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Fleece Mittens


I was asked by a reader (thanks Anna!) to show a simple mitten tutorial. Her little guy hates mittens that are too tight and bothersome……so I wanted to show how simple it would be to make some very basic adjustable mittens.

We’ve got to keep those little fingers warm…

So how about trying something very simple.

….but oh so cozy.

All you need is some scrap fleece, ribbon, and some velcro.
Oh, and a sewing machine, thread and scissors of course.

Start by tracing your child’s hand, with fingers closed.

Then use that as a guide as you draw a basic mitten shape, making sure to leave about 1/4 inch for a seam allowance along all of the sides, and about 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch along the bottom.
(Make sure that you are making the mittens wide enough, so that there is plenty of room to slide little hands in, and then you can just cinch it tight later.)

Cut out 2 pieces of fleece for both hands.

Then on the wrong side of bottom piece of each mitten, place a piece of thin elastic at the same level as the wrist. Sew a few stitches on one end of the elastic, attaching it to one edge of the mitten…. and then pull the elastic tight as you’re sewing across the mitten at wrist level. When you finish, the elastic will pull back into shape, and will gather your fleece a bit.

(You can skip the elastic part Anna, if your little guy would hate and sort of snugg-ness from the elastic.)

Now you’ll attach your ribbon adjustable strap to the top mitten piece. First, cut your ribbon about 1 1/5 inches wider than the base of the mitten, fold under the raw edge and then add about 2 inches of the soft side of the velcro to that end of the ribbon. (securing the folded under end of ribbon under the velcro.) Your finished ribbon piece will be about 1/4 inch wider than the base of the mitten. Then attach about an inch of the scratchy side of the velcro about a 1/2 inch away from the edge of the mitten, opposite the thumb side. (And at the same wrist level as the elastic on the other piece.) But you’ll sew it to the right side of the top mitten piece.

Then turn the ribbon strap over and pin it to the edge of the top mitten piece, right in line with the other velcro piece…..making sure it’s at wrist level.

Then place the bottom piece together with the top piece, with right sides together. Pin in place and sew all the way around the mitten (using whatever seam allowance you gave yourself when you cut out your pattern piece).

The fold the the opening down a 1/4 inch/ then another 1/4 inch….then sew into place.

(**Something that I should have done first, before folding down and sewing the opening… zig-zag around the entire mitten, to secure that seam. Oops, but be sure to do that to strengthen your mitten.)

Now, turn right side out……and you’re done.

Nice and cozy little mittens…

…all from extra scraps and notions in your sewing stash.

Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Matthewber says:


  2. arthur williams says:

    I was the design of fleece mittens, not he or she. I made them and gave them to the poor for years.

  3. becky says:

    Your winter glove tutorial was just featured this on my blog– with other wonderful glove tutorials! thanks for sharing it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So fun. I made it for Christmas

  5. Alyssa says:

    Great tutorial! I just made a pair of baby mittens using it. They turned out great. I just left off the thumb. Thanks!

  6. Karin says:

    I know this post is pretty old, but I’m hoping someone will read and respond. I thought about putting some Insul-Brite in the mittens for my kids to keep their hands a little toastier and perhaps a little drier than just plain fleece ones Do you think that would work or would it make them too stiff? Anyone have any other suggestions?

  7. Jas says:

    I was looking for pattern for sewing mittens. I have an Army blanket that I washed and plan to use that for warm wooly winter mittens for my grandchildren. Perfect!!!!!

  8. Catie says:

    many people commented that their kids are forever losing their mittens/gloves. Here in Colorado, we use mitten clips like these–i6r4vq4CFacaQgoddw5O_Q

    or simply run a sturdy string thru the arms of your kids jacket and sew their mittens/gloves to the ends of the strings that hang out the bottom of each sleeve.Easy Peasy! and it’s really difficult to lose them!!

  9. Emily says:

    I’m doing a mitten round up tomorrow and this is going to be part of it! Hope you can come by and check it out. Oh, and grab a featured button if you would like.

  10. Kira says:

    I am so making these! Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. janet trieschman says:

    Thanks for the post, I shared a link to this tutorial

  12. Eliza L. says:

    What a great idea. I’ve been looking for an idea for kids’ mittens, and this is just perfect. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to link it to my blog

  13. Chel says:

    These are so easy and cute. Is there a way to omit the velcro and ribbon and just use elastic for the wrist?

  14. Amy says:

    I can't tell you how much I need this pattern for my 3 kids. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  15. BARBARA J EGGINK says:

    love these, will make some for the grand children

  16. robbie says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  17. Katie says:

    I just made a pair for my niece! Hopefully they fit her! Haha. Thanks again for the tutorial!

  18. Chels says:

    I have to tell you, I adore your blog… my mom said she is going to get me a sewing machine for my birthday (Feb) and your site has made me feel like I can do some really fun stuff! I have been saving these ideas in my mind, so excited for when I have time (& the machine!) to start them!
    Thanks for your blog!

  19. Katie says:

    Haha! I tried making some mittens for my daughter in a very similar method a few weeks ago and they turned out absolutely terrible. Your tutorial is great! Maybe I'll have to give it another try. :) Thanks for sharing!

  20. Infant Bibliophile says:

    This is so cute, and wonderfully timed for us. Somehow in one week I managed to lose one black mitten and one blue mitten, so my son is wearing a mismatched pair. We should give this pattern a try. Thanks!

  21. Becky says:

    Awesome! I have some left over fleece from making Hubby Bill a UNC blanket. I might make him some mittens!

  22. Nishant says:

    We love everything that you do and have linked you in many of our posts! Thanks for all your great ideas!

    Work from home India

  23. Annette says:

    Wow thanks for this lovely tutorial. It looks great..I saved it on my pc

  24. meagan says:

    I love checking out your blog. I am also and Idaho girl, displaced to the eastern side of the country. How do you have time to make all this stuff with 2 little kiddos at home? I am amazed!

  25. Sandy C says:

    These are soo adorable and it doesn't look too hard to make at all!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Anna says:

    cant I just say….. You are amazing! thank you for such a simple tute!

  27. Kathleen says:

    Just adorable…and do-able! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Alisha says:

    I'm planning on making a fleece hat and scarf for my toddler tomorrow — and now I'll have to add mittens to the list! Thanks for the tutorial.

  29. Mom's Place says:

    So Simple!!!!

  30. Resweater says:

    I love those mittens! You can also use felted wool, since it won't unravel like fleece.

  31. brandy says:

    You make everything so easy! I am so going to make these for my 3 kids! I bought them all fleece gloves from Old Navy this year and they are SUCH A NIGHTMARE to put on! I've given up on gloves, lol.

  32. Alicia says:

    How cute! I love it…my kids are always loosing their winter gloves now I make a couple of pairs for cheap. Thanks!

  33. jenheadjen says:

    Oh HOW ADORABLE! I was thinking of making some mittens out of scrap fleece for me, but this would be darling for the kids. And I never would've thought of the strap. So easy. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  34. buchananclan says:

    Cute Idea!!! Why can't I ever be clever enough to come up with something so simple? Thanks for all your ideas…I love them.

  35. Simply Sara says:

    I will make it and I will LOVE it!
    What a fabulous idea!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  36. The Fifth Street Mama says:

    Great Idea! those are adorable!

  37. The Noalls says:

    Lol. I was planning on using your fleece hat tutorial for my little one next winter (we're spending this one in the desert) and was going to just figure out how to make mittens to go with it–now I don't have to! :) Thanks!

  38. FADİŞ says:

    These are very nice. You are so very successful.

  39. Plowmanators says:

    We have an award for you on our blog today!

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