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Interchangeable Flip-Flops

Are you ready for the sun?

Ready to paint those toe nails and slip into some sandals?

I am too.

And I decided to greet spring (that will be here soon) with some flip-flops, with interchangeable straps.

So I can start the day with some color and print…..

Then change my mind.

And take off the strap…..

……..and switch to a solid ruffle.

Then choose some warm colors and sweet flowers the next day……

And then animal print with a simple bow the following day.

(I saw something similar in a shop and knew I needed to figure out a way to make my own…)

But all you need is one pair of flip flops (or two in my case), some velcro, and any sort of colored ribbon and accessory that puts you in the mood for spring.

How to make your own??

Find yourself any pair of flip-flops. I found mine at Old Navy……2 for $5. But you could do this with a nicer pair…..even a leather pair. Give it a try.

Start by cutting two pieces of the scratchy side of the velcro and gluing them to the flip flop. I didn’t take a closer picture but cut the two pieces at an angle so that they will fit together like an upside down “V” right by the toes. (And I placed the scratchy side of the velcro here, so that the interchangeable pieces with the velcro facing down would be soft, and wouldn’t scratch my feet.)

I used a strong epoxy glue that I found at Wal-Mart. I boughtthe non-toxic variety because shoes always seem to end up near little mouths in my house. But there are many epoxy glue’s to choose from. (Hot glue is not strong enough to keep the velcro attached.)

Next, cut two pieces of ribbon and sew them together at one end at an angle. (Make sure to purchase ribbon that is wider than your flip-flop strap and wider than your velcro.)

Then open it up and see if the angle is just right for your flip-flop. If not, re-sew a different angle.

If it works just right, trim the ends and then heat seal the raw edges with a lighter.

**Tip: After you have opened up your “V” and it’s just a little too pointy or a little uneven…..just use the lighter to melt the ribbon a bit and that will even out the imperfections. Or trim with scissors first and then melt with the lighter. Works wonders.

Then cut two pieces of the soft side of the velcro to fit on the back side of you “V”. Cut each end of the velcro at the same angle as your ribbon, so that they will fit together nicely. Sew your velcro to your ribbon.

Then turn it over and add any sort of flower, ribbon, button, fabric yo-yo, ruffle, etc.

Now it’s time to attach it to your flip-flop. (Make sure the glue on the flip flop has dried thoroughly.)

***Also, cut the 2 ends of the ribbon at an angle so that it almost reaches the end of the straps of the flip-flop. See how the end above is cut at an angle?

Now make more.
And be as creative as you want……

Then make some for the little ones in your house.

**Remember, you can do this for boys too. You can just keep it simple and use a cute striped ribbon in more masculine colors……or even a cool little camo print. Just leave off the embellishments but let the little dude have some variety to his flip-flops too.**

Now go on and fancy up that flip-flop selection.

***Flip-Flop update here. More helps and technique’s shared that I didn’t have time to do the day that I posted this tutorial. Whoops.


  1. yudis says:

    creative idea
    we love it

    – yudis –

  2. T*Family says:

    OH.EM.GEE. These are adorable. Love it and gonna try it. Thanks for sharing..

  3. kermiefrg says:

    I've seen something similar in the store that was very overpriced. These are a much cheaper (and cuter) option! Love it!

  4. Kelly O. says:

    now that's creative!

  5. Rafahi Family says:

    You are a genius! I love it!!! Cannot wait to go make some of my own!

  6. Japip says:

    I love these. I saw them at a shop and they were so expensive. I am definitely going to try to make a few for myself!

  7. Daisha says:

    Brilliant!!! I love them.

  8. Tiff says:

    OH I so love this!!! I can't wait to get started . . Got to stock up on some flip flops for my daughter and I First!

  9. kachasek says:

    wow, what a great idea!!! I must have it ;) so I'll be making some for the summer :) Thanks very, very, very much :D

  10. kim says:

    this is awesome, i'm going to have to make a zillion of these! thanks!

  11. Jenny says:

    You don't know how happy you've made me. My obsession with flip-flops has just increased tenfold! Thanks for the GREAT idea!

  12. Lynette says:

    I'm not a flip flop girl, I hate the thing in between my toes, but my sister wears them year-round! I'll so have to make her some for her birthday that's coming up! Thanks for the tute!

  13. Angie says:

    I would love to see a video tutorial of how you make those roses. I have seen your posts, but somehow doing it on my own never seems to work out.

    The flip flops are a great idea. I think my daughters will love doing that with me!

  14. Brenbren says:

    yippee! I am really excited to try this out for my flipflops and my little girls! Matching!?! WE'll see.

  15. ashley jeffers says:

    such a great idea! no matter the weather they are all i wear so this would come in very handy for me

  16. Lettie says:

    You did it again – ANOTHER fantastic idea. I love it. Really so smart.

  17. Keith, Heather and Carsen says:

    Oh my gosh…I just love your ideas!!! so stinkin' cute! Thanks for coming up with great ideas!!!

  18. Sheila Irish says:

    What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us….I can't wait to make some of these for my Granddaughter….

  19. Codi says:

    Wow!! Love it! I was just at Old Navy today, buying a couple of whirly skirts, how perfect the interchangeable flip flops would be!

  20. Stacie says:

    LoVe that!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Jessica and Justin says:

    LOVE IT!!

  22. Mama Thompson says:

    Those are fantastic. I just bought some flip flops to add a flower to…this is even better…thanks for sharing, once again!

  23. Ready Set Create says:

    LOVE em, love your blog! I can never find the right pair of flip flops, now I can make them. . . thanks!

  24. Disney says:

    What a fun idea!! I'm totally a mind-changer, so this would be great for me! Thanks!!

  25. Anissa says:

    Ummmm…. YES PLEASE! Why are these so cute and why are you so amazingly talented?

  26. The Robinson Bunch says:

    holy potatoes seriously these are awesome!~ I show your website to my hubby everyday and he is now a little obsessed with checking your blog as well, he has now begun to ask me everyday if you have posted something new haha!! he is so impressed LOL! and you have totally saved us a ton of money with your repurposing ideas! love these flip-flops I will be heading to old navy or target tomorrow to get some! also I have a question: did you make the elastic straps for your little ladies flip-flops??or did they come that way???

  27. Emily says:

    Just looking through your blog saw a picture of your mom. I'm pretty sure I know her…did she and her husband serve a mission in New Jersey…the Silks??? If so, they were great missionaries, people still talk about them. If that's them, tell them hi from the Sutherlands!…we're still here!

  28. Rebekah says:

    very cute!!!!!!

  29. SAS says:

    Also….I think they make black velcro so you could use that on your black flops and not see it as much! Just a thought!

  30. SAS says:

    These are so cute! I can't wait to make!!!!

  31. enSTYLEpedia says:

    this is great! I'm totally going to do this for my daughters this summer, they'll love it!

  32. Katie says:

    Okay. That's just too genius. Like one of those things that you should totally get patented. Seriously.

  33. Tonia says:

    So Cute!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    OMG…you are so smart!!

  35. Julie says:

    I am so excited! I have flip flops I bought at the end of last season that I'm so going to do this with! Thank you!

  36. ~Katie~ says:

    How perfect! I love the idea!

  37. Forever Owen says:

    You posted this just in time for me! I saw some of these in a boutique last weekend but they didnt have my size, so I saved $25! Now I can make my own and my Mom lives in flip flops all 4 seasons, so these are for her too!

  38. Janel says:

    how AMAZING is that!!! you are so smart!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!

    Totally running to Target to pick up some flippers for me and my daughter and my mom and my sister in law and my best friend and every other girl I know!

  39. Jenglamgirl says:

    oh' my GOODNESS! this is so freaking amazing! BRILLIANT, I tell you! I just got some cute wedge brown plain flip flops, and was thinking of just adding AND changing out the cute clippy flowers to the center… but you took it a step further! LOVE IT!

  40. Kim's Treasures says:


  41. Army Wife Quilter says:

    wow if i could handle wearing flip flops i would do these. i have straps between my toes. to uncomfortable

  42. Rhonda says:

    I LOVE it! I've seen the Switch Flops just this week, but they are expensive. I love how you are showing us how to make our own!!!!!! Thanks so much!

  43. KennaWilde says:

    I am in love. I hate when I dont have the "right" thongs for my outfit! Now I can have a ton without paying a ton! Thanks so much!

  44. Carol says:

    Oh dear… another project from your blog to add to my to-do list! Thanks for sharing, so very cute!

  45. Emily says:

    That is the coolest craft I have seen in a while. Love it and will be making some soon.

  46. Lanie says:

    Now how smart and cute is that? OMG I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing! ~Lanie J.

  47. Allison @ House of Hepworths says:

    I saw these at a boutique and they were SO expensive. Thanks for showing us how to make them, especially since summer is swiftly approaching.


    1. Kim says:

      I’ve found that If you sew the material to the Velcro first and then make your “V” it is much easier. You don’t have to worry about how they are gonna match up with each other only how they will match up with the flip flop. Anyway, this is an amazing how to on making your own flip flops… If I can do it anyone can!

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