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A gift EVERY household needs…24 HOUR SALE!!

I have something I’ve been so excited about…….and have had to keep a secret for a while.  But could HARDLY WAIT to share here with you guys today!!!  And that’s because I’m a mom and I worry about what my kids eat, how they are doing at school, how their bodies react to medications, if they’re adjusting socially among their peers, and on and on.  And I know many of you reading this right now have the same worries, no matter the age of your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/etc.  Something that’s a newer worry that didn’t exist when I was a little girl, are boundaries and limits on the internet.

My kiddos are absolutely given time on the internet.  Heck, I’m online so many hours with blogging, answering emails, sharing ideas and such……I really have seen first hand how many really great things there are on the internet.  And it’s something that’s encouraged and utilized in schools and most professions.  But along with the good that comes with using the internet and technology, there are definitely things I want filtered out of my house and limits that have been set with how much they are allowed to be connected.


That’s where the exciting part comes in.

We have always had a basic filter on our internet to block unwanted sites and ads that sometimes come up while using the internet.  However, it’s just that — basic.  I was introduced to something absolutely incredible that I fell in love with instantly and hope that everyone who has a child or has children of any age in their home, knows about.  And at least takes a peek to see how STINKIN’ COOL this thing is!!

And that’s a device called CIRCLE (with Disney).



Okay, that sleek little box isn’t just pretty, it’s a warrior for households!

But instead of me going on and on about it… on this quick video below and you’ll see exactly why I’ve been SO EXCITED to share!!



I mean, come on, how can you not love that thing?!?!  Okay, I don’t really need all of the features it provides quite yet (because my kids don’t have their own devices)…….but I know that day will eventually come. We do let them borrow our tablet, phones, and computers and have certain amounts of screen time a day, so I LOVE that you can create profiles that allows certain users to have access to certain things, a bedtime for certain devices, filters for the whole family, etc.  LOVE this thing!!


The best part??? And the reason I had to keep quiet about this whole thing… because they are having a huge markdown today for Cyber Monday (that they probably won’t be doing again until Cyber Monday rolls around again next year). So, for 24 HOURS ONLY….

…..Circle (with Disney) is on sale for $85 (regularly $99) – and NO monthly subscription.

Just click on the words above.  Or HERE.  (Or anywhere else in this post that’s hyperlinked/highlighted. ;) )


What a great gift for you or your spouse to gift to each other……or to send to another family you love.  Or, wouldn’t this be the PERFECT GRANDPARENT GIFT?? (Because I’m sure it’s hard to know what to give the grown kids who have their own families these days.)


Okay, just to clarify (and in case the video didn’t work for you above), here are 4 of my favorite things that Circle does:


1. Sets appropriate filters for EACH DEVICE (smart phone, tablet, gaming console, etc). You can use their pre-designed settings or customize your own.  It blocks ads and filters unwanted content, just how you want it, depending on the user.  Circle even recognizes when someone joins your network and applies your same home default settings.
  Oh, how I love this!

2. Tracks where your family is spending their time online.  And as long as I have children using my internet, I want to know what sites they’re visiting.  Because I wouldn’t send them on a bus to anywhere they wanted to go. I would absolutely want to know where they were going and what their final destination will be.

3. Gives all devices a BEDTIME.  Ha!  I love that it’s called a “bedtime”….but that’s exactly what it is!  Devices potentially have access to the entire world and frankly, I don’t think my child needs access to the entire world at midnight.  So….goodnight iPads, phones, laptops, etc!

4. Pauses the internet.  Yep, it sure can.  Any time you want to and for whatever reason you need to…..go right ahead.  It even stays active if it’s unplugged and has no off button.  In fact, the only way to adjust or change Circle’s filtering and time management settings is through the iOS app, which is password protected and can only be downloaded on a single smartphone.
 Pretty cool, that little Circle device.


And because I always like to hear what other users are saying about a product, here are what Circle customers are saying about it:

— “As the father of four kids from elementary through college age, I am not exaggerating when I say Circle is EXACTLY the device I have been looking for to control the internet in my house. Circle truly is peace of mind in a little white box.” -Wayne Stocks

— “Circle has literally changed our lives and how our family spends time on the internet. My worries of what my children could be exposed to online has changed overnight by the use of Circle. I can pause the internet anytime making getting chores or homework done much easier these days.” -Terra Nyce

— “Circle makes it easy for me to protect my kids online, monitor usage across all our home’s devices, and create conversations with the entire family. It’s rare that something is simple and effective, but Circle is both.” -Michael Lukaszewski


As technology becomes more and more intertwined with our lives, I think the key is to get the most out of it, without having it completely take over our free time, family time, etc. I feel like Circle helps families find and keep balance and control over something that most households are still trying to figure out……and for that, I am 100% a customer and FAN!!



***REMINDER: You can purchase your own Circle for $85 (reg. $99) by clicking here, for TODAY ONLY!  (November 30, 12am – 11:59pm PST)


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