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Fabric Flower Onesie & a Shirred Baby Skirt

I have two friends who recently had sweet baby girls….and both are absolutely precious!  I have been thinking about making both girls a simple little something…..but I have been on such a baby boy kick (since having Oliver a couple months ago), so it was weird to switch gears again and think of baby girl items.  But, it only took about 2 seconds to focus my brain on ruffles and flowers and all things pink!  Way too much fun. :)


It’s been a little tricky to make time to shop at the store lately, so I was determined to make both baby girls something from stuff I already had at home.  So, yes, I dug through Oliver’s stash of upcoming white onesies (both are brand new…promise!) and found some fabric tucked away in my sewing room — and created a very simple gift for both baby girls!




A basic onesie with an attached fabric flower…..and a very simple skirt, with a shirred waistband.  One in a size 3 months and the other in a size 6 months.




The little flower is made from knit fabric (that I actually cut up from one of Elli’s old Tshirt sleeves)….so it won’t fray.  Yay!




I even snuck a little clothing label into each of the skirts. :)




Such a quick gift idea, in case you are need of something too!




But if you don’t want to worry about making a skirt, a set of flower onesies would be a darling gift on their own!





Or, skip the onesie idea and just whip up a few skirts to gift away!  (If you don’t have any baby girls to make a gift for though, make one of these skirts for yourself.  Lily skirt pattern for adults here.)




So quick, really fun to make, and a nice girly gift to give away!  (Or keep for your own baby girl…..that’s okay too!)





Ready to get started?


Okay, first of all, the skirts were created the exact same way as the Lily Skirt pattern that you can find in my pattern shop.  That pattern is sized for adults but if you have the pattern already, you can make these baby versions the exact same way.  I’ll just tell you the dimensions for the skirt sizes I made to go with the size 3 month onesie and the 6 month onesie, in case you’re making a similar size.


3 month size: I cut one piece of fabric that was 7.5 x 34 inches and sewed the two short ends together with right sides together, into a circle.

6 month size: I cut one piece of fabric that was 8.5 x 37 inches and sewed the two short ends together with right sides together, into a circle.


For both sizes, I folded the top casing down 1/2 inch, another 1/2 inch and then sewed it in place. Then I used a small cord elastic and threaded that into the casing.  The bottom hem I folded under a 1/2 inch, another 1/2 inch and then sewed in place.  Each line of shirring was created just like the pattern above, just sewn closer together.




Now, onto the flower onesies…




Iron some fusible adhesive to the wrong side of your cotton fabric background piece, slightly larger than you think you’ll need for the onesie. 



Cut the fabric down to size, making sure that the fusible adhesive covers the back completely.  (The size of your square background depends on the onesie size.  I used a 3 1/2 inch square for a size 3 month onesie and a 4 inch square for a 6 month onesie.)



Peel the paper backing off the back of your fabric.



Then place the fabric down onto the front of the onesie, with the adhesive side face down.  Iron in place and then stitch around the edges of the square, nice and close to the edge of the fabric.



Now, grab your knit fabric to make your flowers.  Knit doesn’t fray so it works perfectly to make these flowers but if you don’t mind a slightly frayed edge to your flower, you can use a woven cotton fabric too.  It’s up to you.


Cut 4 larger circles and 4 slightly smaller circles from your knit fabric.  Again, the size of your circles depend on how large you want your flower but here’s the size of circles I used for the two onesie sizes I used.

Size 3 month onesie: larger circles = 2 3/4 inches in diameter, smaller circles = 2 inches in diameter

Size 6 month onesie: larger circles = 3 inches in diameter, smaller circles = 2 1/4 inches in diameter



Fold each circle in half and then in half again.



Repeat with all 4 larger circles and all 4 smaller circles and arrange accordingly.



Place the larger folded circles onto the onesie, centered on the square fabric.  Sew the inner portion of each folded circle, right onto the onesie.  Don’t worry about making it pretty or perfect…..because it will never show.



Then, place the smaller folded circles on top, rotating them slightly so that the lines between each section alternates from the folded circles below.  Sew in place.



Cover your 1-inch Cover Button with the same fabric.



And then hand sew it to the center of your flower.




And that’s it.

A fun gift for baby girl!








. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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