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The DOUBLE-LAYER Square Circle Skirt

How has your post-Halloween sugar detox been going?  I know, I have posted a trillion Halloween related posts/comments/updates this year.  And here I go again, asking how it all wrapped up for you.  Whew, are those of you who could care less about Halloween so happy that holiday is over?!! ;)


Onto something non-holiday related.  Like sewing.  For you or some little girls you know.


Remember how I made this incredibly simple Square Circle Skirt that literally takes minutes to make?



Even though the length is so uneven all the way around…….it works great with leggings.  But, some of you mentioned on that last post that maybe doubling it up would give more coverage for those who maybe want to go legging-less!  Or would just like more points added to the skirt hem.


So, it was Chloe’s turn for a new skirt. And yup, doubling it up turned out adorable. 




So instead of the one square with a circle cut out in the middle, I cut out two that were exactly the same size.  And then placed the 2nd one on top, turning it just an 1/8 of a turn. 




And I’m not sure what’s excites me more……dressing up a one year old with something I’ve made OR the actual skirt.  Whatever it is, the skirt turned out cute.  And I love the added layer to it.






Nothing beats a non-restrictive comfy knit skirt for your little one.  Especially while they’re busy picking up bugs. ;)





But can you imagine this skirt just a little longer? And well, bigger?  And then wearing it yourself?  Cute.






And as a side note, I’m so much in love with this little punkin and still can’t believe that she’s leaving her baby years behind.  My heart’s not sure what to do about that.  But she is becoming her own little person……..and the mischief she gets into and the semi-naughty things she does, constantly cracks me up.  (Why is it worrisome and totally not funny with your first child?  And then the youngest can almost do no wrong? Ha.

Just please please please never get too big to back into my lap for story time.  Are you listening, Miss Chloe?




Anyway, this skirt doesn’t need it’s own tutorial.  A couple pictures are probably enough to show the variation.  All that’s different is stacking the two layers on top of each other, with an 1/8 of a turn…..just to stagger the points.  And then, I found it helpful to sew the two layers together before adding the elastic.  Just a basting stitch (a really long stitch) right around the inner edge of the circles that are layered together.  And then add the elastic the same way as the original square skirt tutorial

**And I’m so sorry but I can’t remember where I bought this striped orange knit.  I think we were still living in Georgia?  Sorry about that……but it was probably a random, “OOOh, that’s cute, I’ll take 2 yards please!” sort of thing.



Easy peasy. 


Now, add some boots and tights/leggings………and holy smokes, what’s better than that for fall?!!


**Or save this idea for spring and use it as your go-to skirt, while wearing a simple top and a comfy pair of flip-flops.




See you soon!



 p.s.  That re-upholstery project that I mentioned a week or so ago was placed on hold during all of that holiday fun we had last week.  I’m getting right back on that and will share photos soon.  I can’t wait to see it all done! :)



 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. melanie says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Just finished making one as a present for my 4 year old, can’t wait for her to try it on! (although I have just put it on her as she sleeps! :) ) It took me about 2 hours, considering I had a knit fabric that rolled on the edges, so I had to hem them (and it was hard!!!)

  2. Katie says:

    i just made a christmas skirt using this pattern with christmas fleece. It worked awesome and is warmer for the cold winter months :)

  3. janine says:

    I think someone is using your pictures. As soon as i saw the pic of your little girl in the circle skirt i recognized it. The group is A Child’s Boutique, it’s a closed group on Facebook. They are passing your picture off as a finished product available for purchase.

  4. Leah says:

    Thanks! I’ve just finished one for my daughter and had a bit leftover to make her new baby cousin one to match. It’s all stretch knit but I mixed the fabric colors and think it looks fun. How do I send you a photo?

  5. Mia @ SheLovesToCraft says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I recently wrote a blog post full of links to patterns and tutorials for making skirts for toddlers, and I included this post. You can find it here:
    I have also used your tutorial in the past, with a solid on one side and a stripe on the other, making it kind of reversible. It was her favorite skirt. Again, thanks so much!

  6. Heather says:

    Where do you get your colored elastic from

  7. laura says:

    hey ashley,
    how do you get it so it wont fay out?? that you dont do a hem? let me know please!!


    1. Leah says:

      Knit fabrics, like jersey, don’t require a hem because they don’t fray. They will curl up a little at the edges (have you ever cut sleeves or bottom half off a t-shirt?). This project is a great way to use up old t-shirts that have gone misshapen around the collar.

  8. Michaela says:


    I saw this on another site. It credits someone else for the tutorial and uses your pictures.

  9. Emily says:

    Why is it that you will allow other blogs to “track back” to your site but you reported to Pinterest that thin was violating the Digital Media Act
    See email sent from Pinterest to many pinners

    This is to let you know that we removed one (or more) of your Pins as a result of a copyright complaint. The complaint was not directed against you or your Pin. It was directed against another user who Pinned or re-Pinned the same content from the following address:

    While many copyright owners are happy to have their content Pinned on Pinterest, we recognize that some do not want their content to appear on Pinterest. Where, as here, a copyright owner notifies us that they want their content removed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), it is our policy to remove the allegedly infringing Pin, as well as all other Pins that contain the same content if the copyright owners so choses.

    Again, this complaint was not directed at you, or anything you did. We just thought you’d like to know why we removed your Pin.

    Happy Pinning and thanks again for using Pinterest.

    The Pinterest Team

    1. Ashley says:

      Hmmmmm……that is really weird. I recently filed a complaint about a website that has a whole site full of stolen content. This site copies and pastes images from all sorts of websites and then claim it as their own. They never link back to the sites where they stole the images from…….leading visitors to believe that its their content.

      This particular website also pins all of the stolen content from their site, onto their pinterest account. SO, there are all sorts of pins (with stolen content from my site and MANY others) that they have floating around pinterest, which only lead back to their site. And again, their site never links to the sites where they stole it from.

      Anyway, I get emails from readers a lot, telling me that there are pins out there that lead to sites that never give credit to my site…..and pretend as if the tutorial and pictures are their own. So sad.

      I notified pinterest about this particular site and pinterest account and this little skirt was one that was pinned, leading only back to their site. So, I reported the pin that directed traffic to the offending site………and that’s all I know. I’m not sure why you were sent this email. I’m not sure about the link that was included…..because I never mentioned that link. And I certainly never told Pinterest that I didn’t want people pinning my pictures. I’m guessing that’s a canned response that you received…..but it’s totally inaccurate.

      I have emailed pinterest, asking them where I went wrong with my request……because I totally welcome people to pin. However, I just wanted them to remove the offending posts that link to stolen content.

      Whew….that was a mouthful. But I hope it made sense about what’s been going on.

      And hopefully Pinterest can help me straighten things out!


  10. doreen says:

    a lot of us want to know what the measurements of the square is and how you would judge what size to make for different ages.

  11. Misty says:

    I just want to say that the best thing about this project was that I, with my very minimal sewing experience, was able to make this for my daughter and it turned out great. Not only that, but it gave me the confidence to try some other sewing projects I’d been wanting to do but was afraid to try. Thank you for this simple tutorial that allowed me to find joy in sewing.

  12. Tiffany says:

    I made this for my 10 yr old!! Great!! Once i got past the size difference it simple!!!

    1. doreen says:

      can you share with us how you were able to judge what size to make the squares?

  13. Kellie says:

    I love this! So cute! I have a 9 1/2 yr old and an 18 mo old and this is style that would be great for both of them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Breen says:

    I found your link on Pinterest. I loved it so much I bought some fabric and took it to my sewing class. I.m a beginner and this was my second project. It was so easy I’ll be making more. This skirt is so great I know I’ll be making tons more as my daughter grows.

    1. Pinner says:

      Yeah, had the skirt pinned but the blog owner reported it to Pinterest for a violation of the digital media act. If you wanted it on your blog and have a tutorial, why report it to Pinterest when someone links the tutorial to you for someone to see your cute skirt?!?!?!?

    2. Ashley says:

      If you had this project pinned and you were notified that it was reported for violation of the digital media act, it’s because the pin you had, linked to someone who copied this entire tutorial and pasted it on their site. So if you clicked on your pin, it would have taken you to another site entirely, not this one. It happens a lot and readers contact me frequently, letting me know that my content has been stolen and that their pins are floating around, leading people back to other random sites.

      There are, however, many MANY pins out there for this tutorial, that link correctly back to my site.

      I’m glad that pinterest is willing to take pins down that link back to stolen content but I know I could never catch everyone.

      Anyway, I hope that helps explain a bit better!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it, did you add the band or was it already on there?

  16. Melissa says:

    Hello! So I tried another skirt using the same technique and I had the same problem of the stitching on the elastic band going up and down, all around the elastic. I *thought* I was keeping it straight but obviously I had not! It must have been because of the stretching of the elastic. Any tips on how to sew the knit fabric onto the elastic band in a straight line all the way around??
    Thank you :)

  17. Taylor :) says:

    I just made this and I am soooooo in love with it :) thanks for sharing :)

  18. Emily says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I just finished this skirt for my 5-year-old daughter and she loves it! I used a thin lime green and white stripe knit from JoAnn. Her cousin thought it made her look like Tinkerbell, and notified me that I “could make her one, too”. :)

  19. Aravel says:

    Thank you for the grat tutorial!

    With your explanations I’ve made a pirate costume for my daughter.

    You can see it here:

    Love from Spain.

  20. Yvonne says:

    So sweet!
    I’m gonna try it!
    Love from Holland xx

  21. Marisa says:

    What are the measurements of each square for an infant 6-11 months? Thank you!

  22. sally says:

    How do we figure out how the measurement of the square for a certain size?

  23. Michelle says:

    I love this skirt, and am going to try it. I also saw your ruffled tshirt dress, do you think this circle idea would work on the bottom of a tshirt instead of using elastic in the center of the circle?

  24. Angela says:

    I LOVE this skirt, so I gave it a try, and cuteness abounds. I did the coordinating fabric – cupcakes knit with the coordinating sprinkles knit – that was just sitting there waiting for this. Also did the yoga waist, as alas, I was unable to find the elastic (yet!). Then added a lettuce edge (because well, I’m crazy). Even with the single knit, it still came out too cute.

    Thank you for being so FUN!!!

  25. Melissa says:

    I’m a beginner at sewing, where can I purchase the cheapest fabric to practice these cute projects?

  26. Rachel says:

    This is way too cute. I just wanted to let you know that I made the original square circle skirt using a knit that sorta looked like denim (think pajama jean fabric) and it turned out great. I love how it drapes and my 7 year old loved showing it off at school. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.
    PS-I also loved how quick it sewed up.

  27. Amy says:

    This skirt is sooo cute and I’m so excited to try and make an itty bitty one for my 7 month old! I just thought I’d let others out there know that buying clearanced clothing in the biggest size available is a great way to go. A couple weeks ago I was sent a $10 off a $10 purchase at JC Penney. I went and found a couple of tank tops and dresses that were on clearance with the intention of cutting them up and making something for my daughter. I ended up getting all four things for only $1.28 after the coupon! Pretty cheap for all that fabric! Thanks again for all the awesome ideas you always have and more importantly for being willing to share those ideas with us!

  28. Rachel says:

    I’m still totally in love with Chloe. I hope that doesn’t sound weird. She is just the most adorable little thing! I love to see pictures of your kids – they’re all cute!

  29. Tiara@ reedersdigest says:

    SOOO cute! I am making my 1 1/2 yr old some today. But question, what size were your squares? I couldn’t see where you mentioned it (if you did at all). But I am lazy and my girl is the same size as yours so I figured I would ask. THANKS!

    1. Kilara says:

      I was really hoping for a reply for this question. My niece is the same size as your Chloe & I’m making her a surprise skirt for a birthday gift (She’s surprisingly fashion conscious for a one year old lol). So I have no way to measure her waist without asking (I’m away at school in another state) & her momma is clueless with a measuring tape! Thanks for the tutorial though it look SUPER adorable. :)

  30. michelle@somedaycafts says:

    so cute! Love this! I will feature this at

  31. Danielle says:

    This is too cute. Cant wait to try one.

    I am wondering how this would look using ruffle fabric. What do you think?

  32. Alex says:

    Woohoo!! This has now been put on my “To Sew” list for future projects. Once I can master sewing a pillowcase.

  33. Andrea says:

    I tried this with a grey knit as the bottom layer and a black and white chevron stripe layer on top. I’m apparently incapable of cutting squares or it’s only a kids skirt because it just didn’t work out for me!

    But your daughter looks ADORABLE in the skirt!

  34. Marilyn Raphael Mathews says:

    You could make a tube of ribbed fabric,folded in half, slide a loop of 1″ or 3/4″elastic into the fold, use this for the waistline. This waistline finish would allow you a much easier to find color range. The wide elastic just isn’t that easy to find, and in limited range of colors. ..This would be similar to “yoga” pants’ waist.

  35. Lisa says:

    Where do you find the wide elastic? So cute!

    1. Jennifer says:

      I would like to know this as well. All I ever see in the stores is black and white. That’s boring! I would love to have fun, colorful elastics.

    2. Ashley says:

      I mentioned in the original instructions that I linked to (, that I bought mine at I should have mentioned it in this tutorial too. Sorry about that! :)

      Also, I just saw that you can also find several colors at And, if you have a Joann fabric nearby, I have seen some really cute colors there too…..but it was not by the other elastics. It was by the cloth diaper making section.

      Hope that helps!


    3. Jennifer says:

      I discovered the link yesterday when I went to the original tutorial, which was right after I sent the comment of course. But I’m glad you responded because I didn’t know and Joann’s had it. In fact, I didn’t even know Joann’s had a cloth diaper section. I guess that’s why I’ve never seen the fun elastics. Who knew? Thanks!

    4. Ashley says:

      I mentioned in the original instructions that I linked to (, that I bought mine at I should have mentioned it in this tutorial too. Sorry about that! :)

      Also, I just saw that you can also find several colors at And, if you have a Joann fabric nearby, I have seen some really cute colors there too…..but it was not by the other elastics. It was by the cloth diaper making section.

      Hope that helps!


    5. Lisa says:

      Ahhh! Thank you so much! I love the detailed instructions. I’d already looked at Joann Fabric but of course wasn’t looking in the right place. Thank you! :)

  36. messabih salima says:

    tres beau!tres facile .je vais l’essayer.

  37. Elke says:

    Really, really cute. I hate to be a stinker, but the other layer is turned an EIGHTH turn, not a quarter. I’m type A like that…

    1. Ashley says:

      Ahhhh, shoot. You’re totally right! A 1/4 turn would place it right back in line with the first layer. Uggh.

      Oh wait, I was just doing that to see if anyone would catch on. And hooray……you won!!! Haha, I wish that were the case, and not my spacey brain! No, but really, thanks for letting me know. I just hurried and changed it. Whew.

      Ashley :)

  38. depro says:

    Skirt? What skirt? Your little Granny is tooooooo cute!

  39. Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog says:

    Love this so much! Makes me really wish I had little girls to make some for!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  40. Rachel S. says:

    On your first skirt you made it 10 inches, how long was this one?

  41. Alysha says:

    Oh my! I just love those cute little baby legs in tights and boots! And that skirt is adorable. I’m pretty sure I am going to make one for myself since we have two little BOYS running around our house and no girls yet! I’m lucky if I can convince my older one to get dressed at all!

    1. Ashley says:

      I know…..and for some reason, leggings are cuter on chubby baby legs than they are on my chubby legs. Ugggh… rude! ;)

  42. Jamie says:

    I love this skirt. I have 2 girls and I think this would be really cute for Christmas. just think, 2 different coordinating Christmas fabrics…Adorable!!!

    1. Ashley says:

      Cute. Let me know how it turns out! :)

  43. Charity says:

    I love this skirt! It’s so flowy and cute and completely unique. =)

  44. Brittani says:

    Love it!! I am going to have to make matching ones for me and my daughter come springtime!

    PS… I love your comment about the lap. My son and I have a deal: he is allowed to grow up as much as he wants and go to college and get married and have kids and be like a rocket scientist or whatever, but only if he never ever outgrows my lap. :D

    1. Ashley says:

      Ha……we need the same deal! And yeah, whatever they do or become is fine…..just no breaking the rule! ;)

  45. Melissa says:

    I followed the link to your original 1 layered skirt and noticed a few people mentioned making the skirt with a yoga band. What is this? How do you do it? Thanks, love your posts!

    1. Ashley says:

      A yoga band is a fold over band, usually made out of the same stretchy knit material as the skirt (or pants). Here is a skirt here, showing a yoga band:

      Hope that helps!

  46. caitlin says:

    Your daughter is sooo adorable, you must feel like a proud mom to here this all the time. me and my family are not the skirt type, must seem like a shocker to you but thats just our preferences. but what a wonderful and easy to understand tutorial anyway!

    1. Maxx says:

      caitlin, think smaller squares, and bigger circle out of the center, and get a gorgeous t-shirt with a cute ruffle at the bottom for leggings, jeans…..just size the center to the size of your shirt……now I’m thinking about using this same technique to get cascading points around the neck and down the front…..hmmm

  47. ashley says:

    stop being so good all the time!!! My daughter is so cute thanks to your ideas. So called useless old clothes of mine have really made cute skirts and dresses. =) Thanks for the many many many many many many many ideas.


    1. Ashley says:

      Haha……that cracked me up! I’m so glad some of these crazy things actually turn out and are useful for others. Whew!

      And I saw your email address (don’t worry, no one else can) and I love chocolate too. Maybe it’s the name?!! :)


  48. CJ says:

    I am totally pinning this!! And making it!!

  49. Winter says:

    Don’t worry, our eldest daughter is 22 and still plops into my lap on occasion. :)

    1. Ashley says:

      Ha….I love to hear that! :)

    2. Mandy says:

      Big baby

  50. abbey says:

    So what do you think this would look like with Ruffle fabric??? I’m thinking adorable right?

    1. Kristin says:

      I thought the same thing! But half of the ruffles would fall the ‘wrong’ way. The only way to fix that would be to sew a seam down the center, connecting two rectangular ruffle pieces with ruffles going away from each other so that the ruffles would fall correctly. I don’t know if that makes sense…(Just don’t want you to waste your ruffle fabric.!)

    2. abbey says:

      True, but I think it would still be cute! I’ve seen some things done with it falling the ‘wrong’ way and actually love the look. But that being said I don’t know how it would be with half going one way and half the other. I might still try it, I got some ruffle fabric on clearance and my girl is tiny, so I wouldn’t have to waste too much!

    3. Mandy says:

      I don’t think that will work. You might end up sewing the squares together . Just saying.

  51. Crystal says:

    I love it!

  52. Alica says:

    I love your site!!! I have become such a crafter lately!!! Thanks!!

  53. Hannah says:

    I am soo loving this!! My girls love skirts and will be demanding this one! Ps love the brown boots! Where did u find those?!

    1. Robin says:

      She got them at Target! (Someone asked the same thing on Facebook and I saw her reply)

  54. Tara says:

    Oh, my, goodness, I love it! The skirt is adorable, and your little girl is too cute. I’m loving her boots, too.

  55. Mandy says:

    This is awesome! Love it :)

  56. Danielle d says:

    Love it! I want one for me!

    1. Sophia says:

      I love this skirt too and I would love to make one for me sizes 16 to 18 how do I make it into a larger size

  57. Kristin says:

    This is adorable and honestly couldn’t get much cuter! I LOVE the orange stripes. Where do you find your knit?

    1. Ashley says:

      I’m so sorry but I can’t remember where I bought this striped orange knit. I think we were still living in Georgia? Sorry about that……but it was probably a random, “OOOh, that’s cute, I’ll take 2 yards please!” sort of thing.

    2. Sophia says:

      I love this skirt and the colours on the material and I would love to make one for me sizes 16 to 18 how do I make it into a larger size and where can I find this pattern

    3. Rochelle says:

      I don’t know if they have orange striped fabric, but check out They have a GREAT selection of knit fabrics, lots of stripes/chevrons/prints/etc

    4. faith says:

      Tried making this for my daughter and didnt measure the length right. I was goong to sctap the project but I think I may have come up with an idea to add some legnth at the top and make it more fitted through the hips then flare out. Defiantly a cute skirt.

    5. Viv Sluys says:

      This style of skirt is really cute on a drop waste…just add it to a long t-shirt

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