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Turn a Onesie into a Bubble Dress


It’s that time again. 


I’ve been digging through my kiddos’ drawers and finding the “too small” items that need to be weeded out and then deciding what needs to be donated and what can be………….salvaged.  And well, babies always seem to have plenty of onesies that get a little snug in the length but still fit in the top.  So why not give them a few more months of use and adjust them just a bit.  Here’s one idea that I used for my little girl:



Making a little Bubble Dress doesn’t get any easier than this.  Really.



There’s something about that little bubble layer on the bottom that adds more fulness but also looks so clean and polished.  No worrying about a bottom hem.



And because I don’t do well leaving things alone, I added a little flower up top. Ha.



I think she likes it.  (You know what I like?  When babies learn how to blow kisses.  I adore it!)




You could use knit or a woven cotton for this but I used knit.  So it’s still soft, stretchy, and cozy from top to bottom. 


So it’s still a great dress for playing in.  And well, for being curious.



Would you like to make a quick little Bubble Dress out of a Onesie??



Grab a onesie from your baby’s drawer.  Or even go and buy one.  They are a really great base for making a bubble dress.  Then decide on your coordinating fabric for the bubble section of the dress.  (I found this teal knit at Hobby Lobby.)



Then decide on the length you’d like and cut the bottom off the onesie.



Next, decide how long you want the bubble section of the skirt to be.  Then double that number and add an inch for the seam allowance.  For the width, measure the bottom of the onesie all the way around and then double that number and then add an inch for the seam allowance.  So, I wanted to add 4 inches of length to the bottom of my dress and the bottom of the onesie was 18 inches all the way around.  So I cut a piece of knit that was 9 inches tall and 37 inches wide.


Then, fold the strip in half width-wise, with right sides together, and sew the two ends together (shown on the left).  Then, fold that circle in half inside itself, with the right side facing out, matching the raw edges together (shown on the right).



Now, with the horizontal seam along the center back and the raw edges at the top, sew a basting stitch along the top front half and another along the back half, leaving the ends free for gathering.  (Need help with gathering?  Go here.)



Now gather up the skirt section and evenly space it along the bottom of the onesie, matching up raw edges.  Pin in place and then sew.  TIP: Increase your stitch length just a bit while sewing, to prevent stretching and pulling.



Now, you can either do another seam right next to the one you just did, to reinforce it, or you can do what I did next.  (This will just keep it clean and finished but isn’t necessary if you’d rather not.)  I folded the skirt section down and then top stitched right at the very bottom of the onesie section, making sure that the excess seam allowance from the skirt is tucked upwards and is included in this seam from the bottom. 



Then, add a flower if you’d like.  Just fold up some of the flower and sew the base down to the onesie.  (Tutorial for the flower here.  I just added 3 layers, not just 2.)




 And that’s it.  A little Bubble Dress made from a onesie.




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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