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Wall Decor: wooden LOVE sign

Finally…….it’s baby Chloe’s turn (who’s not really a baby anymore…{sigh}) to have a little color added to her beige walls.  We’re “professional” renters it seems, so we always have to work around the color of walls that we’re given. 


I saw this really cute wall hanging online (and pinned it, of course) but realized that not only was the price too high ($200 bucks? really?!?!)…….but I also didn’t want a white wall hanging for Chloe’s walls.


So I made one for her room.  But with some color.




I used some bead board from the hardware store and some large wooden letters.  Turned out perfectly.




You could make this any size, really…….but I love how big this one turned out (30 x 32 inches).  And how nicely it fills up the empty space on Chloe’s wall.




Nice and solid and adorable. Ooooh, I love it when things turn out. 


And I also love showing those over-priced items who’s boss!  Ha. :)


Would you like to see how I made mine?



You may already understand how this is put together……..but here’s my process:


First, I purchased some 12 inch tall letters at Hobby Lobby.  I’ve said this probably 100 times but if something isn’t either 40% or 50% off at Hobby Lobby, wait a week or two……and then it will be.  That store is so funny.  (Or just use an online coupon.  They always have one available.  But it’s only for one item.)  I snagged these when all of their “wood” items were on sale for 1/2 off.  They were painted black but Hobby Lobby (and Michael’s) have unpainted wood letters that are even cheaper.  I just really wanted this font and exact size.  So, I think I spent $3 per letter??  Maybe $4?  I used some white spray paint from an old can that was till half full…..and covered the black completely.


Then, I purchased a sheet of bead board at Lowe’s.  It came in one sheet (about 50 inches long by 32 inches tall…..for about $10), so I had to cut it down to 30 x 32 inches.  It was pre-painted in white so I used some inexpensive acrylic paint and gave it a few coats of purple.


I didn’t want a completely thick coat of purple, so I used a sponge brush to apply the paint and applied extra pressure in some areas to allow the white to show through a bit.


After the letters and bead board both dried, I hot glued the letters down.  (epoxy glue would work great too.)


Then, I hammered some hooks into the back.  I only hammered them in halfway, because I didn’t want them to split the wood through the front.  Then I added extra blobs of glue right where the hooks pierced through the wood, just to be sure the hooks wouldn’t wiggle out.



And that’s it. 


Ready to be hung. 


And enjoyed!



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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