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Make a MINI JOY WREATH wall hanging

Oh my goodness, you guys, Christmas is like two blinks away!  Once Thanksgiving is over….Christmas sneaks right up on us.  How does that always happen?!?!?!  Let the truth be told though, that I put up our Christmas tree about a week after Halloween.  I don’t know….I just love Christmas decor and wanted to put it up so badly—so I did! (Shhh….don’t tell the “no-Christmas-decor-before-Thanksgiving” folks!) :)

The Michaels Makers challenge this month, is Christmas decor theme….which is perfect, because I love it so much!  So I created this simple Mini JOY Wreath wall hanging, that could sit or hang anywhere!  (Or would be really fun to give away as gift!)

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And even though I had to make that teeny little wreath, the background wood came like that and so did those metal letters.  So really, this took about 5 minutes to make!!!

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I just really love using Christmas-type words in my decor….it just means so much more!  And I especially love how these letters pop!

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And really, because it’s pretty neutral, it could go anywhere in my decor.  But, it would be cute to add little holly berries to the wreath, or even those teeny tiny ornament balls.

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Want to make one too??


Supplies for a Mini Joy Wreath Wall Hanging:

  • wood panel project board (or make your own from scrap wood)
  • mini grapevine wreath
  • pine branch pick
  • metal letters, J and Y
  • hot glue
  • crafting wire
  • scrap wood pieces (or styrofoam would work too)

First gather up your supplies…

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Then begin cutting little pieces of your pine branch and attach it to the grapevine wreath with your craft wire.  Continue adding little pieces, overlapping them, making sure to keep all them facing the same direction.

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Fill in little branch pieces as needed, until your wreath is complete.

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To attach the metal letters, I found it best to create a flat surface on the back, to be able to better secure them to the wood base.  To do this, I hot glued some wood pieces onto the back side of the letters…that I cut down to the same depth as the letters.

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Then I attached the letters and the wreath onto the wood background, with a generous amount of hot glue.

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And that’s it!  So simple, right?! :)

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  1. Nancy White says:

    Love this Nancy

  2. Jenn Speakman says:

    Where did you get the wood panel project board?

    1. Ashley says:

      I got everything for this project at Michaels. They have a wood project section….and there are many sizes of wood backgrounds to choose from, including stained and un-stained. Hope that helps!

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