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No Sew: Lamp Shade with Cover Buttons

I gotta tell ya……..there’s something about a simple project that really makes me happy.  And yes, my sweet friends, even when a sewing machine is not included.  We are finally getting to the point in our home renovations that I can start hanging things and enjoying our surroundings without those ugly extension cords, drop cloths, power tools, and construction dust.  (Oh, that dust.  He and I have had words……and let’s just say, our relationship is almost over.  See-ya!)


Now that we are nearing the completion of several rooms (meaning… paint, new doors, window/door trim, baseboards, caulking, sanding, and touch-up paint), I’ve gotten hungry to fill our spaces with a little more love.


And something quick, that I put together last night, to accompany this lamp base……was this Lamp Shade. 





And, well, the simplicity of it makes me REALLY happy.




And, oh gosh, those little covered buttons really make this simple shade pop.  Yum.  (Who says “yum” about inedible items?  That’s just weird!)




I was tired of that empty table…..and we really needed extra light in this room.  So, 2 wins.







Now, don’t you worry…….not a single stitch of thread was sewn into this shade.  So you don’t even need to plug that ol’ sewing machine in. 


And even if someone stands above the shade and peeks in, they’ll only see clean lines and edges.





And for those of you who know I have three little ones, you’re probably wondering about that breakable ceramic bird sitting on those books.  Haha!  Yeah, that bird doesn’t stand a chance (have I told you about my mischievous 2 year old yet??) and actually normally sits up on a higher shelf.  I just just haven’t decided what to add to that table……so the bird and books are helping me out for the moment.  I’ll keep you posted if I come up with something fun.




Oh, sweet lamp.  Thanks for sitting there so pretty.  And with minimal effort.  Yay!!!!!!



Would you like to make your own Lamp Shade with Cover Buttons?



To begin with, decide on what fabric you’d like to use.  (The amount of fabric varies, depending on your shade size.)   Something with a print can be fun, but keep in mind that if your shade shape flares out, fabric like stripes won’t stay uniform and straight all the way around the shade.  Also, a smooth and flat shade is a lot easier to work with than an ornate curved one.


And, I covered this lamp shade over a year ago (in our last house) and decided to change it up.  My lamp shade is slightly larger at the bottom, than the top……so the stripes never lined up correctly and always kind of bothered me.  So, I peeled this fabric off and re-used the same shade.  So ignore the old glue……I’m just going to cover it right up.



Then, wrap your fabric around your lamp shade overlapping the ends by several inches.



Also, be sure that you have at least an inch (or more) hanging off the top and bottom edges.



Now, hot glue one end of your fabric down, right to the shade.




Smooth the fabric nice and flat and taut, all the way around the shade.  Trim off the excess overlapping fabric from this second edge……letting them overlap by about 3 inches.



Then, fold this second edge under about 1.5 inches and clip in place.  Just be sure that the vertical fold is straight and exactly perpendicular to the bottom/top edges of the shade.



Place a line of hot glue under the fold of the fabric, securing it in place.



Then, lay your shade on its side and add some glue to the inner bottom edge of the shade.



Fold the fabric up, making sure to keep it smooth and even…….and press firmly in place with your fingers.



Trim off the excess fabric.



Then, hot glue some 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon over the raw edge of the fabric.



Glue all the way around the inside of the lamp, continuing to cover the raw edge of fabric.  Once you reach the end, overlap the end by about 2 inches.



Then, fold your end under an inch and hot glue it down in place  (If you notice, I made the fold of the ribbon match up with the fold of the fabric along that one side.  It’s up to you but I just like the consistency.)



Along the top (if you have those metal pieces attached to the upper edge), cut a slit into the fabric, straight towards the metal piece.  Be sure and stop about an 1/8 of an inch before the edge of the lamp shade (so that you can’t see the slit after it’s folded over).



Then, add glue the same way as above and fold your fabric up and around the metal piece. 



Trim off any excess fabric and then add ribbon the same way as well.



Now, cover some Cover Buttons with the same fabric.  (Check out my Cover Button tutorial if you need a few more pictures.  Also, my cover buttons are 7/8″ in size, but yours may vary, depending on the lamp shade size that you’re covering.)




Then, hot glue your first Cover Button down to the bottom edge of your shade, about a 1/4 inch from the bottom edge.



Then, use a ruler and measure the distance that you’d like between each button.  (Measuring all the way around and dividing will help you decide the distance between each button.)  Make a mark to show you where to place your next button and glue it down in place.



Continue all the way around the lamp shade.



And that’s it.



 Now, go and enjoy your shade! :)




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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