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DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces

Today’s contributor is Emma from Crafting{E}! All posts written by Emma for Make It and Love It, can be found HERE.

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Hello Make It and Love It readers! It’s Emma from Crafting{E} again! I am SO excited to share this adorable project with you today. I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it. One of my favorite parts is all of the different holidays that occur.

DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces | via
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Halloween is definitely a favorite of mine. Honestly, I feel like Halloween has gotten more exciting as I’ve gotten older. Sure, there may not be that added excitement over trick or treating, but dressing up is something I always look forward to.

DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces | via
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Another thing that makes the holidays special for me is making them special for other people.

There is just something about seeing other people excited and happy that makes me 10x more excited and happy about whatever I am doing.

DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces | via
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This is definitely the case with these necklaces. I made these adorable Halloween necklaces for me and my sisters. It was so fun to see their faces light up as I painted the wooden beads into pumpkins and spiderwebs.

DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces | via
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The other great thing about this project is that you DO NOT need to be an expert at painting. If you couldn’t tell, I am definitely not a skilled painter, however, the designs on the beads are simple enough for anyone to paint!

DIY Wooden Bead Halloween Necklaces | via
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I seriously am IN LOVE with these necklaces. I can’t wait to wear them with my little sisters once it’s Halloween. They will be such a fun addition to any Halloween outfit!


  • Wooden beads (mine are from Michael’s)
  • black, orange, and white acrylic paint
  • foam brushes, thin brushes, and dotting tool
  • leather cording (mine is from Michael’s)


  • First, choose 3 wooden beads and paint them orange, white, and black. Allow the paint to dry

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  • FOR THE SPIDERWEB: Using a thin brush, paint white lines onto the surface of the black bead so it resembles a spider web. Look on the picture below for reference. Allow it to dry.

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  • FOR THE PUMPKIN: Use a thin brush to paint three small black triangles and a mouth onto the orange bead. Allow the bead to dry.

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  • FOR THE INITIAL BEAD: Use a thin brush to paint the letter on the bead in orange paint.

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  • FOR THE INITIAL BEAD: Using black paint and a dotting tool, paint black dots onto the surface of the initial bead. Allow the bead to dry.

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  • Once the beads have all dried, string them onto a piece of leather string. Tie the string so it forms a necklace.

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And that’s it! See I told you it’s easy! Make sure to follow my blog Crafting{E} for more great projects.


blog contributor Emma
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Wooden bead halloween necklaces
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    So cute! My daughter would love it!

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