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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes…..Yum!

I feel like I haven’t been around in a while.  Holidays are truly wonderful……but they throw me off-kilter a bit.  It’s so nice to get back to normal.  (Or so I tell myself, so that I can finally take down the Christmas tree today. Wish me luck!)


But let me share a little something I made a few weeks ago, that turned out so fun.


When I was a little girl, there weren’t many rules about bringing cupcakes to school for your birthday, like there are today.  I always loved doing so but can’t remember many details about hauling cupcakes to my classmates………except for one year. That was the year my mom created magic in the kitchen and baked cupcakes inside of ice cream cones.  I was in elementary school heaven.  And my classmates……..oh, how they enjoyed the magic right along with me!


So, since my first child is now in her first year of school, I asked her teacher about birthdays and she said we could bring whatever we wanted.  Yay!  So I told Elli about these magical little cupcakes…….and she quickly agreed that she’d love to share some with her class.  So I whipped up a quick batch for her.  And the look on her face when they were complete, was priceless.






I explained to her that once she bit into it, the moist cupcake would be inside.





And one of her favorite things…….was the gumball “cherry” on top.  (And after school, she said there was a whole lot of excitement once the class figured out these little red balls were in fact, gum.  Maybe the teacher wasn’t as excited? Oops.)





It truly brought me right back to my elementary school years.  Such fun.  (By the way, I asked my mom and she has no recollection of making these for me.  See?  It’s the little things that count. :) )




And don’t worry…..there’s no extra work.  Just pour the batter into your cones (about 3/4 full) and stand up close together on a cookie sheet, edges touching.  Carefully place them in the oven and then bake per your recipe (or box’s) instructions but check on them a little sooner to see if they’re done sooner than the normal cupcake time.  Then remove and let cool.  They really bake just like normal……pretty cool!  Frost with a nice swirl of whatever type of frosting, sprinkle with your sprinkles of choice (I found those cute balls at Target), then plop a little red gumball on top.  Yum.





Worried about getting them to school?  I cut a box in half and then traced circles on the bottom side that were big enough for the bottom of the cone to go through, but small than the widest point of the cone.  (My husband actually cut the circles, while I frosted.  He used a serrated kitchen knife but an exacto knife would work great too.)  Then I covered with foil, taped down the edges, then slit open the holes and folded down around the edges of each circle.





Here’s a peek of the under side.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.




Then each little cone was able to sit nicely and safely as we transported them to school.





The end result?  One happy little Birthday Girl……..



…..ready to share a treat with her friends.  Success.



 Go on, impress your little ones. 


Or wait, impress your adult friend for his/her birthday.  There’s a little kid in all of us!




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  1. Stephanie says:

    Could you tell me what temp and time you did. I used a betty crocker mix and did 350 for about 18 mins, turned out perfect after some testing with the levels. I filled them to about the line where the cone goes from small to big.

  2. a says:

    This website is great abdc50f5fa7b3a6b3b32a0d37430e35c

  3. Marianna says:

    I used to make these for my kids when they were younger but I would microwave them. Very quick and easy. I think 1 minute per cone or so. Fun to watch the batter “grow” in the micro.

  4. Kristy says:

    My daughter would love these. Looks like an afternoon project.

  5. Kristina Noall says:

    Why am I looking at this on Fast Sunday?? ;) They look awesome!

  6. Carol Paxman says:

    So cute! Too bad my girl is all grown up, guess I’ll file this one away for the grandbabies!

    1. Ashley says:

      You can always do them for grown kids too. I know I always love it wen my mom surprises me with neat things like this and I’m 31.

  7. Sheila says:

    I’ve made these before and they turned out so cute, but I did have trouble moving them after they were done. Mine were certainly not as pretty as yours! What did you use for cutting the cardboard circles?

    1. Ashley says:

      We traced the circles with the lid of a prescription med bottle and then my husband helped me and used a serrated kitchen knife to cut them. I’m sure an exacto knife would be great too. Hope that helps for next time!


    2. Sheila says:

      Thanks. I wondered about an exactly knife, but don’t have one. I made these for a pool party when my daughter turned 5. She is 12 now. It is amazing how time flies!

  8. Sara says:

    Those are super cute! I, too, snatched a up a couple stamps from Pick Your Plum- I think my girls will love them!

  9. Rachel says:

    Those looks incredbile. And they’re seriously super cute!! I need to make some for my niece’s birthday :)

  10. Debbie C says:

    I remember eating these as a kid for someone’s birthday! I miss them! Once my little one is a tad older, I want to make them for her. So fun!

  11. Gaby says:

    This is such a fab idea! And I always find cupcakes hard to transport. That cardboard box is a great idea. No more hassles for me! :)

  12. Irina says:

    Brilliant! I know my girl would love these! Love the photos and clever carrier idea.

  13. Michelle says:

    Those are adorable! We can only bring in store-bought treats. I remember my favorite birthday treat my mom made. She did dirt cups (pudding mixed with cool whip and Oreos) with a gummy worm on top, and then tucked spoons in with die-cut flowers attached to them. They were so fun!

  14. Spring says:

    I love these! I will try them soon! And I bought those super cute stamps, I finally gave into Pick your Plum, now I’m afraid I’ll be addicted.


  15. Adina says:

    Random Acts of Kindness campaign link leads to pick your plum.

  16. marni says:

    i just made these for my daughter for her birthday party, and i definitely remember my mom making them for me! i have found it easiest to place the ice cream cones in mini cupcake tins – they’re the perfect size for the cones!

  17. Heather says:


    The link to Kate’s Random Acts of Kindness page is another link to Pick Your Plum. Do you have the link to her page, I’d love to read about it.


    1. Heather says:


  18. jessie says:

    These look amazing, but I cannot wrap my brain around how they stayed up in the oven, or how you even got them in the oven. Thanks!!

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh yes, I added in more detail about that in the post. SOrry about that. But you just stand them up on a cookie sheet, nice and close together…..and bake like normal. And it works!!

    2. Ashley says:

      Sorry about that missing step……I added that in. You just stand them up on a cookie sheet, nice and close together. And they bake just fine!

      Good luck!

  19. Renee says:

    Love this idea!!! What do you put the cones in so that they stay up straight in the oven? thanks!!

  20. Kristin says:

    Love this idea! Too bad our school doesn’t allow baked treats that aren’t from a store (sealed) :( boo.

    I’ll be trying this at home today though! Thanks :D

  21. Robin says:


    I remember when mom did this. You were wanting to bring cupcakes to school sooo bad. We didn’t have any cupcake liners in the house and for mom to go into town and get some would be a big pain in the butt (30 min was closest grocery store) plus it was growing late. I remember she found an unopened box of cones left from fourth of July and made it work. I didn’t think it would work and would be gross, but it did. Yay for Mom!

    Rob, your sis.

    1. Ashley says:

      Robin, I don’t remember that at all. Just the happy little cupcakes I took to school. Our mom is so cool! :)

  22. birdy boots says:

    Yummy! I love the ‘cherry’ and colors on top!

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