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Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape….Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires!

Today’s contributor is Crystal from Stitched By Crystal. All posts written by Crystal for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Halloween is just weeks away!

It is Crystal here, from Stitched by Crystal!  If you are looking for a super simple costume that still has a handmade touch, I have a reversible Halloween cape tutorial that you can wear with stuff already in your closet for the perfect bat costume for you or your little one!  Or use this easy-to-sew cape to finish off your witch or vampire costume…..or maybe even Batman or Batgirl!

Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape....Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires! | via
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This cape is a quick easy sew…You could make one tonight!

And it is reversible, so change up the color whenever you want!  Or the 2 tones make for a fun pop of color on the inside of your cape.  I picked purple and yellow for my little bat, but you could maybe try purple and green for a spooky witch, or red and black for a vampire!

Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape....Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires! | via
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The curves on the bottom make the cape look like bat wings when you hold the cape out!

Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape....Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires! | via
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Add some dark clothing from your closet and make a quick head band with bat ears…you have an adorable (and easy) bat costume!!

Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape....Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires! | via
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Want to make a reversible Halloween cape to compliment your costume? Great! Let me show you how….

Sew A Reversible Halloween Cape....Perfect for Bats, Witches, and Vampires! | via
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  • Fabric for the exterior and lining of the cape.  The amount will vary on the length of the cape you want, I used a yard of purple satin and a yard of yellow satin for this cape pictured that I made for my 4-year-old.
  • A small amount of medium weight iron-on interfacing for the neck strap.
  • Sew on Velcro
  • basic sewing supplies

***As always, if you need a bit of help with the basic sewing skills used in this tutorial, don’t hesitate to check out the Sewing 101 post for more help.


Start by cutting your cape shape.  Fold the fabric in half and cut a quarter circle with a radius of 4″ for the neck of the cape.  Then decide how long you want your cape, add 1″ to that number and cut the bottom curve that distance from the top curve as shown below (my cape is 16″ long and the measurements I used are shown).

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Fold the cape in half again and iron along the fold, then fold in half once more and iron the fold.  Cut a curve along the bottom edge of the cape – You can use a bowl or plate as a template to get a nice even curve if you want.

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Unfold your cape!  Cool right?!

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Repeat those steps to cut your lining.  Place the cape and lining right sides together and sew down the sides and around the bottom curves, leaving the neck curve open.

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Clip the corners and notch the curves of the bottom curves.  Turn the cape right side out and iron around the edge, leaving the creases in the middle of the cape.

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Topstitch along the creases on the cape.

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Gather along the neck curve of the cape.

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Cut 2 strips for the neck of the cape.  I cut these 2″ x 16″ for my 4-year-old. For a bigger kid, try cutting them 2″ x 17″, and for a teenager or adult I would cut them 2″ x 18″.

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Iron your medium weight interfacing to the back of the strips. Then place them right sides together.  Starting about 2″ from the end of the strip, sew around the edge of the strips with a 1/2″ seam allowance, stop sewing when you get about 2″ from the edge on the other side, leaving an opening in the bottom of the strip as shown below.

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Clip the corners and flip the strip right side out. Iron the strip, folding the raw edges on the bottom in.

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Sandwich the gathered neckline of the cape inside the opening of the neck band and pin in place.

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Topstitch around the neckband, securing the cape in place.

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Add the velcro to the ends of the neck band.

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Your Halloween cape is done!

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Need some bat ears too? Check out the quick tutorial below!

  1. Cut 4 bat ear shapes out of iron on interfacing, making the piece about 1/4″ larger than you want your finished ears.  Iron them to the back of your fabric.
  2. Cut out around the interfacing, leaving an extra 1/2″ of fabric at the bottom below the interfacing.
  3. Place 2 bat ear pieces together and sew the sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving the bottom open.  Repeat with your other 2 ear pieces.
  4. Clip the fabric at the top point to reduce the bulk when turned.
  5. Turn the ear pieces right side out.  Fold the raw edge at the bottom in and topstitch around the ear.  Using hot glue, fold the bottom corners of the ears in and glue them in place.
  6. Put a line of hot glue along the bottom of ears and pop them on a head band!

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Thanks for reading and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Check out Crystal’s blog here.  Her darling shop here.  Follow her on Instagram here.  And her Pinterest page here***ALL contributor posts by Crystal, can be found HERE.


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Sew a reversible halloween cape….perfect for bats, witches, and vampires!
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  1. Malene says:

    That is so cute. My little girl will love this in red and pink. It will make a great Owlette cape <3

  2. Ann says:

    Thank you for the pattern! I made a navy blue one for my little Batman this year and it turned out great!

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