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Pine Cone Bow Ornament…..and other Dream Tree Challenge details (for those who asked!)

First of all, you guys were so kind about that Dream Tree Challenge (#JustAddMichaels) tree that I shared on Tuesday.  It really was so fun to make and that was satisfaction enough…….but those rockin’ sweet comments put me over the edge!  Don’t worry…..I’m back to normal again. Ha. ;)


Anyway, several of you asked for more details on the parts of my little tree……



…….so that’s what you’re going to get! :)





Plus, a mini tutorial on the Pinecone Ornaments that I put together in like 30 seconds flat! Okay, maybe 3 minutes each…  (In fact, they were so quick that they’d be the perfect friend-craft-night project.  Nice and simple means a little bit o’ crafting………and a lotta bit o’ chatting and laughing.  Anyone wanna come over?? :) )





So, first, here’s a breakdown of everything that was added to the tree:



 And the name (and where to find) each of the items yourself…



Like mentioned in the Dream Tree post, all items were purchased Michael’s.


The star was actually an over sized ornament.  I just cut the top loop off with wire cutters and then used gold wire and wrapped it tightly around the bottom of the ornament, right to the top of the tree.  Done.





The little golden sprigs coming out of the tree is actually faux Onion Grass, smothered in glitter.  I just cut it apart into sections and shoved them into the tree branches.  They’re light enough and will probably stay right in place.  (However, if you’re worried, you could always attach with a little wire.)





I bought completely clear glass ornaments in 3 different sizes.  I placed the smallest at the top and then gradually got bigger as I placed towards the bottom of the tree.  You could fill your ornaments with something or leave them empty like I did.





The burlap with the snowflakes actually came already cut and stamped.  When I went back to take pictures last night, they were out of the snowflake….but this is what it looked like.





The twiggy garland with golden berries was all sold out but here’s the same thing with silver berries.





And those sweet little reindeer…….came just as they are! :)





The white berry sprigs came in a larger cluster.  I just cut them apart and added little pieces to the tree.  (Again, I just shoved mine in…..but you could definitely wire them in place, if you’re worried about shifting.)




And number 8……..all the tree skirt is, is white satin fabric, draped around the base of the tree.  I just placed it there because when I was taking pictures, it needed something to cover the base but I didn’t have a skirt that would necessarily match this new tree.  So, I just draped around some satin fabric I had on hand.  I figured I would have to make something to go under there, assuming my kiddos would pull on it and mess it up.  However, they haven’t even touched it.  So, I may go the lazy route and just leave it. :)



Oh, and as for the items that some of you have asked about……..the NOEL sign is from Target last year.  The mini trees are from, hmmmmm, maybe Joann’s?  Target?  I can’t remember.  I bought them either last year or the year before, the day after Christmas.  (Anyone have the same ones??)  And the Stockings are from my old Burlap Stocking Tutorial a few years ago.  Oh, and the stocking hangers are from Amazon.  Is that everything?




Oh yeah, the pinecones…I love the simple beauty of these little guys.





Here’s how I made mine:


 I purchased some jute…



…and cut a piece long enough to attach to my pine cone, yet still fit around a tree branch.  I glued the two ends to the top of the pine cone.

( **The pine cones I purchased are slightly cinnamon scented.  Yum.  If you gather from outside, just keep in mind they probably have little critters hiding inside.**)



Just be sure that it hangs nicely once it’s attached.



Then tie a bow out of some ribbon (mine is beige satin ribbon, 1.5 inches wide).



Then, I found that attaching the bow to the jute actually allows the bow to hang a little nicer.  I started by attaching the bow to the top of the pine cone but that was making the ribbon ends looks wonky and not hang nicely.  So, skip my mistake and add it to the jute with some hot glue, just above the top of the pine cone.



Then, cut the ends of the ribbon at a diagonal, whatever length you like. My ribbon lengths varied, depending on the pine cone size, but the ribbon ends were generally as long as the pine cone. 



Then heat seal the ends of your ribbon with a lighter.  (Once you cut ribbon, it will fray and gradually look terrible. To keep this from happening, hold the edge of the ribbon next to a flame and this will slightly melt the edges, keeping them from fraying.)



Now, make several more……hang…….and enjoy! :)



Any more questions?  Did I seriously forget something?  Let me know….





Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Laura Dowty says:

    I made the pinecone ornament, of course I added glitter, they turned out wonderful. They are going to be a Christmas present for family members, I believe they will love them.

  2. Lisa Weimhold says:

    Hi Ashley,

    So you glued the the beige satin ribbon onto the jute instead of tying a ribbon bow around the jute correct?

  3. domi says:

    ihello wonderfull idea what glue to be use please

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  5. Marie-Charlotte says:

    I collected some pine cones in France this past summer (nothing hiding in there!) And have followed your instructions – it’s turned out beautifully and is making my house feel even more Christmassy – thank you!

  6. Colorful Canary says:

    You’ve just been featured on my blog! Thanks so much for the tutorial, love these ornaments!

  7. Deborah says:

    This is perfect. Hubby and I brought the materials last night and are so excited to make these. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  8. sandy says:

    you can cut the pinecone on top and it lookd like a rose..make many wreaths this way…try it

  9. Diana says:

    Love your tree – thank you for sharing! Also love the pinecone ornaments, what a great idea!

  10. Alley S. says:

    I love this idea! I love the concept of mixing natural elements like the Pinecones with the delicate bow and burlap string- it’s just the perfect combination. I have also done similar christmas ornaments like this by collecting very small pinecones and stones while on a hiking trip and adding it to a christmas globe ornament with a nice red satin ribbon. It brings back memories of my trip every time I look at it on the tree each year!

  11. Beth says:

    I put glitter, several I painted with white paint looks like snow. Used different color bows

  12. Sheri says:

    Lovely tree….my cats would make it dead in less that 3 seconds though….

  13. barb says:

    We manage a Christmas Tree lot and have done that for many years. Yep it’s a ton a fun!! We collect pine cones thruout the year. BTW never had a critter problem. We decorate the small ones and give out to kidlets, if they are good, We also decorate as you do for trees on display. Also we lightly flock a few to five them a wintery festive look.

    Your ideas a great………………found you on Pinterest.

  14. Carmen says:

    Sounds silly, but how did you tie the bow so nicely? Two rabbit-ear style or a typical tie-your-shoe style? Do you wrap it around a stick and then pull the stick out?

    I am making these for family place-setting gifts, but my bows are wonky!

    Thanks! (and you are awesome!)

    1. Ashley says:

      I did the two rabbit-ear style. Sometimes when doing a bow you do an initial knot (for presents, shoes, etc). This instance I did not do that. I just made the bow with the two rabbit-ear style and had to adjust it to straighten out the bow loops and the tails a tad to make sure they were even. Hope this helps you out. Have Fun making these!

  15. Rocio Estrada says:

    Hi Ashley, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tree! Thank you for sharing all the lovely details. Did you purchase the ribbon at Michaels?

    1. Ashley says:

      Yes, the ribbon was purchased at Michaels as well. Have Fun!

  16. Kattrinka says:

    Love the pinecone ornament! In what way did you make the bow? Two loops tied or the regular old way, one loop, then around with the loose end?

  17. april says:

    Hi! I came across your website on pinterest and i absolutely love your tree! Would you mind sharing the color of paint you used on your walls? It’s a beautiful color.

  18. Ivonne says:

    Love the tree, when you posted it the first time I knew that is what I wanted mine to look like. I have clear plastic ornaments I purchased last year. I would like to know a ball park of how many rolls of the burlap you used? My guess would be three but dont want to end up short. Thanks

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh shoot! I can’t find my receipt, but I think I got 3 or 4 rolls. The tree here is 7ft tall and it isn’t extremely fat at the bottom (probably 3ft in diameter).

  19. Katie @ Life Lived Intentionally says:

    I love those pine cone ornaments. They’re beautiful!

  20. Inked Leslie says:

    it’s wonderful, love it !!!

  21. Jen says:

    You know what would be pretty? A wreath to match!

    1. Kristina Noall says:

      What a good idea!!

  22. Angela says:

    Love this! Only thing I wish is that you would have posted how much you got of everything. I know most people have different size trees, but a ballpark would be helpful for me. I’m just that dense I guess. lol In any case, I really love it and think I want to replicate it with our tree this year. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  23. Debbie says:

    What do you mean by heat seal with a lighter?

    1. Ashley says:

      Sorry, I should explain that a little better. Once you cut ribbon, it will fray and gradually look terrible. To keep this from happening, hold the edge of the ribbon next to a flame (a lighter, candle, etc) and this will slightly melt the edges, keeping them from fraying.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Emily says:

      If you’re going to heat-seal ribbons often, you can also get a wood burning tool and just the ribbon with that — it’ll cut and seal at the same time :)

  24. Linda says:

    Love the tree & the deer! I think I will make some of the pine cones. I also like the idea of adding glitter. Would be ok to use the scented pine cones to add a nice smell!

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh yes, mine are actually the cinnamon scented pine cones from Michael’s. They are perfect! :) And the glitter already came on everything……I didn’t have to add any. But you could definitely add it to things that don’t come with it! :)

  25. Lorena says:

    Thank you for all the details. I love the idea of taking apart sprigs to decorate. The pine cone tutorial is darling and like you said, perfect for a little get together. course I might have to add some glitter :-)

    1. Ashley says:

      Haha……glitter never hurt anything! ;)

  26. Mindy says:

    Real pinecones? I was thinking about that this morning…I get the heebiejeebies thinking about collecting things from outside to use indoors. bugs and such!

    1. Michelle says:

      I bought a large bag of pinecones at Michaels all in different sizes..they are cinnamon scented, saves you from collecting them. :)

    2. Ashley says:

      Hey Mindy, yep, I bought them at Michael’s and they’re slightly scented in Cinnamon, just like Michelle. Pine Cones from the store are treated for bugs because yeah, all I need is some sort of infestation in my house! :)

    3. Kathy says:

      I have lots of pinecones in my backyard and use them in decorating for the winter holidays. You can open and kill any little bugs by putting pinecones in the oven (200 degrees) and can then scent them by tying up in a plastic bag with a little bit of cinnamin scented oil scattered over them. I have lots and lots of pine trees in my back yard, so have a lot to choose from. My little grands love to gather them for me. I always put old gloves on them so they won’t get the sticky sap on their fingers.

    4. jj says:

      Seriously? They are pine cone for goodness sake.

  27. Jackie says:

    Love them! I think I’ll have to make a few of these for our tree this year! :)

    1. Ashley says:

      Good luck! Let me know how they turn out for you! :)

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