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Decorate My Home, Part 17 – Ruffled Shower Curtain


Our second bathroom has been calling my name.
(Ever since I finished the first bathroom here and here.)
It’s been lonely and bare.
So today was the day to fancy that space up.
With a new ruffled shower curtain.
And not completely ruffled.
Just a couple ruffles towards the top. 


It has definitely added some charm to the space.
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(And some other ideas for the rest of the bathroom this week…)

How to make your own ruffled curtain….
(your finished curtain will be about 70 inches tall by 68 inches wide.
I began with a piece that was 75 inches tall and 69 inches wide. 
(I used 100% cotton but imagine that many types of fabric would work with this project.)
To do this, I sewed 2 pieces together lengthwise that were a little over 2 yards a piece (or 75 inches), and then trimmed off the excess along one side, so that the large piece would only be 68 inches wide.
Then I hemmed each 75 inch long side by folding over a 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch, then sewed into place.
Then I folded the top down 2 inch, ironed flat, folded down another 2 inches, ironed flat again, then sewed into place along the bottom edge.
Then I cut off 5 inches from the top, that included that 2 inch wide section I just ironed and stitched.
And I spaced 12 pins all along the top……
Then made 12 button holes that were about an inch long, starting about 1/2 inch from the top.  These will be the slots for the curtain rings to go through.
Set that aside……now onto the ruffles.
I made 2 strips of fabric (from the section that I cut off and then some extra I had) that were 9 x 138 inches.  I had to piece together several different pieces to make a piece long enough.
(If you’re using your own measurements, just make the strips for you ruffles twice as long as the width of the shower curtain.  This will give you a nice ruffle.)
Then hem the bottom edges of your 2 ruffle pieces by folding over 1/4 inch, another 1/4 inch, then sew into place.  Do the same thing to the sides of both ruffle pieces.
Then make a basting stitch along the top of both ruffle pieces, 1/4 inch from the unfinished top edge.  And I actually made 2 basting stitches along the top of each ruffle.  One from the left side to the center and the other from the center over to the right side.  I did that so that I could make my gathers in two different sections on each piece.
Set one of your ruffle pieces aside.
Then place a pin at the center of the top edge of your main shower curtain piece….
Then place the center of your ruffle piece (right side up) at the same point as the pin you just placed……and pin the two layers together.  (And if you started and stopped your basting stitch at the center of your ruffle piece like I did, that is your center and you can place that spot right where the pin is on your shower curtain piece.)
Then start pulling and gathering the ruffle piece until it is as wide as the shower curtain piece.  (Need help gathering?  Check out this post here.)
And pin the ruffled piece to the main shower curtain piece, every few inches.
Until it’s all pinned and evenly gathered.
Then grab the piece with the button holes that you set aside, and lay it on top, upside down and face down.  You want all of the raw unfinished edges to be lined up together.  Pin all three layers together.
Then sew together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Then add a zig-sag seam right next to that seam, just to make it nice and secure.
Then flip that top edge up, along with the ruffle, and start gathering your second ruffle piece the same way as the first.  (Make sure to find the center of the shower curtain again and pin the center of your ruffle right at that spot.)  Gather and pin the same way……but measure down 3 1/2 inches from the top ruffle.
Attach this second ruffle right to the shower curtain, by making a seam right on top of your basting stitch that you used to gather your ruffle.
Then make a zig-zag stitch to finish it off.
Make sure your curtain hangs even and straight, then hem the bottom edge of the curtain by folding under a 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch, then sew in place.
Lastly, iron all of your seams and hemmed edges flat.  Also, steam the top of the first ruffle flat, just a little bit….right at the top where it’s attached to the curtain.  This will make a look a little nicer and not so out of control.
Then hang your curtain and enjoy your new space.
Sheesh, you should actually take a long shower after all of that hard work.
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  1. kayla says:

    So I know this post was about the shower curtains (which i love) but I noticed the adorable pictures in the corner of one. I absolutely love them! Do you have a tutorial of how to make those flowers pictures? If so where can I find it? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Kathryn says:

    thanks to you, i spruced up my original shower curtain :)


  4. Diana says:

    So glad to find this–very helpful and thank you! I am starting with a store bought plain off-white shower curtain and I wanted to embellish with something.
    Your ruffle idea and my coordinating fabric are just the thing! (and I too love the fabric you chose!)

  5. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    Do you think this design would make a nice window curtain?

  6. DonnaRae says:

    I just decided to make a new curtain for my main bath and got lucky and found this today. Great idea for the ruffles. I am glad I found this because definitly going to do the ruffles. Thanks for the tute!

  7. Jenny says:

    This is really adorable! My husband and I are in need of a new shower curtain and ours is really skinny so it's been tough finding one – I think this is going to be a great option for us, although I might have to go lighter on the ruffles – my poor husband is bound to get sick of all the cutie girly things I make for the house!

  8. inday_adin says:

    Ah! That ruffle effect makes it look fun and interesting. YOu did a great job!

  9. Wulan says:

    So adorable.. for sure i wanted to make one for my room..get bored with the old one..

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial anyway..

    Happy Crafting

  10. Jared & Tristan says:

    I LOVE that fabric!!! I want it :)
    That curtain is SO beautiful! I'll definitely keep this in mind!

  11. The Noalls says:

    I love it, I love it, I love it. And I've got to go see what Hobby Lobby is like. Thanks for the advice on the pillows; I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how they turn out and probably send you pictures. :)

  12. says:

    Ashley I love this!! I will definitely have to try this when I move. Super great tutorial. Bookmarking now.



  13. Amy says:

    great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing :) now i can find the perfect fabric and make exactly what I want!!!


  14. Ashley says:

    Christina – I used 100% cotton for this project. Worked great!

  15. Mandy from Burkett Blessings says:

    This is precious and you did a wonderful job on the tutorial!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that!! LOVE IT!!

  16. Christina says:

    It's gorgeous! What type of material do you need to use?

  17. Beverly @ says:

    Super cute! I love the fabric you chose and the two ruffles at the top! Just yummy.

  18. Jessabells says:

    You must have been reading my mind. Last night I was thinking I would love to sew a shower curtain for my bathroom but was wondering how to do it. Thank so much for posting this. Hopefully I can get onto this soon.

  19. Ashley says:

    Good, I'm glad you're all enjoying this one. The ruffles turned out fun!

    And I got that fabric at Hobby Lobby several months ago. I'm not sure of the name of it but you have to buy all of their fabrics at their store. So take a look if you have one nearby.


  20. Tyler, Alexis and Karielle says:

    LOVE it

  21. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife says:

    I'm loving the ruffles! So cute. It really adds interest to the curtain!

  22. Crafty Batches says:

    So cute, I can't seem to get enough of the ruffles! ~Sam

  23. Cinnamonstitch says:

    That is beautiful, so happy you shared, maybe it will motivate me to make my own shower curtain. Hope you come by and visit have a great day. Im following you :)

  24. Cam and Jess says:

    I have been looking for fabric just like that for my shower curtain. Do you mind me asking where you found it?
    I love the ruffles and all! Very cute!

  25. summerbummer says:

    love the ruffles!

  26. Aaron & Ashley Gilbert says:

    Oh this is so cute! I will definitely try this when I get my sewing machine…til then I will just have to drool over yours!

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