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My Sweet Grandma…


Baby girl and I flew to California for the weekend.  My beautiful grandmother, Claire Singley, passed away recently at the age of 92.  My grandma was the sweetest and most soft spoken woman you’d ever meet.  Very elegant.  Very demure.  She also had a killer jewelry collection that she’d always let us grandchildren try on and fancy ourselves up with.  Oh, and her high heel closet?  The most fabulous thing for a young girl to dig into.  And she never minded one bit.


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My grandma raised 5 children, my mom being the second oldest.  (She’s the one on the left with braids on her head.  And the youngest wasn’t born yet in the photo below.)  My mom recently told me that my grandma started sewing at a very young age and sewed her first item to sell, when she was only 10 years old.  It was a pajama set for a friend’s mom.  I guess she’s the one who passed this sewing bug along to me.  And I love her for it. :)



My grandpa, Fred Singley, passed away 12 years ago.  He was so uncomfortable at the time and his body kept breaking down.    I remembering feeling sad that my grandma would then be alone.  However, at the age of 80, she reunited withe her old high school sweetheart (who had also lost his spouse), rekindled their love, and were married………both of them in their older years.  George Leavitt has taken care of my grandmother in Hawaii for the past 12 years.  They have been living  a very simple and calm life.  And how wonderful it has been for her to have someone to love her and take care of her for this past while.  (And it has sure given many of us (but unfortunately not me) a great excuse to visit the islands of Hawaii.  ;)) 



But recently, she left this life and was reunited with my grandpa.  I’m sure it was a sweet reunion.  One I wish I was able to see.  I can only imagine the excitement of my grandpa, to have his beautiful bride back into his arms.



We are all gathered together here in Sacramento, celebrating her long life, and happy to be her children and grandchildren.  She was an honest and kind-hearted woman.  One who was willing to help anyone who asked of her.  And lived a life that she should be proud of.  Of course, we all will miss her dearly.  But know she is much happier leaving behind the ailments of her older age.




We love you so much Grandma.

I know I’ll see you again some day. :)


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 Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.  I’ll be home soon.  I miss my other 2 babies.  And my patient husband who rearranged his schedule (and flight plans to GA to take tests) so I could come here.


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