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Framed Tufted Headboard (made from dresser mirror)


When we moved into our new home, we finally had enough space to have a girl room and a boy room.  And since my little girl is 5 and my little guy is 3 (4 next week), we felt it was time to separate them.  (Though, that was a really hard adjustment for them at first.  They LOVED sharing a room and really missed each other for the first few days.  Now, they love having the separation of a “boy” and “girl” room.  Funny kids!)  We found a really great bed for our little dude at a furniture store that was discontinued and clearanced out.  We couldn’t resist, so we snatched it up.  For my little girl, I couldn’t justify a whole bedroom set and all that matching headboard stuff.  Nope, just couldn’t stomach (or afford) it.  And I don’t really want everything to match anyway.  So, I had my eyes peeled for a good deal. 


When in another furniture store a while later, I found a pile of old dresser mirrors back in the clearance section of the store.  The glass must have broken in all of them……so they put the wooden part of the mirrors back in clearance.  I noticed that they were all marked down to about $10……so I just stood there and stared at them.  My husband came up behind me and asked why I was staring at mirror-less mirror frames.  I told him I didn’t know yet.  That’s when it hit me.  I was totally going to use it as a headboard……and add tufting to that center section where the mirror was.  Sold.






See that old frame?  Not so pretty at first.  But it turned into such a nice transformation for my little girl’s room.





With a little spray paint and some tufting magic, I made a great little headboard for much less than those dang headboards at the furniture store. 




She kinda loves having a girl room now.  And LOVES purple.  (But depending on what day you ask her, pink sometimes ties for first.)




See those Cover Buttons?  Don’t they add great charm to a headboard?  They’re for sale all over the place right now, and it’s no wonder.




Do you want to see her “surprised/happy to see her new headboard” face? 



 Ha….okay, not really.  This headboard is a week or so old, so the excitement has worn off.  I just asked her if she was excited to go the lake this weekend. :)




P.S… If you love the fabric of this duvet cover, I didn’t make it.  But once I saw it here at Ikea, I had to get it for my purple-loving daughter.  So there’s not actual fabric for sale (not that I know of)…..but this duvet cover was only $20.  Cheaper than I could have made it with a cute designer print.


Do you have an old dresser mirror that you are either tired of or the mirror has broken? 

Well, check out the size and see if it will work as a headboard.  But if not, buy a piece of thin wood or press board (you don’t want anything too heavy or it will be hard to secure against the wall.  And follow this same tutorial to make a plain tufted headboard.



For this tutorial, I’ll show the process to make the tufted headboard using an old mirror as the frame around the tufted section.  But remember, you can adjust this and make one without the old mirror.


First, I took that backing piece of wood out (which used to hold the mirror in place) and and spray painted the frame with white spray paint.  While that was drying, I used that backing piece of wood as my base for the tufted section of the headboard.

HINT: If you’re spray painting (rather than paint and a brush), spray even and long lines of paint, moving the can slowly across your project.  And don’t hold the can too close.  When you start spraying, don’t start right on the wood either.  Begin spraying off the wood then slowly move the can over the wood, spray all the way across and don’t let go of the nozzle until after you go off the wood again.  Repeat until the entire project is evenly covered.  This will help with drips and uneven lines of paint.  Works wonders!


Then,  I drilled 2 rows of 4 holes across (because after setting it at the head of my daughter’s twin bed, that’s about how much would show).  You will have to measure and maybe make some temporary dots to see if that’s where you want your tufted buttons to go.  Don’t skip the measuring, you don’t want it to look wonky. :)


Then, I placed 2 layers of thick quilt batting on top of the wood piece, and trimmed it down until it was about 1 inch smaller aling all edges.  (I did this so that the edges wouldn’t be too thick when attaching it back to the mirror and screwing it in place.)


To keep the batting in place, I clothes-pinned the edges to the wood.


Then I placed a large piece of fabric over the batting and wood, about 3-4 inches wider on all sides.  Then I folded the edges over and pinned them in place.


Next, I covered 8 Cover Buttons (just like shown here) in the same fabric.


Now, you’ll need some supplies.  Some upholstery thread (which is thick and super strong) and some large flat washers.


Next, thread our needle with your upholstery thread and wrap the end through and around the washer a few times, then knot in place.


Then, starting from the back, poke your needle through to the front.  Pull all the way through until the washer sits right against the wood.


Then from the front, thread the needle through one of the Cover Buttons and then poke the needle back through the fabric.  But not exactly through the same spot you poked it through, skip a little of the fabric so the thread will have something to hold onto after you pull it through.  Then continue to push the needle through, trying to make it through the hole in the wood.


Once you pull it through to the back again, keep the thread really tight as you loop the needle through the washer a few times and then knot the thread in place.  NOTE: You have to keep the thread pulled tight so that it’s a nice tufted look from the other side.  So keep it tight and hold a finger on the thread at all times, as you are looping the thread through the washer a few times.


Repeat with all of your holes and Cover Buttons.


Until all your buttons are nice and tightly tufted.  (Now don’t kill yourself, it doesn’t have to be crazy tight.  Just enough to dimple the batting and fabric sufficiently.)


Then turn your board back over and start pulling the edges of the fabric tight as you hot glue them to the back of the wood.  Do one side at a time and fold over your corners so they’re nice and crisp. Then hot glue the washers flat so that they won’t rub on your wall.


Then re-attach the wood to the frame (that has dried from painting it), the same way you removed it.  Mine was screwed on, so I replaced each screw around all the edges.  (Be sure your tufted section is straight from the front before screwing it in.


Now, if the headboard would have been the exact width as the metal bed frame, I could have screwed this headboard right to the bed frame.  But the headboard is too wide.  So to be sure that the headboard didn’t go anywhere, I attached picture frame hooks to the back of the headboard, right along the top.  Any type would work, I just had these on hand… I hammered them in.  Then I was able to anchor the top of the headboard to the wall with these hooks and then I pushed the bed up against the bottom half to keep it against the wall as well. Works great.



All done. 


And loving it!






. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Laurel says:

    And lil = like, this is what I get for commenting with a baby in my lap!

    1. Ashley says:

      Haha… worries, I’ve typed with babies on my lap too. I completely understand!

  2. Laurel says:

    I just meant what weight of fabric, I don’t know where the “quite” came in, sorry!

  3. Laurel says:

    We are making tufted headboards for our girls’ bunk bed. Here are my two questions, what quite of weight fabric did you use? It looks lil cotton broadcloth? How is it holding up over time? Thanks!

    1. Ashley says:

      It was actually a linen blend fabric. Probably similar in weight to most broadcloths. We only used it for about 2 years before moving to a new house and getting the girls bunk beds…..but it held up really well the whole time we used it. No sagging, puckering, or anything at all. Hope that helps! :)


  4. Tammi says:

    Wow! What a fantastic idea and such a beautiful job! This is perfect for sitting up and reading at bedtime, or listening to a story. Love it, and the room pulls together so nicely.

    I’m clumsy and can break anything, so I had one fearful thought — those picture hangers look (to me) like an accident waiting to happen…if the be were moved for cleaning or something, and someone bumped the headboard, ouch! I’d mount it more securely, probably with screws into the studs. Just a worried mother, your call!

  5. Monica says:

    I love the washer idea on the back to secure the buttons. I’m in the middle of refinishing my bed and this is going to help me a ton to get my tufted headboard finished!

  6. sanae says:

    wooow you are creative I love what you do really ^_^

  7. Dina says:

    I just knew your site yesterday it’s the most wonderful site so far. If my mom were you i will ask her to make me everything haha. You’re inspiration!

  8. Justina says:

    I have a california king and need a headboard. I want to make one of these but have a question, I am thinking broken mirror wouldn’t come large enough so if I did it frameless would you suggest any additional steps to the edges? Thanks for any suggestions and I am glad I saw this as we just moved into our house :) Other than the mattress & basic frame I am starting from scratch.

  9. Olivia says:

    What type of fabric did you use? It looks heavier than regular quilting fabric.

  10. janessa says:

    Awesome!! love it

  11. Mary says:

    I gotta go find me a reject mirror and copy this exactly. Just absolutely darling!

  12. Charity says:

    I love this headboard…. so cute and very creative! Now I want one, guess I’ll have to see what I can find to make on with. =)

  13. Ali says:

    This is my absolute favorite thing you’ve made (and that is saying a lot, because I love so many of your posts!)
    My daughter also loves purple with pink in a close 2nd.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I love it! I think it looks better then a headboard that is the same width as the bed, richer, or something.

  15. mary young says:

    you are seriously a genius! such a great blog-

  16. Kristiana says:

    I’ll never look at an old bedroom mirror the same way again! What a great tutorial. I don’t have to create something “okay” out of wood…it’s probably cheaper and faster! I love your site. Keep up the great work!

  17. Tiffany says:

    This is exactly what I want to do, but was worried that I would totally mess it up without step by step instructions! Yay! Now I can go shopping for fabric!

  18. Rachael says:

    I always enjoy your posts, i would just like to make a suggestion… Could you please make your pictures smaller, not the size but the pixels, (i trick my pictures when needed by opening them in Windows Paint and drawing a small “box” on picture and saving them image, I’m sure there is a more technical way of doing it but that is the only way I know how) your pages on your blog and in Google Reader take FOREVER to load. Again I do enjoy your very cute projects, Thank you for crafting and Keep up the Great Work!!!!!

  19. Katrina Kay says:

    Very nice! I’ve been looking for headboard ideas for myself and never thought about repurposing something else. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Kristina Noall says:

    Oh my goodness, I would have died to have a room like that when I was little–or now, if I was still single! I love purple. And LOVE how you see potential in stuff and then turn “junk” into a masterpiece!

  21. JennyLynn says:

    The duvet is so cute. I have actually been working on one for my bedroom. I love that you saw the potential in the broken mirror. I bet there are going to be many ladies out looking for something similar to make over.

    I spotlighted you on this little blog of goodness, that I created for my mother to read. She has cancer and loves to read about creativity. Since right now she has no energy to be creative. I know she will love your blog and find it as up lifting as I do.

  22. Melissa says:

    You are a stinkin genius! That is so pretty. I’d never think to make a dresser mirror into a headboard… Thank you for sharing!

  23. Rob says:

    Ashley, I am duly impressed, once again! Could you come see us and bring your tools? I have this project in mind… :)

  24. Julie Snow says:

    wow! What a great find and what a beautiful job you did! Tufting can be hard and you made it look so easy! Purple is my favorite too! ;)

  25. Jaime says:

    I love your blog Ashley – you are so creative! Last week when you did the blackout curtains I was so excited because I just happened to have bought about 12 yards of blackout fabric to line curtains in all our bedrooms facing east, but had no idea where to start. Then your little tutorial came to my inbox and problem solved! (Those were so easy and turned out great!) I’ve had a headboard that I’ve wanted to add tufting to in the center, exactly like you did. I’ve had this project on my to do list for 3 years (or more)! So once again problem solved. Thanks for the inspiration to finish my to-do’s!

  26. Rhonda K says:

    This is beautiful, you did an amazing job. I would love to have something like that for my own bed.

  27. Annette says:

    Hi Ashley! I love your blog, and this is a great tutorial. That duvet cover is awesome and reminded me of this wall decor I have pinned on Pinterest. It’s not my project but it would go perfectly in your little girl’s room (with different colors, of course) Have a look-see. :-)

  28. Regina says:

    Another beautiful project done by you…… are AMAZING. I love the rich color of the purple fabric. One question for you….is there a reason you didn’t use a staple gun to hold the fabric onto the wood….instead of the glue gun? Thanks for the beautiful and very very well done tutorial.

    1. Ashley says:

      Great question. I was going to use staples…..but I didn’t have any shallow staples and I didn’t want my staples to split the wood. They would totally work though if your wood is thick and sturdy enough. Hope that helps!


  29. Soleil says:

    I just love your website! I like how you show all of the steps for everything. I am not that great of a seamstress so it helps when I put your steps into the sewing section of my mind. I have a two questions though.
    1. I made one of your shirts (the dolman style) and I decided not to add and extra piece at the top because it was too hard.
    2. And I put the bottom piece on and it wasn’t snug like in your picture. I wear it underneath anyway.
    Is there any advice you can give me about those two things?

  30. ira lee henson says:

    that is a great way to think out of the box and it turned out really great!

  31. Anshu says:

    This looks like something that would come from a high end kids furniture store. Great work Ashley!

  32. Catherine says:

    Wow – what an amazing bedhead! That just looks beautiful.

  33. RobyGiup says:

    What a cute transformation! And the mix of headboard / duvet cover / lamp is just perfect!!!

  34. yifat says:

    wow it looks so nice! I love it –
    you make me want to try that too, and when you are doing it it looks so easy….

    Have a great day !

  35. Julie B says:

    Oh My Wow! You are a genius!!! Way to think outside the mirror :)

  36. Jen says:


  37. Liz says:

    What I really love about this headboard is that the frame goes all the way to the floor. I’ve seen so many DIY tufted headboards that don’t do that. By only making it as large as the area that will show, its obvious that its NOT a part of the furniture. My mom spent loads of time making one for her king-sized bed, and once it was installed, it looked like…well, a fabric-covered board hung on the wall. Disjointed. Weird. By using the mirror frame, it doesn’t mysteriously cut off at the bottom of the mattress — your eye continues to travel to the floor which grounds the piece and makes it look like an awesome, solid piece of custom furniture. Way to go! It looks fabulous!

  38. Lillian Geist says:


    Did you make the green pillow it’s awesome! I want to make one.

  39. cara says:

    Fabulous tutorial!! And score for you (and your daughter :) )!!

  40. Beth says:

    What a fabulous makeover! She is a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful piece of furniture made by Mom in her room. Smiles~Beth

  41. Debbie C says:

    Ashley, this is so creative and gorgeous! I’ve seen other tutorials on padded headboards, but never from an old mirror. Your girl is lucky to have such a talented mom. :)

  42. Janeen Getz says:

    I love it! Nice work!

  43. Jodi says:

    Ashley – I love your blog. Thanks for all the great inspiration. This is a fabulous idea! Taking something broken and cheap and turning it into cool and chic. You rock!

  44. Christine says:

    So cute! One question….Is there a reason to hot glue the edges of the fabric down after putting the buttons on instead of before? I’ve never done anything like this, so just curious.


    1. Ashley says:

      I decided to do it after to not mess the with tufting. I wanted to get the tufting all nice and pretty and pulled nicely between each button first, and then mess with the edges. It would probably work the other way too. I was just paranoid about getting the tufting to look nice.


  45. laura says:

    love, love, love the tufted headboard! great find and idea with the mirror frame.

  46. Katie says:

    What a fabulous idea! The hubby and I are going to attempt to do something similar for our new place – thanks for the inspiration!! :D

  47. Mary says:

    Cute project! But umm…could we have a whole post going over your comment “And since my little girl is five and my little guy is 3, it was time to separate them.” When we lived in UT our kids each had their own room but when we moved to CA we had to combine them since it was only a 2 bedroom place. Now the girl is 6 and the boy will be 4 in a couple months and they are still in the same room! I don’t prefer it this way but I’ve always wondered what people think is “a good time” to separate a boy and girl sibling into separate rooms. We do have a 3rd bedroom now but it is not really a super great option, for a number of reasons, but is it time? I only had one sister and we shared a room until I left for college so I don’t know the rules about this. Help! :)

    1. Ashley says:

      Haha, I’m not sure there are any “rules”. We just kinda kept feeling like it was time. However, if we were still living in a smaller place and we had no other choice, they’d still be in the same room. And if that were the case, we’d just still keep talking about privacy and keeping themselves covered when the other was in the room, etc. However, you know that’s not always the case, especially when they streak from bath to bedroom, etc. Haha! I wouldn’t worry but would just keep the “privacy conversation” alive. Good luck Mary!


    2. Chris says:

      Hi Ashley,
      I love your site and think you are a quite special person.
      But I just don’t get you guys over there being so concerned about a sister seeing her brother naked -and vice versa.
      So what?
      Your kids are about the age my kids are – and I think it’s totally ok for them to share a room and go to the tub together.
      How should they learn about their bodies and the differences between them other than that?
      Well, anyway,I love you blog and your kids are adorable!
      Chris from good old Europe :)

  48. Britni says:

    Ashley, you’re pretty much a genius!! This is adorable!! I made a headboard for our bedroom, but failed miserably at the tufting. So I gave up and left it how it was. I think I will try again using your tutorial when I makeover our room!!

  49. Robin @ says:

    This is brilliant! And that shade of purple is positively majestic. I love it!

  50. Cherie says:

    Ingenious! And so cute. I love that color of purple.

  51. Erin says:

    So imaginative!

  52. Alison says:

    Brilliant! seriously This is a fantastic idea! I think i have seen ‘broken’ mirrors on craigslist too, sometimes for free!

  53. Barbara says:

    This is just fabulous! Can you hear me applauding? I sure hope your family does, because you deserve it! What a great, great idea this is!

  54. jennie says:

    love this idea!!! great job!!

  55. Cari says:

    LOVE it! Looks great!

  56. Lisa says:

    um, yeah! love this!!

  57. Ashley says:

    Wow! So creative! I will definantly keep this in mind in case the need ever arises at our house!
    P.S. Your daughter reminds me of one of those models for children’s clothing stores. She is so sweet!

  58. jackie says:

    Love it. Something to keep in mind for when my daughter gets a twin bed.

  59. Corrine says:

    I am a litte addicted to your incredible site. I check it all the time. So, when I say this is one of my very favorite posts you’ve ever done and I can’t wait to have our own house to decorate and make one, it really means something because I’m pretty sure I’ve looked at nearly every single one of your projects. :) Thanks so much and great job!! You’re always inspiring.

  60. anais says:

    Great tutorial. Blessings and Thank You 4 sharing!

  61. sarah says:

    thats great!

  62. Suzanne says:

    This is absolutely adorable and so creative, great job. Your daughter is as cute as can be too!

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