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The DOUBLE-LAYER Square Circle Skirt

How has your post-Halloween sugar detox been going?  I know, I have posted a trillion Halloween related posts/comments/updates this year.  And here I go again, asking how it all wrapped up for you.  Whew, are those of you who could care less about Halloween so happy that holiday is over?!! ;)


Onto something non-holiday related.  Like sewing.  For you or some little girls you know.


Remember how I made this incredibly simple Square Circle Skirt that literally takes minutes to make?



Even though the length is so uneven all the way around…….it works great with leggings.  But, some of you mentioned on that last post that maybe doubling it up would give more coverage for those who maybe want to go legging-less!  Or would just like more points added to the skirt hem.


So, it was Chloe’s turn for a new skirt. And yup, doubling it up turned out adorable. 




So instead of the one square with a circle cut out in the middle, I cut out two that were exactly the same size.  And then placed the 2nd one on top, turning it just an 1/8 of a turn. 




And I’m not sure what’s excites me more……dressing up a one year old with something I’ve made OR the actual skirt.  Whatever it is, the skirt turned out cute.  And I love the added layer to it.






Nothing beats a non-restrictive comfy knit skirt for your little one.  Especially while they’re busy picking up bugs. ;)





But can you imagine this skirt just a little longer? And well, bigger?  And then wearing it yourself?  Cute.






And as a side note, I’m so much in love with this little punkin and still can’t believe that she’s leaving her baby years behind.  My heart’s not sure what to do about that.  But she is becoming her own little person……..and the mischief she gets into and the semi-naughty things she does, constantly cracks me up.  (Why is it worrisome and totally not funny with your first child?  And then the youngest can almost do no wrong? Ha.

Just please please please never get too big to back into my lap for story time.  Are you listening, Miss Chloe?




Anyway, this skirt doesn’t need it’s own tutorial.  A couple pictures are probably enough to show the variation.  All that’s different is stacking the two layers on top of each other, with an 1/8 of a turn…..just to stagger the points.  And then, I found it helpful to sew the two layers together before adding the elastic.  Just a basting stitch (a really long stitch) right around the inner edge of the circles that are layered together.  And then add the elastic the same way as the original square skirt tutorial

**And I’m so sorry but I can’t remember where I bought this striped orange knit.  I think we were still living in Georgia?  Sorry about that……but it was probably a random, “OOOh, that’s cute, I’ll take 2 yards please!” sort of thing.



Easy peasy. 


Now, add some boots and tights/leggings………and holy smokes, what’s better than that for fall?!!


**Or save this idea for spring and use it as your go-to skirt, while wearing a simple top and a comfy pair of flip-flops.




See you soon!



 p.s.  That re-upholstery project that I mentioned a week or so ago was placed on hold during all of that holiday fun we had last week.  I’m getting right back on that and will share photos soon.  I can’t wait to see it all done! :)



 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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