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Testing out the Withings Scale……And a FREE one ($159 value) for one of you!!



As discussed in this and this post, I was asked to participate in a “New Year New You” campaign with BlogHer and Best Buy.  I have been asked to test out a few items to help me with my new goals for this year and have also been provided with (you too!) the advice of a personal trainer/dietician, found here.  I will be blogging all about it on ‘Make It and Love It’ for the next several weeks.  (All related posts can be found here.) Join with me and healthy up that body of yours too!  -Ashley

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Okay, it’s time to talk scales. 

Most of us probably have one. And most of us probably have love/hate relationships with them. Sometimes they tell us good news and sometimes, well, not so good news. Ha. And the truth is, if I’m trying to lose weight, I HAVE to step on the scale regularly to track my progress. And if I’m trying to maintain, I hop on there just as regularly. And if the holidays have just passed, I hesitantly step on, just to see what kind of damage control has to be called in.


So, I was sent a Withings Smart Body Scale to test out.


I have to admit, once I pulled it out of the box, I knew it was fancy and had cool features but thought it looked similar to a few of the other scales I have owned. Except a little more shiny.

But then I put the batteries in and linked the cord from the scale to my computer, and I began to see a huge difference.


First of all, the Withings Smart Body Scale is isn’t your ordinary bathroom scale. It measures your weight as well as your lean body mass and body fat composition. It is WiFi enabled so once you hook it up the first time, it automatically transmits all of your information to your private account online (if you wish to do so). You don’t have to tell it to transmit each time, it just does. Automatically.


You can also enable your scale to transmit your info to your smartphone and many other programs. (If your WiFi connection is down, the scale will save the last 16 measurements and will send them to your account once your connection is restored.)

So how do you make it work?  You don’t have to turn it on or tap it to start.  You just step right on.

And then it begins its magic. It weighs you first and then your BMI pops up for a moment and then your fat mass. The bar along the bottom below the weight (on the left), shows that the scale is finalizing your actual weight. And then the bar below the BMI and the fat mass show where the “normal” range would be for your weight and then the arrow above it shows if you fall in that normal range or if you’re above or below it.

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The surface of the scale has very tiny sensors on it and while standing on it, sends a very low intensity current (absolutely safe and painless) into the feet (called bioelectrical impedance analysis), and then determines body fat and mass.


Though some may argue its exact validity, it’s a great reference point and, if used correctly, can really monitor your progress. In fact, over the past week and half that I have used it, I have already seen a drop in my weight and my BMI and fat percentage. Yay!


If you’re concerned about having 5 scales lined up in the bathroom for all the members in your family, you can actually have up to 8 users on one scale, with 8 different accounts. The scale recognizes each user by weight. If two of you are similar in weight, both of your names will pop up once you step on, and you just select your correct name with your foot. (The scale can also be used as a normal scale, without having a subscribed user.)


Pretty cool.



Within seconds, your information is sent wirelessly to your profile. (Image from Then you can start analyzing your data, watch your weight, BMI, and fat mass increase or decrease, and also set goals for yourself. And you can easily switch between users (over on the left) and analyze your own data.

This video from does a great and really quick job explaining, so take a second to watch this if you’re interested.

Pretty sleek, right?

It has sure motivated my husband and me to stay on track and monitor our progress. In fact, my husband weighs himself in the morning and then leaves for work. He checks his progress later on in the day using the Withings App on his Android phone. It’s perfect for him. Since our accounts are linked, we can check in on each other and encourage one another. I love that!

Now, who’d like to win one for free?

!!!!!!!!!GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!

To be entered for a chance to win one of these wonderful Withings Smart Body Scales, leave me a comment telling me why it’s the perfect scale for your family.


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