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Vinyl Clouds on Painted Canvas (boys’ room wall decor)


 Several weeks ago, I saw these adorable little wire airplanes at Pottery Barn, and pinned them.  I showed them to Connor (my 4 year old) on my computer (big mistake) and he fell in love.  They were a little too pricey…..especially for not really having any function.  They were just decor.  He couldn’t even play with them.  But he thought they were SO cool and would ask me when we were going to get these “super cool planes” and put them up in his room.  So, I considered buying wire to shape them into my own planes.  But wasn’t sure how easy/difficult that would be.  So, when I was at Home Goods a week or so ago, I saw a metal shaped plane that seemed a lot more substantial.  PLUS, it was about a 1/3 of the price.  Score!  So I brought that little beauty home and then had to decide how to add this plane to his room.  I finally decided to turn 3 blank canvases into painted skies……so that new little plane, would feel right at home.



And wouldn’t you know, that little plane acts as if he’s about to dip into the bluest of skies.




It fills up the nice big wall above his bed perfectly.



And how does the little dude feel about it?  He loves it.  And convinces everyone he can, to come up to his room to check it out.  I guess that’s not saying much though…….because he does the same thing when he gets a new trash can or some random pillow case too. Ha. :)





Even though the plane was cool (and a lucky find) the skies add a great pop of color to the wall…….and is a simple way to add some visual appeal.




The canvases were just painted blue and the skies were cut from my Silhouette from white vinyl.  (See? Another reason you should enter the silhouette giveaway from yesterday!You could also paint the skies with white paint and a steady hand.




Really quick.  And I saved some cash.  Love both of those things. :)



But best of all………this little guy thinks he has the coolest room in the house!




Need a little more info on making the canvases?


Like I mentioned above, I just painted some white canvases with blue acrylic paint.  (My canvases are 24 x 12…….I bought them at Hobby Lobby, when they were on sale for 1/2 off.  Which is like every other week!)  The blue color that I used, is actually two colors that I had on hand that I mixed together.  The color in the picture below is “calypso blue” but I mixed it with some “neon blue” in the same folk art brand.  (Just in case you’re trying to figure out how I got this specific blue color.)



Then, I hopped onto my computer and bought some cloud shapes from the Silhouette online shop, which cost me 99 cents.  Whew.  Then I loaded them into the Silhouette program and arranged them just how I wanted them……then enlarged it until the whole grouping was 34 inches wide (just slightly more narrow than my 3 canvases all together).  And because I wanted to use my new Portrait (which only cuts about 8 inches wide), I had to cut the image in different sections.



After all the different sections were cut in white, I taped them all together.



Then I turned it over and measured to find the exact center and drew a vertical line right down the center.


Then, I centered one of my canvases right over that vertical line and then drew a line on either side of the canvas.  Then I cut down those two lines.


Then, from the front, I have my cloud image cut evenly into 3 pieces.


I then transferred them onto my dried canvases.  And to be sure that the canvas didn’t peel (because canvas is a rough texture), I mod podged over the entire canvas. Worked like a charm.


****But remember, if you don’t want to use vinyl, go on and just paint your clouds.  Vinyl really creates perfect lines, which I love.  But clouds would be pretty forgiving if you wanted to paint them.



And that’s it.  Such a simple way to add some cool wall decor to Connor’s room.




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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