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Christmas “Dream Tree” Challenge — Metal & Wood

I know, I know……we’re all still recovering from our trick-or-treating hangover and here I am, throwing Christmas at you.  Ack!  One holiday at a time, right?! ;)  But for the past couple years, I have participated in a little “Dream Tree” challenge and it always happens right after Halloween ends……to give everyone time to start planning their trees and Christmas decor!  But I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I had to keep the tree hidden from the trick-or-treaters who came to our door on Halloween.  Ha!

But I do really love this jump start on Christmas and how it changes the mood and feel of my home……plus, my tree is all done and ready for Christmas!!!!

So every year, Michael’s sends me a pre-lit tree and asks me to decorate it however I want, using supplies and decorations from their store.  Ummmm……yes, please!!!  (Here is my Dream Tree from 2013 and 2014.)  It’s always strange to be shopping for Christmas before Halloween is even over (because my big tree arrived about 2 weeks ago)…..but once I start hanging ornaments and stringing beads, I get so excited for the holidays to just keep rolling in!

This year…..I had the hardest time deciding how I wanted to decorate my tree.  I walked through the Christmas aisles of Michaels and I wanted a little of this, a little of that, and my goodness…..have you seen all the extra pillows, santas, reindeer, mantel lights, wall hangings, etc they have this year??  Michael’s has really stepped it up and has loaded their shelves with the more “current” decorations this year.  There was so much I wanted to add to my cart!!!

But I finally decided on this…


It’s a mixture of industrial-type metals with some warmer woods, and then some black, white, and red thrown in!  Oh, and a marquee barnwood-style star on top!


My favorite part of the whole tree are these over-sized and rugged metal ornaments that came in several different shapes.


However, they actually only come as plain metal ornaments and I decided to add another dimension to them by gluing a wood ornament to the center of each one and then tied some black/white gingham ribbon to the top!


I also found these intricately cut 3D metal stars and snowflakes that were super cool.  A little bit of rugged and soft…..meshed all together.


And then I found these painted wood circle ornaments that each had a different shape left as the “negative” in the center.  I thought they gave a nice depth to the different colors.


I skipped adding any normal sized glass ornament balls…..and just added a few of these mini pearl colored balls.  (In fact, they’re intended for one of those mini table top trees.)  I think keeping them mini kept the big metal ornaments as the main focus.


Oh….and I found these strands of wooden beads that look like cranberries and strung them all around the tree.  They add the perfect amount of red to the tree!  I also stuck in a few artificial pine branches all around the tree, that had these pine cones attached, which helped fill out the tree and give the needles another dimension.


I’m still trying to understand how plaid snuck its way back in as a popular home decor trend this year….but it’s baaaaack!  I actually felt the same way when skinny jeans came back a few years ago…..but I learned that even if I resist, it doesn’t change anything.  Haha! ;)

However, I actually like that plaid is back… adds such a familiar warmth to my home!  A touch of cozy.  (And kinda reminds me of being a 7 year old little girl, wearing my favorite red taffeta dress that my mom made me in 1988, with a green plaid bow around my waist.  That big plaid bow MADE the dress!) Michaels has so much plaid ribbon to choose from this year, in a variety of textures.  It’s a great way to add a little plaid in your decor, without going too crazy. :)


My 3rd “Dream Tree Challenge” complete — and I’d say this one has been my very favorite of them all! :)


Now, tell me, if you were able to decorate your tree in any color, any theme, and/or any style….what would it be?  Or maybe you’re kind of unsure.  If that’s the case, check out the Dream Trees that the other Michaels Makers have put together this year —



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