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Treat Jars from Baby Food Jars


Do you save things? Especially things that you think…..”hmmm, I may think of a need for this one day.” And then these important things build up? And then you go crazy deciding whether or not you should chuck them?


Well, if one of the things cluttering your shelf/closet are those little glass baby food jars……hold off for just a moment.


How about using them this fall season for something like this….
(Hope this helps you out Rose!)



Do you have any parties planned? Need some luncheon table toppers? A quick gift to drop by a friend’s house? A sweet treat at a baby shower (using different candy and lid decoration)?


Easy as that.


First, wash and dry a variety of baby jar sizes. Then trace the lids onto some fabric, cut them out, and attach to the top with Mod Podge. Then apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the tops.


Then cut a few pieces of twine/rafia/ribbon, and attach with hot glue, almost all the way around the edges of the lid. Make sure to cover up all of the sides of the lid….


Then tie the ends together into a knot or bow.


Fill with little sweet treats and you’re ready for a simple little addition to any occasion.


**And you’re not supposed to notice, but yes, the pumpkin jar isn’t quite as full……..because yes, I kept snacking on those little suckers right out of the bag and then didn’t have enough to fill up the jar. This candy corn autumn mix is strangely addicting. Dang.

Ashley Johnston

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