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Delicious and QUICK Holiday Treat….Yum!

I was browsing around online, looking for Christmas treat ideas.  And ack, I found so many delicious ones.  Such a dangerous thing to google……beware.
There were many I wanted to try but I was really trying to find something that wouldn’t take a lot of time.  Then……I found a Brownie Covered Oreo recipe found here, from Picky Palate.
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Oh. My. Goodness.  These should never have been created.  They’re kind of sinful.  Ha!
But I guess that means they’re perfect for holiday indulgences, right?
But the moment you take a bite, you’ll know what I mean.
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I used the holiday candy cane oreo variety to give it a nice minty punch in the center.  Wow!  The oreo is baked right into the middle of some brownie batter.  So you bite into a nice chewy brownie, just the way you like it, but then have a heavenly cookie center.  Purely delightful.
And so my family wouldn’t eat every last one, I threw some into some colored cellophane, tied some ribbon around it, and gave a few brownie cookie stacks away.
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And I have mentioned before that I can’t eat gluten. Bummer.  So just as an FYI (especially to my family who can’t eat gluten either)…….I bought the mock oreo cookies by Kinnikinnick to use for the cookie (found in the health food section at the grocery store).
And the gluten free Betty Crocker brownie mix (found with all of the other cake/brownie mixes at the grocery store).
I made my husband compare both the “real” and the “gluten free” varieties.  He preferred the minty candy cane variety…..mostly because of the mint.  But he said the gluten free were just as good as far as texture and overall taste goes.  And since they are all I know, they were completely delicious to me.  Yum!
So go on, grab a few things at the store and throw together your own little treat for the holidays.
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