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Flip-Flop Refashion: Part 3 (Ruffled T-Strap)



Are you tired of flip flips yet? Hang in there…….because I’m not. :)


I keep finding new colors of $2 flip-flops, cutting them apart, and making new straps and styles with fabric scraps and doo-dads that I have at home.  I just can’t get enough of these simple little jewels.  They have become so fun (and cheap) to frill up.


If you missed out on the other ideas… can find them here and here.



So today, I made some frilly little T-strap sandals.




They would look great in any color.  And any sized ruffle.




And they just happened to fit perfectly on my little 15 year old niece.

(Such a perk to have family nearby.  They may tire of me soon, though.  Ha.)




The breathable cotton makes these super comfy and light for the warmer weather.  Just slip right in to them……and you’re ready to go.



Great with jeans.  Cute with a skirt.  Fun for a day out shopping.  Or kicking it at home.




Thanks for letting me use your feet Camille.  You sweet little thing.



Ready to make your own?

Before you begin, check out the post here, to see how to take apart an old pair of flip flops.


**Also, The fabric I used for these T-straps, was a really sturdy cotton.  Somewhere between quilting cotton (really light) and upholstery fabric (really thick).  It wasn’t super stiff but it wasn’t too flimsy either.  It worked great and gave the straps some good shape to them.  Check out your fabric store for different cotton thicknesses.**


For this t-strap style, you’ll need 2 long strips of fabric and some circles.  (I made 10 circles the size of one end of a can of vegetables…..but you can make them bigger or smaller.  Go for it.)

For the strips, I cut a 2 inch wide strips of fabric that were long enough to go across the top of the foot and then one down the center.  I added several inches to the total length so that I would have plenty to tie knots with on the bottom side of the shoe.  I created the 2 long strips by folding them in half lengthwise (with right sides together) and then sewed the 2 edges together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Then I turned them right side out and ironed them flat.  (Need help turning right side out?  Click here.)



After the strips were turned and ironed, I cut each strip into 2 pieces.  One piece bigger than the other.  The longer one is for the top of the foot, the other is the strap that goes between the toe.  Everyone’s feet is a different size, so there is no exact measurement, but just be sure to leave plenty of extra length to tie the knots on the bottom of the sandal.



Now, grab the shorter straps and on one of the ends of each strap, fold over the end a 1/4 inch and then about one inch……then sew down in  place.   This creates a little hole to slide the long straps through.



Slide the longer straps through this casing you just made on the shorter straps……..and this creates the ‘T’ of your sandal.




Now, for the ruffle.  It’s not a standard ruffle……just some textured looking fabric.  But all it is, is circles. And because it’s cut into a circle, it’s mostly cut on the bias.  And that helps keeping it from fraying.  It may fray just a bit but that will only add to the fluffiness of the look.  If you’re concerned, apply some ‘fray check’ to the edges.


So start with one circle and fold it in half.



Then fold into thirds… you a pie slice shape, with lots of fullness at the wide end.



Now, stitch the pointy end down to the top of the T-strap shape……making sure the fulness of the pie shape is facing downward.  Make another seam close to the top as well, securing this first circle in place.



Then lift up that piece and attach another circle piece the same way……until all of your 5 pieces (or more or less) are sewn in place.  (I recommend holding this on your foot as you go, to see how much ruffle you want and if your circles are big or small enough for your liking.)



See how each circle was sewn on individually with a couple rows of stitches?



Then poke your straps through the holes of the flip-flops, just like shown here.  Slip your foot in, adjust the straps to your liking……



……..then tie the knots underneath and add a little glue for added strength.  Done.


(By the way, I didn’t cut any of the foam flip flop away on the bottom of these shoes, like I did here.  This fabric wasn’t too thick and didn’t make too big of a knot…… it fit perfectly into the indent that was already there.)





And that’s it.  Your new little Ruffled T-Strap sandals are all done.



One more way to create your own little custom pair of flip-flops…….from an old pair in the closet, or a cheapy pair at the store.


Pretty satisfying.



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