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Fluffy Chiffon Skirt

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How many projects do you have going at one time?
Are you a must-finish-one-project-before-starting-another-one type of person?
I wish I was.
But I think there is no hope for me.
I always have several projects going on at one time.  Sometimes 3, other times 5, and at other times…….I have no idea.  And right now, I have no idea.
I am a list person and try to write ideas down and prioritize which I’d like to do first and such but uggghhhh………..then I see a new piece of fabric that I must get for the “perfect project”, see a bare spot on my wall that needs some sprucing, or want to attend a party and bring something fun.  I stop mid-project sometimes because of one reason or another……..and then get jazzed about something different when I get back into craft mode.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Or am I alone in this craziness?
And today’s project? One that has sat un-finished for a while…  And let me tell you, I have had strips of yellow chiffon hanging around weird spots, waiting to be attached to this skirt.  At one point, I even saw one of the strips wrapped all the way around my little girl’s body.  I guess someone appreciates my un-finished projects.
Anyway, I’m glad I finished this little fluffy chiffon skirt. I bought the material for this way back when I bought it for the pettiskirt here (maybe in the spring??), but it sat waiting for me to work with it.
And you know I love to use scrap material.  So I sure did use some leftover grey jersey knit from another project to make the skirt.
But this little skirt gives you that fun and cheery pettiskirt jive, without using so much chiffon.
And what could be cuter than throwing some leggings on with it?
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And yes, the skirt still has plenty of flexibility…..perfect for climbing and other such fun.

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And it’s okay to get down and dirty in the skirt too.
Especially to look in tree trunk knots for squirrel families.  Yes, she sure was calling for Mr. Squirrel to come out and play. 
(I had to break it to her later that squirrels are too big to live in that little knot.)
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And with all of the great chiffon, there is plenty of light movement to the skirt.


Interested in making your own?



I used knit fabric as the skirt base and then added the chiffon to that.  Mine is made for my little girl who wears a 4T, so adjust this tutorial as needed……but you don’t want/need the knit skirt base to be very full.  But you don’t want it too snug/tight either so that it limits movement.  So my little girl is about 20 inches around in the waist, so I figured about 28 inches around would be plenty big.

So I started with a piece of knit that was 29 x 11 inches. (An extra inch in the width for the side seam allowance and an extra 2 inches for the top and bottom seam allowances.)

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Then I cut a long strip of interfacing that was 29 inches long and about 1/2 of an inch wide.  Then I ironed it to the bottom edge of the skirt on the wrong side of the fabric.  I did this because this knit was rolling so much and I wanted the bottom edge of the skirt to stay flat and not roll up, making the skirt base shorter and shorter.

Then I folded the bottom edge under a 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch, and then sewed it into place.  This hid the interfacing and kept the bottom edge stiff-er and flat.  Worked great.

Then, I folded skirt in half and sewed a seam along the side of the skirt, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  I sewed another stitch right next to the first, for re-enforcement.

Then I folded the top edge down a 1/4 inch, then about 3/4 of an inch and then sewed along the bottom of the fold……creating a casing for the elastic waist.  Made sure to leave about an inch opening in the casing, to thread the elastic through later on.
Then I set the skirt aside and started cutting strips of chiffon.
(I used a no-fray chiffon… for finding it, listed in my pettiskirt tutorial found here.)
I cut strips that were 4 inches wide and about 110 inches long.  (I had to sew two strips together to get a strip 110 inches long, because my original piece of chiffon was 55 inches wide.)  Then I sewed each 110 inch long strip together at each end, making a circle of chiffon.
I cut and sewed 3 circles of chiffon that would be used to make my 3 separate ruffles for the skirt.

Then, I made a gathering stitch along the top edge of each of the circles of chiffon, 1/4 inch away from the top edge.  (Need help with gathering?  Click here for me info.)  Then I pulled the threads, cinching in the chiffon.

Then I slid this ruffle over the skirt, and adjusted the chiffon to fit around the skirt just right.  I pinned the ruffle in place, allowing the ruffle to fall about 1 inch below the bottom edge of the knit base.

Then I sewed right on top of the ruffle and previous stitch, securing the ruffle to the skirt.
Then I gathered the next row of chiffon the same way as the first, and attached it to the skirt with pins.  I  lined it up so that the bottom of the ruffle overlapped the bottom row by about an inch.
Then I sewed this layer in place.
Then, I added the 3rd row the same way, overlapping the 2nd row by about an inch as well.
And just like the other rows, I sewed the top row in place.

Then I attached a safety pin to a piece of 3/4 inch wide elastic, and threaded it through the casing at the waist.

Then pulled it through, sewed the 2 ends together, and then sewed the casing closed.
And that was it.
A simple and versatile little fluffy skirt.
Perfect for all sorts of fun.


Glad I finished one of the many un-finished projects that are piling up.  And before those other half-finished projects are completed, I have another little item to show you in a few days.  I walked by something in the store the other day, and I knew I had the perfect knit at home to make one of my own.
See?  It’s a viscious cycle.
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  1. vijaya says:

    You make it ! I love it !

  2. Lois Maxwell says:

    I turned 70 last summer, and my sewing room is full of projects that need started . There is also a bunch that need finished. Our great grand son will be 1 soon, and I still haven’t made any thing for him. (I’ve had celulities all summer in my feet and legs} so didn’t get much done. But this pattern is just what I need to get started on. We will have a great grand daughter in January. Maybe if I get it started now, I will get it done by the time she is 3. I did get her dads quilt top done for when he went to trade school. He didn’t want anything heavy,so I just sewed different sizes of old blue jeans on a new sheet. Just zig-zaged then all over the flat sheet. He said it was perfect. I could write a book about all the stuff in that room, but you would get tired reading it. When our grand daughter was little, I found fab. I had bought for her mom. At least I got some of it used up. She is now 27 and the mother of the 1 yr. old. Happy great gran.

  3. Gloria says:

    Thanks sooo much. Just what I was looking to make.

  4. Stephanie Phillips says:

    Could you do this same thing with lace instead of chiffon?

    1. Gloria says:

      THANKS…THANKS…SOOO much. I purchased a pattern for a three tier skirt…could not follow it. I found your site and there it was. Your instructions are easy to follow and the pictures are very helpful. I made it out of cotton fabric and the base was cut from an XL man’s sweat shirt.

  5. Sandi says:

    Whenever I try to sew tulle to gather it, I find it gets caught in my machine. Any thoughts on how to prevent that? I’ve googled the question but to no avail.

  6. Georgina says:

    This is truely gorgeous. My little one does Fairy dancing every Saturday morning and I would love to make this for her as the skirts are for sale at $80. Infortunately I cannot find anywhere in Australia that sells chiffon in rolls!! I really didnt want to have to cut up meters upon meters into strips, but it looks like that’s exactly what I will have to do as shipping from the States is twice the cost of the actual products :(

  7. Nevi says:

    Sorry to be so late with my opinion but I just wanted to say that I love this skirt, I love the colour, I love the pics and the actress there! :) They are giving me so much inspiration. Thanks!

  8. Sarah says:

    I totally fell in love with this when I saw it… I even made a similar one myself. I used stretch tulle with polka dots and made 4 smaller tiers instead of three but I definately want to try one with chiffon next time. Thanks so much for the idea!

  9. Nikki @ Tikkido says:

    Hah–you describe my crafting life in every respect! I get a project about 95% done, and then I’m on to the next one. I *still* haven’t finished putting the stone veneer on the wood-fired pizza oven I built almost four years ago! And I don’t think I’ve seen my dining room table since thanksgiving…2010. ;-) I have a friend with the same problem of overlapping projects who has a joking theory that if you stop crafting, you die. So far it’s working. ;-)

  10. Maruja says:

    Buen dia:

    Que fabulosa pagina.

  11. Kim @ seven thirty three says:

    I just love this sweet little skirt! I have so many of your sewing projects pinned and can’t wait to try! I shared this today for my Skirt Week series.

  12. phyl says:

    As far as basting goes; around a stitch length of 4 is good; always pull the BOBBIN thread, not the top thread; it moves easier and less chance of breakage. always put a straight pin on left side, straight (vertical) up and down and wrap both threads around in a figure 8 a couple of times. This will anchor the left side ; than slowly start gathering w/the bobbin thread. there are so many more thricks but just wanted to give you the basic. rem. long stitch length, pull BOBBIN thread to gather. I’m sure it was just a typo ; the tut. on the ruffle skirt; it is pretty; if you have a serger, that is the ticket for gathering. that is what sold me on buying one; the facrt that it gathered over a thicker thread; no chance of breaking. hope this helped you.

    Pgh. Phyl

  13. Rachel says:

    Nylon chiffon is no-fray, while polyester chiffon really frays. Just FYI to anyone wanting to try this :)

  14. Lindsay says:

    I don’t know if you will get this and be able to reply but I have a quick question. I am a beginner sewer and teaching myself from wonderful people like you who are kind enough to share your skill! I have twin girls that are three so swishy and swirly are the most requested for clothes in this house. I just bought a ruffler foot for my sewing machine but am wondering if it would be better to use the basting stitch on this to adjust it to the length you want. If you have time to let me know your opinion, it would be really great. I understand if not though! I love your site and have made several things from your tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Oh and I am actually sewing this onto a shirt starting at the empire to make bee dresses! They want a bee theme for their 4th birthday so I am making yellow/black stripes with the chiffon. I hope it is as cute as it is in my head!

  15. meeko says:


  16. Cristina c says:

    I love this tutu! So cute! I’m trying to make one for my cousins daughter. Thanks for the easy tutorial and pics, but I have a question, how long was your piece of elastic?

  17. You and Me Dolls says:

    This is fantastic! I make cloth dolls and would like to make this for the dolls. Using the stretch fabric as a base would definately elevate the itch factor of the chiffon and make this a favorite garment for a little one. Great project!

    1. You and Me Dolls says:

      I meant to say “alleviate” the itch factor, but spell check made it “elevate” instead!

  18. galo44ka says:

    Спасибо за МК, обязательно воспользуюсь.

  19. Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! My two little girls love it so much that they had me hunting for knit and chiffon fabric at our local thrift store which is always full of amazing fabrics, LOL.

  20. erica says:

    if you happened to have regular chiffon and not no fray, how would you suggest adapting the directions?

  21. Kommoner says:

    That's pretty cute. I should make one for my little bro, he loves that kinda thing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    LOVE this! Just got done making one for my daughter =) Unfortunately didnt have the no-fray chiffon though so I had to finish the edges but it turned out so cute!! thank you! ♥ it! wish I could figure out how to post a picture of it!


  23. MaryJanes and Galoshes says:

    So cute, and easy! I'm obsessed with gray and yellow right now! Thank for the tutorial.


  24. Ashley says:


    Sure, there is a link to the headband here:


  25. Jolanda says:

    Would you show us how to do the hair band too?

  26. Throckmorton Jones says:

    This is too cute! I have been meaning to make an actual pettiskirt for ages, but I *hate* gathering like you wouldn't believe, so I have yet to do it. This is just adorable though.

  27. Tweet Cheek Boutique says:

    I think this is so much cuter and more practical the tutu that is so popular right now (though I do love the tutu too). I will definitely have to put this one on my list!

  28. [MONSTER] says:

    It's okay I want to make one for me too.
    And it would work great for my boyfriend's daughter for her halloween costume (she wants to be an evil faerie).

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is it wrong that I want to make one for me??!!! It would be soooo easy to upsize for a big girl! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  30. Jill says:

    okay, I this put me over the edge wishing I had a girl!!! I love, love, love having 2 boys (4 and almost 2), but how wonderful is this???

  31. Adela says:

    You are not alone in your craziness …… what you described is me. Thank you for the tutorial, I have two little girls waiting for their skirts!

  32. ificould says:

    So stinkin' cute! I posted a link:

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. The Noalls says:

    I just realized, too, that my list would be three times as long if I had a daughter! Lol. Silver lining.

  34. The Noalls says:

    You are SO not alone. I see something on a craft blog *nudge, nudge* that I want to make, buy the stuff for it next time I'm at JoAnn, then it often sits. Then I see something else, get excited and buy the stuff for THAT, and it's like buying the stuff takes away the excitement or something?? I don't know, but I literally have a whole list of projects, most of which I already bought the stuff for, and more coming into my brain all the time! It's that constant desire to create, I guess.

  35. Petunia says:

    so cute great job! I've wanted to make your other tutu and I can't find small small flowers to go with it. Where did you get your? thanks again.

  36. Petunia says:

    so cute great job! I've wanted to make your other tutu and I can't find small small flowers to go with it. Where did you get your? thanks again.

  37. Shannon says:

    I LOVE it! I actually made one of these a few weeks ago! I'll have to link up to yours when I post it…I did mine with tulle! I love the chiffon though! Great job!

  38. thoughts of a Wicked Stepmother says:

    I love this skirt, I can hardly wait to make one for my little girl, thank you for the idea! Love It!

  39. Antigone says:

    simple and inspiring, thank you!

  40. Smith Family says:

    You are definitely not alone! I have a TON of unfinished projects and so many more ideas. Some are sewing some are crafting and also for my clothing line. Glad to know I am not the only one with this "sickness"…such a vicious cycle :)

    I think there are definitely worse sicknesses:)

  41. The Deelo Family says:

    I'm so glad your daughter wears a size close to my daughter's!

  42. Dainty Couture says:

    Amen on too many projects at one time! It doesn't help that you have so many great ideas that everyone wants to try! :) I linked to your rosette tutorial – they are so cute!

  43. tracyp says:

    your daughter gets cuter and cuter! Hope you and your husband are ready for her when she's older! :) Love the skirt!

  44. Teresa says:

    Wow, how cute and seems simple. Will have to make one of these for my granddaughter. Thanks for such a great instructions. Your gal is about the same size as mine. Will get to follow your measurments… Thanks again!

  45. Jessica says:

    This is such an adorable skirt! I love that you can pair it with leggings. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  46. Ashley says:

    Okay, how funny, I hadn't seen the skirt at JCrew or even the one at Children's place. But I've similar ones elsewhere. Who knows where….. But I like the graduated colors like the one at Children's Place, so thanks for the info Shannon!

    Also, Danae, I purchased a no-fray chiffon like I used for my pettiskirt. More info here:

    Collette and Sarah, the headband is found here:

    If I forgot any questions, email at

    Enjoy! :)

  47. sarah says:

    how did you make the headband? i love that, too!!!

  48. Colette says:

    so cute! i'm like you where i have a list of running projects, there's just too much out there i must make. have we seen the tutorial for that headband? is it just cut flowers?

  49. Melissa Hislop says:

    You are certainty not the only one with unfinished projects. My problem is that I check your site and see something I have to do but don't finish it by the time I see something else I have to try something here. Thanks for the inspiration. How do you find the time to do it all?

  50. kodie says:

    thank you for having a daughter exactly the same age as my daughter so i don't have to figure out adjustments to this pattern!! so very cute! i'll get right on this one!

  51. Christene from Whipperberry says:

    What is it about chiffon that just oozes girliness! What a great tutorial and an adorable model. I'm going to have to try this for my two little princesses!

  52. The Pittmans says:

    I wondered if you had any ideas on a medievil princess dress? My girls were invited to a meievil themed b-day party and I need ideas stat! LOL

  53. Delia says:

    love love this…even better than the pettiskirt I think! Nice job.

  54. Mandy says:

    I had to pop my poor daughter's eyes back into hear head when she saw the skirt! HOW ADORABLE!! PS.. I totally understand.. I have no less than 5 projects going at a time.

  55. Michelle says:

    So cute. I will have to make that for my girls. I linked your tut on my blog.

    Thanks for all the great ideas you have given me!

  56. Silent Princess says:

    so adorable…. i want to make them nowwwww……

  57. Tiffany says:

    armed with my Joann's coupon…my daughter will be so happy. btw, those tights are cute!

  58. Danae says:

    You didn't hem the chiffon? Won't it unravel? That's another fabric that scares me!

  59. Krista says:

    I love this!! Great job:)

  60. Amber says:

    Holy cow! My daughter just saw one of these at the store last night and I told her I could totally make it (but didn't know how until TODAY). You are awesome!

  61. Shannon says:

    BTW check out Children's Place. They have some way cute skirts EXACTLY like this but with three colors instead of one!!!! Now I don't have to think about how to make one. You did my thinking for me:)

  62. Shannon says:

    It is fabulous to hear that I am "normal" you would not believe how many projects I have going at once. Let's also just say I have very thick folder of things from your web site that I want to make…eventually or are in the process….one day I will actually get a project done before starting a new one:)

  63. Amy says:

    Adorable! Think I can make a baby-sized one for my 9 month old? I think she needs one!

  64. jenandjorden says:

    Perfect! My 4 year old starts a very casual dance class today – and this would be perfect for her to wear. :) Thanks! I know what I'm making this weekend!

  65. * Nancy * says:

    Darling skirt and gal…I may take this project on now that I know I am having a little girl!!!

  66. The Hughes Family says:

    Ashley…I totally want to make a TON of these! How does it was though? I have a little girl who is probably the messiest person you will ever meet! She gets EVERYTHING dirty!
    Oh and Im still soooo new at sweing…is this an easy one? It looks pretty easy but then again you make everything look easy!

  67. Cara says:

    So cute and simple to make. But, I stay away from knits like the plague :0) Can you tell me the tricks to sewing knit without it stretching. I've read that you use a special stitch and that does help a bit. It doesn't look like you used that stitch here. What's your secret? Or am I just an "incompetent knit sewer"? :0)

  68. Emily says:

    I also have multiple projects going at once. I'm trying to keep it under control (ha) and use the fabric I already have, though I was drooling over adorable fabric for a dress yesterday. Anyway, love the tutorial and pictures. Thank you for the interfacing tip. Genius!

  69. Becky says:

    I did a similar skirt a couple months ago…I kept being asked for a tutorial but never got around to it. I'll be sending my readers your way for the tute if that is ok.

    Here is a link to mine! :) Have a great day

  70. Lyssa says:

    Thank you for doing a simple skirt! I love it. I can actually do this :)
    Your little girl is adorable and I love the Yellow/Gray combo. Can't go wrong ith that!

  71. Valerie says:

    Ridiculously adorable skirt! Love it!
    And 14 different projects going at once is… the story of my life. Drives my husband nuts! Ha!

  72. Devon says:

    I am glad I am not the only one with so many projects going on! I sometimes do not know how I became like this.
    This skirt is so simple and adorable! My daughter would love another "spinny" skirt!

  73. Emmy says:

    It is very attractive and one thank you for the explanations!! I like!

  74. Mrs. Sassy Crafter says:

    Another project to add to my "TO DO" list…love it!

  75. Lil' Bit and Nan says:

    This is adorable!!! I love the yellow and gray combination. I'm like you, I have like ten projects going on at the same time, and thirty other "to do" projects floating around in my noggin.


  76. Karena says:

    Ashley this is just adorable, you are so creative!! I bet she is wearing it all the time!

    Art by Karena

  77. lindsey says:

    I love this skirt!
    This is one my list of things to make for my daughter.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  78. bethanndodd says:

    This is one of those projects that makes me think (only for a second) that we need to try for a girl (we have 3 boys!)…so so adorable!!!

    I am definately like you when it comes to sewing projects. I always many different projects going on. I like it that way (so I don't tired of doing one thing).

    Have a beautiful day!!

  79. Gabby says:

    I am LITERALLY the exact same way about having way too many different projects, getting enthusiastic, trying to make a prioritized list, leaving a project, getting crazy about something else, etc.

    Love the skirt! Thanks for the tutorial!

  80. Kari @ Ucreate says:

    Ashley, My daughters will LOVE you!
    This is such a fun gift and looks simple, too! THANKS and I'll be linking!

  81. Joy says:

    Love this skirt and your daughter is adorable! I am totally like you in that I always have several projects in the works and go in and out of my crafty moods! Would love to have you link up with Making it Fantabulous! on Friday!

  82. posidanielle says:

    Adorable! I want to make one so bad for my little princess! i can't wait! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  83. Emily John says:

    Love it!

  84. SummersDesigns says:

    I LOVE this! I must make some for my daughter she would love them too. Thank you!

  85. Tasha says:

    fabulous. Seriously. I think I need to make some of these for my neices. They would love them :)

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