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Pumpkin Jars: Add treats, candles, or nothing at all…


I have finally admitted that October is here to stay. 


I can’t believe it crept up so fast.  But, now that it is 1/3 over……I have been forced to say it’s October.  I need to get cutting and sewing some Halloween costumes.  Like, pronto.   I really want to get them all finished this week……………so that means they’ll be done by next week. Ha.


In the mean time, I saw some really cute pumpkin jars on Martha Stewart, here.  And had to make them faster than fast.  My process was just a bit different……but they turned out great!

Hmmmmm………which neighbor/friend of mine needs some Halloween-y goodness?


Can you just imagine all the things you could stuff these with?




Or leave them plain and use them for Halloween decor.  Either way…….they’re just simple and cute.




The paint did take a looooong time to dry…..but other than that, they only took a few easy steps.





What a fun time of year…




Would you like to make your own Pumpkin Jars?



Remember, these jars originated on Martha Stewart here.  I just adapted it a bit for me.



Okay, I’m going to try and remember to add supply lists at the top of each project from now on. 

I probably won’t be able to go back and add them to past posts……but onward and upward, right?


Supplies needed:

  • small glass jars, varying is shape and size (baby food, mustard, artichoke hearts, etc.)
  • Goo Gone (or other product to remove the sticky labels)
  • acrylic paint
  • wire
  • black vinyl (or masking tape and black sharpie)
  • vinyl cutter or exacto knife or scissors



Note: My jars took 2 days to dry completely.  Allow for enough time to let your jars dry before filling with anything.


First of all, empty out and thoroughly wash each glass jar.  Use your Goo Gone (or similar product) to remove the sticky label from the outside of each jar.  Allow each jar to dry completely.


I purchased an orange and a yellow color acrylic paint, to give variety to my shades of orange.  Whatever color you choose, you’ll need to add a little water to your paint, to thin it down just a bit.  You don’t want it watery or it will look clear-ish on your jar.  Leave it just thick enough to be able to spread around the insides of the jar. 

Mix your paint color with the water until well blended.



Next, pour a good portion of the thinned paint into your empty jar.



Roll the jar around until the paint has completely covered the inside of the jar.




Then pour the excess paint back into your bowl, turning the jar as you pour…..coating the inner neck of the jar as well.



Next, gently shake the extra drippings of paint back into the bowl.  The more you get out, the less time it will take to dry. 

(Mine took 2 days to completely dry.  I should have shaken more!!)

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Then use a paper towel to wipe any paint that may have dripped onto the outside of the jar.  Use a wet paper towel as well to get it extra clean.



Then allow your jars to dry completely.  This may take a day or two (2 for me)……or more, I suppose (it just depends on how thick the paint was inside).



Now…..for the faces.  If you have a vinyl cutter (i.e. Silhouette) then you can use some jack o’ lantern images and cut them out for your jars.  If you don’t, you could always free hand some faces with a pair of scissors…….which would work just fine since jack ‘o lantern faces are always imperfect.  Or you can follow the technique shown by Martha.


For me, I used my Silhouette and cut out my face shapes.  I peeled away the negative space (shown on left) and then applied some transfer paper (which is just like masking tape….just not as sticky) and stuck it to the top side (the non-sticky side) of my vinyl face.  Then I peeled back the transfer paper, which pulled the face with it.



Then I centered the face on one side of the jar and pressed it down firmly with my fingers.  Then I peeled back the transfer paper, leaving the face behind.



Use whatever method works best for you to apply your jack o’ lantern face.


Then, cut a piece of wire that was long enough for a handle, plus an extra 1/2 inch on each end.  Fold up each end a half inch and leave a little opening at the ends……and then twist the rest around the main part of the wire. (shown on the left) 

Then cut another piece that will fit around the neck of the jar… a few extra inches so that you can twist the ends together. (shown on the right)


Slide the handle piece onto the other piece, through the little holes at each end of the handle piece.


Then wrap the other piece around the neck of the jar and twist the two ends closed.  Use pliers to get it twisted nice and tight, trim off the excess, then bend the ends toward the jar.



Now make a few more.


And enjoy.






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