told me that he forgot all about putting his can of Pepsi in the freezer the night before.  I figured it must have cracked open but was surprised that he would be so distraught over something so silly.  So I quickly responded, “It’s not a big deal……just wipe it out.” 


He looked at me like I was crazy and then half smiled as I walked over to the freezer.  He then opened the freezer nice and wide and said, “Do you think I can just wipe this out?”










I. Died. Laughing.


I thought I would see a few sprays on the wall of the freezer or maybe a puddle where the can sat.  But nope, this can of my husbands favorite beverage, retched all over the freezer.  And then created Pepsi Stalactites and frozen blankets of soda all over the place.



I sit here and laugh all over again, just looking at these pictures.  Ha.


And do you see the culprit?  This can didn’t just open at the top.  The whole top blew right off.  Our freezer didn’t stand a chance.



My husband, finally looked at me and joined in on the laughter. 

I then suggested he start taking everything out, one by one, and wipe them down or run them under warm water.  And then wipe down the entire freezer. 

And then I snuck away to feed the kids breakfast.


Hey, at least our freezer is sparkly clean now.  Thanks Steve!




So, of course, our little freezer mess made me think of this image that floats around the internet:

image source



Doesn’t that hurt your little heart to look at that?  Ack!



And that made me remember when a reader told me over a year ago, about something disastrous that her own kids did in their room.

The mom, Nike (pronounced “Neeka”), tells the story here.



Ouch.  The sofa cushions are even covered.



Anyway, sometimes your messes seem big……….until you see someone else’s.  Haha!


Enjoy your weekend.  And I’ll have a camera again soon.  :)




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